Would Acupuncture Help Lessen My Hair Shedding?

If you happen to’ve ever suffered with the extreme hair loss that telogen effluvium can carry, then you realize that you’re generally keen to strive nearly any therapy as a way to see some enchancment or aid. And though there’s an enormous marketplace for exterior topicals which are used outdoors of the physique and on the scalp, many have their doubts about these therapies since this kind of hair loss is assumed to have inside triggers.

So, many individuals are on the lookout for inside therapies as an alternative. One instance is acupuncture. I heard from somebody who stated “the opposite day, my stylist seen my hair loss and instructed that I’m going and see her acupuncturist. She swore that the process would not damage and stated that it helps with a number of points. Since I have been instructed that my hair loss might be simply short-term telogen effluvium, I am unsure that these small needles would assist me. Wouldn’t it?”

Earlier than I attempt to reply this query, I’ve to make it very clear that I am not a specialist nor do I’ve any medical or private expertise with this process. What I find out about it comes from individuals who’ve commented on my weblog about their very own experiences and thru my very own analysis.

The thought behind a lot of Chinese language medication (in addition to acupuncture) is to create stability inside your physique. The thought is that when one thing is out of stability in your physique, then you will note this in areas the place your physique is sick or unwell. As you might already know, acupuncture is at present utilized in an try to enhance all kinds of medical points. In hair loss issues, the aim is 2 fold. The primary is to tonify or present stability to the physique. The second aim is to supply elevated blood movement and stimulation to the scalp, which is why the needles are sometimes positioned there.

I’ve had individuals ship messages on my weblog and say that they felt that this process helped them considerably, however they weren’t certain if what helped was the discount in stress that they felt after the process or one thing else. I have never had anybody inform me that this process fully cured them, however this does not shock or discourage me. As a result of when you think about that telogen effluvium signifies that a set off has positioned your hair within the shedding or relaxation section and that the set off should be eliminated (and the hair should go within the rising section) to ensure that this to cease, then that is smart.

Now, in case your set off has one thing to do with a medical deficiency that the acupuncture can assist with, then it is believable that you might have some success with this. And, I’ve had individuals inform me that the process has helped to stability their hormones. If hormones are a possible set off of yours, then that is a constructive consideration as effectively.

But when your hair loss is the results of some occasion like surgical procedure or childbirth, time might be going to be your greatest medication since it’s a must to look forward to the hair to return into the rising section. That is to not say that the elevated blood movement to your scalp will not be helpful. Most agree that the method is stress-free and painless. So I do not see any hurt in giving it a strive even when it is solely offering stress aid and elevated blood movement. And you will not know if the advantages transcend that until you strive it.

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