Top Tips for Taking Care of a Cowhide or Other Animal Skin Rug

Caring for a cow cover or different animal pores and skin rug and equipment

Cow cover and different animal skins rugs similar to zebra or reindeer have made a dramatic comeback in inside ornament lately and so has the necessity to maintain them clear and in excellent situation. Taking good care of a cow cover or different animal pores and skin rug requires cautious cleansing and periodic spot cleansing. Utilizing instruments and merchandise which you could simply discover at hand at house and a easy cleansing course of you may maintain a cow rug wanting contemporary and ideal for a really very long time.

What You Will Want

  • A vacuum cleaner with an appropriate brush attachment
  • Laborious-bristled brush (an quaint scrubbing brush is right)
  • A smooth cleansing cleaning soap
  • A traditional family sponge
  • Scotch Guard or an identical cloth protector
  • A steam cleaner (similar to a Vaporetto) will assist to get deep contained in the fur and clear the rug to the utmost impact.

Step One

Having purchased your rug and put in it in your house it’s essential to make sure you vacuum it repeatedly to forestall your cowhide rug turning into closely dirty and so keep away from pointless deep cleansing. Make use of your vacuum’s brush attachment to scrub the fur within the course of its pure ‘grain’.You might want to do that whereas gently drawing out mud and different grime contaminants. By doing this each week you’ll be certain that gritty items of dust won’t begin to reduce the fur from the cover. old style beating of the rug open air may also shake out embedded contaminants.

Step Two

Do not soak the rug when cleansing, nevertheless, you may gently steam clear it with no damaging after results. The fur throughout the cover is in fact made up of tanned (to protect the protein of the pores and skin) animal materials. Fur hides repel water and damp and so maintain the animal comparatively dry. If when cleansing the cover it will get too moist, then go open air and naturally dry the cover beneath the solar. This additionally has the impact of killing any micro organism or germs which may be within the hair.

Step Three

Take away dust spots with a non-alkaline cleaning cleaning soap. Leather-based soaps will work with stains on a clean fur-free cover, however when fur is concerned then child shampoo or gentle detergent gently scrubbed into foam when cleansing is significantly better for hides with hair. Apply the soapy froth to a sponge after which gently wipe the cover in course of the grain. Lastly completely rinse with a moist sponge to do away with any shampoo residue left within the fur.

Step 4

Use Scotch Guard or an identical cloth protector nicely earlier than your rug turns into stained and after you might have simply cleaned it as this can assist the fur to repel additional stains and so maintain your worthwhile and delightful cow cover rug in a pristine situation.

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