TikTok Is Teaching People How to Treat Their Naturally Curly Hair

TikTok Is Teaching People How to Treat Their Naturally Curly Hair

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I’ve had curly hair my whole life and did not absolutely understand it till I turned 24. Earlier than I figured it out, my hair was always uncooperative and tremendous frizzy, which I had chalked as much as years of coloration therapy and warmth injury. Seems that it is attainable for pure curls to fly fully below the radar if the hair is not being handled the way in which it must be. As soon as I discovered to cease dry-brushing and picked up all the right scrunching and plopping strategies, my hair sprung to life. And I am not the one one this has occurred to. Because of TikTok, plenty of individuals are realizing for the primary time that they’ve truly had curly hair this complete time.

TikTok was already rife with curly-hair tutorials and suggestions and I suppose that piqued some individuals’s curiosity. Most notably, a consumer named Danielle (@danielllebellle), who by chance began a motion of types when she shared her personal curl discovery. “So my complete life I have been brushing by way of my hair like this,” she says in her video, which has greater than 10 million views. “And TikTok is making me understand that I feel I even have curly hair.” To check her principle, she washed her hair, utilized a curl serum, and dried it with a T-shirt. The consequence was a full head of blonde waves and it seems she’s caught along with her new curl-friendly routine since making the video.

Now different individuals who suspect their pure texture may not be what it appears are taking the audio from Danielle’s video and utilizing it to share their very own newly found curls. At the moment, there are greater than 680 movies utilizing the unique sound from her video, all of which present individuals earlier than and after adopting a brand new hair-care routine (one with out extreme brushing). Think about how many individuals might’ve spent their lives questioning why their hair is so uncooperative with out TikTok’s assist.

If you’re considering your personal pure hair texture, there are few key indicators that it could possibly be naturally curly. Hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew explains that in case your hair does not dry completely straight by itself, you possible have some kind of pure curl or wave to your hair. “Additionally, you will have quantity in sure areas of your hair that can are inclined to frizz,” she says. Hairstylist Erickson Arruntegui provides that it is method simpler to find out your pure hair texture in case you steer clear of warmth instruments for some time. “I feel permitting your hair to breathe from any warmth instruments and making use of slightly mouse or curl cream and scrunching and letting it air dry will will let you see how a lot wave or curl your hair truly has,” he explains.

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