Through The Wormhole: Life And The Mind

There’s been numerous wonderful science exhibits on tv, many accessible on DVD and/or on YouTube. Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” instantly involves thoughts and “MythBusters” whereas extremely entertaining has numerous strong science content material too. Nevertheless, IMHO, the cream of the crop, the very best of the very best, has been the “By means of the Wormhole” sequence hosted by actor Morgan Freeman. Every of the episodes examines a kind of nebulous Huge Questions in science and philosophy. Listed below are the questions requested concerning the broad topic of life and the thoughts, our thoughts, and my private opinions on every.

SEASON ONE: How Did We Get Right here?

If requested the query about your final origins, you would possibly reply that you just had been of this or that nationality, maybe with ancestry from this or that different place. Maybe if you happen to’re a bit extra clued you’d say “Africa” because the birthplace of the human race. For those who’re actually clued, you would possibly say the oceans, the undoubted place the place life itself received its begin. However little question, it doesn’t matter what, you’d say you had been “terrestrial” – of this Planet Earth. Alas, you are still not clued sufficient. You are extraterrestrial. We’re the aliens, immediately and not directly.

Origin of the Universe

* As soon as upon a time there was this Huge Bang.

* Since we’re part of the Universe, and for the reason that Universe had an origin (the accepted commonplace mannequin being the Huge Bang occasion some 13.7 billion years in the past), that alone of necessity means we have now an extraterrestrial legacy since all the pieces that makes you, you was born in that occasion, thereby in a way of talking making you 13.7 billion years outdated!

Origin of Our Stellar Photo voltaic System & Earth

* Because it was at first, properly so too did our Solar and Planet Earth have a starting.

* We’re Star Stuff. Our photo voltaic system, our Solar, the planets, together with Earth, had been all shaped out of the stays of extraterrestrial gasoline, mud and particles from older stellar techniques, scattered to the 4 interstellar winds by supernovae explosions, over 4 and a half billion years in the past. Thus, that too alone, regardless of which approach you slice it, means we (as beings half and parcel of our stellar system) are extraterrestrial in origin.

Origin of Life

* The terrestrial origin of life might have occurred inside that petrii dish/take a look at tube referred to as Planet Earth – Or perhaps not. IMHO it occurred approach too shortly and approach too quickly publish Earth’s formation to in all probability have been a solely terrestrial taking place. There’s another referred to as panspermia which expands each the time and area accessible for all times’s origin by many order of magnitudes.

* Panspermia is the concept that Earth was seeded by cosmic spores or microbes that had been expelled from another planetary abode in another stellar system and drifted throughout the gulf of area. An extremely tiny fraction of those cosmic spores lands on appropriate planetary environments, the place they survive and thrive and evolve. Our Earth was one such place for his or her fortunate touchdown. It is akin to a plant producing hundreds of thousands of spores – 99.999% of which fail to land on fertile floor; however that tiny fraction that does is all it takes to maintain the species preserving on preserving on.

* Ballistic panspermia is a slight variation on conventional panspermia in that the microbes or spores are contained in the protecting masking of a strong object – mud or tiny rocks, even large rocks. These, alone with their microbial passengers get blasted off house turf by incoming ballistic objects (impacting meteors), escape their house planet and some ultimately, by likelihood land on one other appropriate abode. That Mars rock, ALH84001 that triggered such a stir a number of years again is one such instance of a possible case historical past of ballistic panspermia.

* Directed panspermia is one more variation on the theme, solely on this case there’s intelligence behind the scenes, both sending out canisters of microbes willy-nilly in a shotgun method, and/or directing that canister particularly at a selected goal.

* The upshot is that if terrestrial life’s origin was through a type of panspermia, then we people, being a species of terrestrial life, in the end had an extraterrestrial origin. If a Mars rock stuffed with microbes impacted Earth billions of years in the past, properly, we is likely to be the Martians transplanted from the fourth rock to the third rock from the Solar. Maybe our origins had been even farther a-field. Maybe some cosmic gardener planted life right here billions of years in the past, perhaps even caught round to fertilize, domesticate, prune, and weed that backyard.

In conclusion, we have now an extraterrestrial legacy as a result of 1) we’re a baby of the Universe – a baby that originated out of the origin of the Universe; 2) we’re star-stuff; 3) the origin of life was in all probability ‘on the market’ someplace and migrated to Earth.

SEASON TWO: Is There A Sixth Sense?

Extra probably as not, most of us in all probability have the notion that we have now a way of actuality that transcends the usual 5 senses. We sense once we are being watched or we might have premonitions to do that or keep away from doing this. Do you declare to have distant viewing or extrasensory notion (ESP) and/or the associated idea of telepathy? That’s in all probability a perception inner to you – your private psychological delusion.

There are however 4 bodily forces that act upon you or can affect you. There’s gravity. There’s the robust nuclear power that holds the atomic nucleus collectively. There’s the weak nuclear power which lets atoms break up aside – radioactivity. Then there’s the electromagnetic (EM) power. Solely the latter might clarify ESP/telepathy since it’s the EM power that transmits data from A to B on the velocity of sunshine through photons – seen mild photons, gamma-ray photons, radio wave photons, microwave photons, X-ray photons, infrared photons, ultraviolet photons, and so on. To obtain data immediately into your mind, bypassing your regular 5 sensory channels and organs (sight, sound, style, scent and contact) restricts instantly what a part of the EM spectrum might be at work.

It will possibly’t be seen mild for the reason that thickness of your cranium blocks that out – your mind resides in everlasting darkness. If it had been infrared or ultraviolet your mind would warmth up and fry or get sunburn. If it had been microwaves, you’d expertise an eternal ‘hiss’ in your mind as a result of cosmic microwave background radiation – a leftover from the Huge Bang. It isn’t radio waves since you are not bombarded with 24/7/52 data from radio stations round you – to not point out all that radio noise given off by interstellar hydrogen and different components and compounds which might be in interstellar area. Actually, each a part of the EM spectrum might be rejected for these types of causes.

That is fairly other than the truth that if you happen to had been telepathic, how might your sanity deal with the selecting up of the ideas 24/7/52 of all these odd-bods and sods round you?

If distant viewing had been even attainable, why are there spy-in-the-sky satellites; the U-2; eves-dropping bugs planted; industrial espionage is rampant; laptop hacking (cyber-spying) ditto; intelligence brokers just like the fictional however all too actual 007 and businesses just like the NSA or CIA, and all method of different espionage equipment half and parcel of our fashionable society? Distant viewing, and so on. could be the good equalizer. It might end in a stage taking part in subject amongst all nations and nationalities. There might be no secrets and techniques in any medium, from paper to gray matter that is protected. That is not the way in which the world works, so ESP and telepathy, and so on. is simply a lot BS. On a extra private stage, you would ‘see’ successful scratch-it lottery tickets with out scratching, and choose accordingly. College students would all get 100% on their exams.

Moreover, if ESP/telepathy/distant viewing had been actually attainable, given all of the scientific put-up-or-shut-up experiments which have been performed, why is not this commonplace data in all of the related textbooks? The worldwide implications of such talents, over the course of human occasions, wouldn’t have produced the form of historical past we all know at present, since from Day One, human society would have been an Orwellian society as a result of Huge Brother would have been watching you! Actually everybody could be ‘watching’ everyone else. Once more that not the way in which of the world, so after all it is no shock that these ESP and associated experiments have all resulted with out decision in favour of the claimants.

There simply is likely to be a (slight) case to reply in any case. That telepathy is not, is not silent one or two approach crystal clear communication over huge distances between two separate brains or minds. What telepathy is likely to be is that imprecise sense that there is one other thoughts on the market, shut by although, that has some resonance with your individual. The traditional case is that sense that you just simply know that another person is watching or gazing you regardless that you may’t see who it’s.

There must be a medium by which this switch can properly, switch from them to you. That medium apparently is Earth’s electromagnetic (EM) subject. Mind ideas or exercise is electromagnetic in nature. It maybe is likely to be barely attainable for these mind EM waves to be carried through Earth’s EM subject to a different individual’s mind. That different individual would at greatest simply have a quasi-vague sensation that they had been sensing, properly, one thing, with out having the ability to put a definitive finger on the specifics to many decimal locations.

The non-human proof is how giant flocks of birds or faculties of fish can in close to unison activate a dime. For the reason that “flip” command is not vocal, and visible observations would make for unacceptable lag occasions, the thought is that the communication is EM in nature from mind to mind at mild velocity through Earth’s EM subject because the in-between medium.

Nevertheless, there’s one absolute purpose I am satisfied telepathy does not exist. As I am going about my every day walkabout routine and related observations, I am without end passing out psychological ideas and pictures of what I consider most of the deadbeat drivers and different lesser types of humanity I spy with my little eyes. My ideas have a tendency to not be very complementary to say the least. However for the reason that lowlifes and rift-rafts have not ever proceeded to instantly cease their lowlife actions and drop what ever rift-raft issues they had been as much as, to as a substitute change course in the direction of me and beat me concerning the warmth and physique unto a bloody pulp for my unflattering ideas, I conclude telepathy does not exist. If it did, I doubt I would be typing these ideas now.

Escape Clause: Aside from particular results on make-believe TV and within the motion pictures, and works of literary fiction the place all issues are attainable, there may be one other realm the place something goes – digital actuality; video video games; simulations of every kind. It is the truth is a simulated Universe that resides within the guise of laptop software program. Software program might be programmed to offer rise to pictures or experiences of out-of-the-body happenings; close to dying experiences; ghosts; previous lives; astral planes; and ESP. You could possibly have existence in different dimensional realms just like the well-known 2-D “Flatland”.

So, it is a trade-off. For those who settle for unimaginable issues like ESP earlier than breakfast (and lunch and dinner too), then you could consider in one other – you do not exist as flesh-and-blood; your ‘actuality’, together with say telepathy, resides in a pc. Who programmed the simulated Universe is one other query.

That escape clause apart, if after multi-decades of inquiries and analysis into the plausibility of telepathy, and so on. there’s nothing, no onerous proof to persuade students, lecturers and skeptics of the bona-fides, then I believe it is protected to conclude that if it ain’t occurred by now, it is not going to. These actually are unimaginable issues. It isn’t rocket science in any case to return to once-and-for-all conclusions about these points within the affirmative in the event that they had been the truth is points that had any risk of an affirmative decision.

SEASON THREE: Is There A Superior Race?

Sure, there’s a superior race (or breed as I favor), albeit it depends upon precisely what one means by “superior”. There are clearly genetic variations between the races, fairly other than pores and skin coloration. Some races are typically both extra immune or extra vulnerable to varied afflictions. Races might be advised aside by their unifying facial options. Hair textures and predominate colours differ racially. So, it in all probability comes as little shock that when pinpointing any particular trait that is decided by genetics, some races could have kind of of what makes up that trait.

SEASON THREE: What Makes Us Who We Are?

That is the outdated nature vs. nurture argument. It is apparent that it is not an both/or argument. On the character aspect, there may be your genetic heritage, in addition to all these little happenings nature throws at you want accidents and illnesses and that you just throw at your self through the meals you eat and the drinks you drink and the medicine (authorized and in any other case) you’re taking. On the nurture aspect, there are inputs from dad and mom, mates, household, academics, members of the neighborhood and the mass media. There’s additionally you manipulating you by selecting and selecting numerous highways, pathways and byways.

However, and as is almost all the time the case, there is a however that complicates issues, the scoreboard would possibly learn not nature vs. nurture however free will vs. determinism. If the universe is a clockwork universe the place trigger and impact guidelines completely and the legal guidelines, rules and relationships are fastened and absolute, then the universe, together with you, unfolds because it ought to in a predetermined approach. From the nanosecond of the Huge Bang, what makes you who you’re was as sure as dying and taxes.

The opposite half is all that nebulous stuff that nature and nurture instills into you – your thoughts, consciousness, consciousness, persona, sense of self, and so on.

SEASON THREE: Mysteries of the Unconscious

Have you ever ever had a fancy thought leap all of a sudden, nearly and even unbidden, into your aware (the self-aware or self-conscious) thoughts? Why? Was it your aware thoughts that introduced it to the fore, or your unconscious (in any other case extra technically generally known as the unconscious) thoughts? Chances are high, it was your unconscious (unconscious) thoughts. It has been proven that your unconscious thoughts makes up your thoughts for you break up seconds earlier than you are consciously conscious of it. It is nearly as if it was predetermined.

Your unconscious thoughts bubbles alongside below the radar with out an precise aware enter out of your self-aware you, processing, ever processing. What needs to be random effervescent like boiling water ought to due to this fact end in a multitude – a hodgepodge. As a substitute, you appear to get a purposefully and linearly directed nebulous one thing which in any case anticipated time pops by your gray matter’s ‘wormhole’ that hyperlinks your unconscious thoughts together with your aware thoughts. Your aware thoughts can’t seemingly draw out of your unconscious thoughts the nebulous one thing you want if you want it.

So how does your unconscious keep on the straight and slender with out your aware enter? I do not know, but it surely apparently does. When your aware ideas go off the rails, say you are distracted by one thing not related to the duty at hand; properly you may shortly power your aware thoughts again on monitor to the duty at hand. You do not have to do this together with your unconscious for the reason that unconscious apparently cannot be distracted.

So I ponder whether the world’s best thinkers – scientists, philosophers, inventors, writers, and so on. weren’t actually aware thinkers in any respect however derived a lot of their inspiration from their unconscious.

It isn’t your aware thoughts that connects the dots, it is the unconscious. How typically do you hear, and even inform your self, “I am going to sleep on it” (which is why it’s in all probability a good suggestion to all the time have pen and paper or a Dictaphone subsequent to the mattress)? How many individuals can relate to fixing an out of the strange psychological puzzle of their goals, or the answer involves them ‘out of the blue’ whereas preoccupied with one thing associated. There are not any instruments, solely the sources in your individual thoughts. Actually if you happen to consciously attempt to give you an unique artistic concept, you will in all probability fail, however if you’re in psychological impartial gear – eureka.

Ever instantly overlook one thing you considered simply minutes earlier than and can’t now for the lifetime of you consciously recall? Throw your thoughts into impartial and if you least anticipate it, there it’s again to the fore once more. Now shortly, write it down!

Listed below are a couple of different examples the place the unconscious guidelines your roost.

We’re all conscious of hypnosis drawing out recollections locked away, within the unconscious after all. You don’t have any management in your aware potential to recall. It takes a extra excessive type of that “gotta put my thoughts in impartial”, the hypnotic state, to convey the information to the fore. In fact unethical or badly educated or newbie hypnotists can implant false recollections or manipulate these already there thus producing unreliable outcomes.

It is by no means extraordinary for a minority (10 – 25%) of completely regular grownup people to have a minimum of one vivid hallucination throughout their lifetime – a product of their unconscious that is in all probability way more frequent in youngsters’s ‘make-believe’ like there is a monster within the closet or their inevitable invisible playmates. As our minds get older and mature, we turn out to be much less more likely to have unconscious hallucinations, however they’ll nonetheless occur.

Maybe linked, we have practically all skilled involuntary (as to topic) daydreams, which, like sleeping goals, is a product of the unconscious.

Talking of sleep, if you fall asleep you go into lockdown mode courtesy of the unconscious so you do not bodily act out the actions you dream about. That is smart in any other case you would do your self and others in your rapid neighborhood a severe mischief, however you don’t have any management over that lockdown course of.

An strange aware stage psychological puzzle is likely to be methods to get from A to B on the bus when your automobile is within the restore store. These are the kinds of strange daily psychological gymnastics that often require instruments – hammer and nails; a cookbook; a practice timetable; a desk of trigonometry features; and reminiscence. Nevertheless, so as to make the most of them, you’ve got to have ideas of them filed away in your unconscious cubby-holes, so on a regular basis psychological, and apparently aware exercise have obligatory roots within the unconscious, in any other case, no go.

Simply as an apart, there’s one other model of unconscious exercise that often offers with physique language. How typically do you see somebody speaking on the cellphone to another person, neither occasion can see the opposite, but in all probability each events are making all types of hand gestures and utilizing other forms of physique language as in the event that they had been speaking face-to-face? In all probability fairly regularly – it is the norm. Otherwise you see a lady sitting on a bus or in a café or some such, and he or she’s preening her hair, working her fingers by it however not even conscious she’s doing it.

If you solely have microseconds to behave, say if you’re standing within the batter’s field 60 toes, 6 inches away from the pitcher’s mound and a quickly rotating baseball is heading in the direction of you at 95 mph, do you stand there and consciously crunch the numbers earlier than your go/no-go swing, or simply flip the difficulty over to your unconscious to go for it, or let the ball move you by. Ditto that for an outfielder chasing down a fly ball. In such conditions your aware thoughts is nugatory baggage. Intuition, coaching, follow and all these different aspects embedded in your unconscious required come to the fore and takeover. You are able to do the physics calculations at your leisure after the sport.

SEASON FOUR: Can Our Minds Be Hacked?

Talking of thoughts management, when your mind is uncovered and you’re consciousness, neuroscientists can stimulate / contact / manipulate components of your mind inflicting you numerous bodily reactions and you’re helpless to stop these reactions from taking place regardless that you’re consciousness. You apparently don’t have any free will below hypnosis. Then too there may be mind washing, being subjected to carry out an involuntary motion when given a unconscious stimulus. “The Manchurian Candidate” is a novel / movie based mostly on this well-established idea. A milder type of that is indoctrination be in right into a navy mind-set or into a spiritual or cultist mind-set, and even right into a neighborhood or nationalist mind-set. Consider “1984”. Subliminal indoctrination through promoting can also be a well-established. So sure, the thoughts might be hacked.

Nevertheless, if what is supposed by “hacked” is akin to what we imply by hacking a pc then I am not fairly satisfied. One would possibly be capable to overwhelm the mind through some type of electromagnetic stimulus at a distance, however really overriding your neural networks to do the bidding of another person, whereas maybe not unimaginable, is not but one thing the common individual has to lose any sleep over.

SEASON FOUR: Do We Have Free Will?

No, we do not need free will based mostly on two grounds. Firstly, for the time being of creation, all of the legal guidelines, rules and relationships of physics had been decided and set in clockwork-like movement. From that time onwards, all the pieces was a predetermined trigger and impact; trigger and impact; trigger and impact. Every thing is unfolding because it ought to all based mostly on these preliminary parameters. Secondly, if we exist in a Simulated (Digital Actuality) Universe, then preprogrammed software program guidelines the roost and we dance to that software program’s tune, and thus to the tune the Supreme Programmer performs. And if God is all-knowing you may’t have free will since your future should be predetermined and knowable upfront. It is already been deposited in-the-bank because it had been. Alternatively God could not have given you free will within the first place since there isn’t any God (or gods for that matter).

SEASON FOUR: When Does Life Start?

If by that query one tries to pinpoint that second in time between conception and dying when your life started, properly, one would on logical grounds need to go for the second of conception. There is no query that sperm cells are alive; there isn’t any query that egg cells are alive, so there’s little level in arguing that the union of the 2 is not alive. Maybe the higher, and tougher query, is when does that egg and that sperm turn out to be you? Once more, based mostly on logic, the reply is at conception, since at that time you’ve got the entire genetic materials that makes you a novel life type. As as to whether or not you’ve got the identical human rights at conception as you do in a while down the monitor, properly that is a authorized and philosophical query, not a scientific one.

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