Treatment, Causes, and What to Expect

Treatment, Causes, and What to Expect

Each women and men lose a mean of round 50 to 100 hairs every day. Throughout being pregnant, rising estrogen ranges decelerate the pure cycle of hair follicle shedding. In consequence, some ladies may very well lose fewer hairs whereas pregnant. However that’s not all the time the case.

Hormonal shift

Some ladies might expertise hair thinning and shedding on account of stress or shock. This situation known as telogen effluvium, and it impacts a small variety of ladies throughout being pregnant.

The primary trimester might stress the physique because the steadiness of hormones shifts dramatically to help the rising child. Stress might put extra of the hairs in your head, 30 % or extra, into the telogen or “resting” section of the hair life cycle. So, as an alternative of shedding the typical 100 hairs a day, you could lose 300 hairs a day.

Hair loss on account of hormonal shifts might not occur immediately. As a substitute, it might take two to 4 months to note thinning. This situation doesn’t typically last more than six months and doesn’t lead to everlasting hair loss.

Well being points

Likewise, well being points might come up throughout being pregnant, resulting in telogen effluvium. The shedding might be fairly dramatic, particularly if it’s associated to an ongoing imbalance in hormones or important nutritional vitamins.

Thyroid issues

Thyroid issues, like hyperthyroidism (an excessive amount of thyroid hormone) or hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone), could also be troublesome to identify throughout being pregnant.

Of the 2 circumstances, hypothyroidism is extra frequent, affecting some 2 or three out of 100 pregnant ladies. Hair loss is one symptom, together with muscle cramps, constipation, and exhaustion. Round 1 in 20 ladies may additionally expertise thyroid points (postpartum thyroiditis) after child is born. In all instances, thyroid points are sometimes identified with a blood check.

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency occurs once you don’t have sufficient pink blood cells to get oxygen to totally different tissues within the physique. It could possibly trigger hair thinning together with different signs, like fatigue, irregular heartbeat, exertional shortness of breath, and headache.

Pregnant ladies are at a heightened threat of creating iron deficiency anemia, particularly if their pregnancies are spaced shut collectively, they’re pregnant with multiples, or they’ve extreme morning illness. This situation can be identified with a blood check.

Whereas hair loss with these circumstances isn’t everlasting, your hair might not return to its regular thickness till hormone or vitamin ranges have returned to regular ranges.

Postpartum hair loss

Many ladies see hair loss inside a couple of months of supply, typically peaking round 4 months postpartum. This isn’t true hair loss, however relatively “extreme hair shedding” brought on by a drop within the hormone estrogen.

Once more, the sort of hair loss is taken into account telogen effluvium. Whereas it might be fairly jarring to see 300 or extra hairs shedding every day, it often resolves by itself with out therapy.

Different causes

It’s essential to notice that hair loss with telogen effluvium is usually uniform thinning. In case you discover patches or extra dramatic balding, there could also be different points at play. There are additionally genetic and autoimmune circumstances that trigger hair loss, whether or not you’re pregnant or not.

  • Androgenic alopecia (feminine sample baldness) is brought on by a shortened development section of hair follicles and a lengthened time between shedding hair and new development.
  • Alopecia areata causes patchy hair loss on the scalp and different components of the physique. Chances are you’ll expertise hair loss and regrowth that’s unpredictable or cyclical. There is no such thing as a remedy for the sort of hair loss, however sure therapies might assist cease loss and regrow hair.

It’s attainable to be pregnant and have one among these circumstances on the similar time.


Your hair loss might don’t have anything to do with being pregnant or genetic circumstances in any respect. In case you’ve lately had your hair in tight hairstyles, had sure magnificence therapies, or handled your hair roughly, you will have what’s known as traction alopecia.

Irritation of hair follicles can result in hair shedding and loss. In some instances, your follicles might scar, resulting in everlasting hair loss.

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