TRIZ – Composite Materials

The ultimate lens, Composite Supplies, is outlined as altering from uniform to composite supplies. As an illustration, composite epoxy resin/carbon fiber golf membership shafts are lighter, stronger, and extra versatile than steel shafts.

o Strengthened concrete

o Honeycomb buildings

o Airplanes and composites

o A cardboard field

Wooden – The worlds finest general composite

Have you ever heard of the House Elevator mission for putting satellites in orbit with out the necessity for rockets?

The area elevator “idea” has been round for a very long time, however by no means sensible till now.

The analogy is that this; take a ball and string. Should you tie the string to the ball and swing the ball round, the string will get tight and the ball stays at a hard and fast distance out of your hand as a result of centrifugal drive.

The earth is spinning round at a thousand miles an hour. Should you had a very lengthy string (50,000 miles) and a ball on the finish of it and tied it to the bottom, the identical centrifugal drive of the earth spinning round at a 1000 miles per hour would do the identical factor; maintain the string tight, straight upwards in direction of area!

Then satellites may crawl up the string and let go of themselves in orbit.

The issue is there’s by no means been a “string” materials that’s mild sufficient and robust sufficient to not fall again to earth as a result of gravity – till now.

We’ve come full circle again the Buckminster Fuller. All through the historical past of recent science, carbon has solely are available 2 types; graphite and diamond. Now there’s a third. It’s not new, it has all the time existed in nature however science has simply missed it till now.

Bucky Balls have been found in 1985 by Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley on the College of Sussex and Rice College, and are named after Richard Buckminster Fuller.

As a result of this “new” type of carbon frighten resembles Buck’s geodesic dome, the scientists have named it Bucky Balls.

Bucky balls are the lightest and strongest materials man has ever identified. So robust and so mild, they House Elevator idea can turn into a actuality. Together with a billion different new merchandise.

Simply Google House Elevator; you may be amazed.

How can the usage of Composites make it easier to ?

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