What is Chebe Powder? What are the benefits of Chebe? – StimuGro

What is Chebe Powder? What are the benefits of Chebe?
– StimuGro

CHÉBÉ: The Chadian Hair Secret

Chebe is a Chadian combination of herbs is made primarily from Croton Gratissimus, often known as the Lavender Croton. It’s a shrub and it’s really grown throughout Africa. This shrub is used for medicinal functions and you’ll find it being grown exterior homes, primarily in cities and villages.

What are the advantages of Chebe?

Anti Inflammatory: cleanses the scalp and prevents fungus and different scalp points from rising in. 

It neutralizes the PH of the hair Shaft and the scalp.

It’s moisturizing and permits the hair to develop in lengthy, black and nourished locks.


The place to purchase Chebe Powder?

Now you can click on the picture beneath to buy Chebe Powder. StimuGro has additionally used this Chebe ingredient and created a complete line of Chebe Merchandise. 

Chebe Hair Shampoo

Chebe Go away-In Hair Conditioner

Chebe Hair Oil

Chebe Hair Powder

The best way to use Chebe Powder?


StimuGro’s lead trichologist with the assistance of Naturapathic Docs, we suggest utilizing the next two pointers for making use of Chebe. 

Choice 1
Use Chebe Powder as a therapy a few times per week. Combine it with a preferable oil to make a paste. Apply the paste to the hair for no less than two hours with protecting fashion for as much as 5-7 days. Lastly, rinse it with water to get the powder out. This technique permits you to maintain all the advantages of Chebe in your scalp with out the scent of the powder.

For greatest outcomes we suggest utilizing the Stimugro Chebe Shampoo and Chebe Go away-in Hair Cnditioner with the therapy this fashion you’ll maintain the entire advantages of the Chebe current. 

Choice 2
Diffuse the Chebe Powder in oil for a brief interval and apply it to the hair. Olive oil can be utilized as a provider oil and depart it in for 2-Three weeks in a glass jar in a darkish and dry place. Shake on daily basis (in the meantime, you are able to do the therapy as laid out in choice one) as soon as performed, the oil could be utilized each day to dry hair to be left on. 


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