Training Coon Hounds – How Can I Break My Coon Dogs From Slick Treeing?

A standard drawback when coaching coon hounds at present is that of slick treeing or making timber which can be empty. Nevertheless, I’m going to offer you some suggestions I’ve used to interrupt coon canines from slick treeing. For learners, it’s essential know your coon canine. What I imply is that it’s essential understand how your hound will react to punishment.

When you’ve got a timid coon hound then please proceed rigorously. With coon canines which have any such character I’ll normally simply utterly ignore them after they slick tree. I’ll merely stroll as much as the tree and leash them with out saying a phrase. I’ll then search the tree for a raccoon. Whether it is apparent the tree is slick then I’ll simply received untie the canine and stroll away from the tree. Probably the most scolding I’ll do to this canine may be a harsh phrase.

Nevertheless, for this technique to work it’s important to do the other after they do the truth is tree a raccoon. However all the time method them in the identical calm method at every tree. Stroll up leash them and tie them again. After you discover a coon, you’ll be able to untie the canine, however hold it leashed, and allow them to get again on the tree. As soon as they’re again on the tree treeing then pet them up and use a encouraging tone to allow them to know that you’re praising them.

When you’ve got a hardheaded sort of coon hound then you will have to take a special extra direct method. This additionally works on older canines that want a tune up. From my expertise, younger coon hounds will typically attempt to be “lazy” and may search for a simple approach out corresponding to pulling up quick as a result of the observe received to robust to work. These coon hounds simply want a bit of reminder typically. I like to recommend you approaching the hound simply as talked about earlier. After you have got determined that the tree is empty discover you a superb change. You may as well use an additional leash if you happen to use solely the leather-based half, do not hit a coon canine with the chain. Give them just a few swats and a few stern “no’s” after which instantly stroll them away from the tree and recast them.

For this technique to be efficient it’s essential make them tree a coon. You need to have the ability to reward them. Finally they’ll notice it’s higher and simpler for everybody if they only attempt to have the coon after they tree. Understand that no canine can ever be 100% correct at treeing coons. Should you coon hounds are persistently treeing coons over 70% of the time then you might be doing nice. I’ve had some coon hounds that actually appeared to by no means miss a raccoon whereas others had been near fifty-fifty or worse.

I also needs to point out that bloodlines are likely to affect the slick treeing some as effectively. I have been lucky to personal a few of each so I can converse from expertise. Nevertheless, I strongly really feel that nearly any coon hound will be educated to reduce their slick timber. So I hope the following pointers will aid you whereas coaching your coon hounds.

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