The Technical Environment of the Stop Hit

The easy cease hit might be probably the most incessantly used of fencing’s counteroffensive actions. On the most simple degree it merely tries to beat the opponent’s assault in velocity or timing. Nonetheless, profitable employment of the cease hit relies on recognition of its distinctive traits and the atmosphere by which it operates.

The cease hit is an assault into an opponent’s assault, stopping that assault from altering the relative rating by assembly particular necessities within the fencing guidelines. In foil and sabre, it’s delivered to hit earlier than the assault, scoring a single contact for the fencer who’s attacked. In epee it’s delivered both to attain earlier than the unique assault or to attain concurrently to protect the relative distinction within the fencers’ scores. As a sensible matter, it’s all the time a easy assault, most frequently a straight thrust.

Proper of Method. Proper of approach is most influential in foil, because the cease should land earlier than the initiation of the ultimate motion of an assault. That is tough to realize, and requires the power to determine the refined indicators of a creating compound assault in order that the cease can arrive throughout the first motion. The opponent can defeat the cease by accelerating the primary motion right into a easy assault. Proper of approach nonetheless applies at sabre, however the superior goal and the lockout time make the cease a extra sensible possibility. Proper of approach isn’t a think about cease hits in epee (as proper of approach doesn’t apply to epee bouts).

Goal. Foil has probably the most restrictive goal, the torso. Each sabre and epee have a complicated goal, the arm, which the mixture of distance to journey and lockout time makes each susceptible and a helpful cease goal.

Distance to Journey. In sabre and epee the superior goal reduces the gap the cease hit has to journey. Which means the cease launched on the identical velocity in opposition to a sabre or epee arm goal will hit considerably sooner than a cease hit in opposition to the torso in foil.

Lockout Instances. Lock out time is the size of time between two hits after which the second hit is not going to register on the scoring equipment. The foil lockout time is so lengthy (300 milliseconds) as to not think about blocking hits. Nonetheless, in sabre the 120 millisecond lockout signifies that a minimize to the superior goal mixed with a fast retreat has an actual likelihood of timing out the unique assault, leading to a single gentle. In epee, the 40 millisecond (1/25th of second) lockout makes the epee cease hit a dependable motion to both fully defeat the assault or to end in a double hit (when double hits are tactically fascinating).

Double Hits. The character of double hits is a essential figuring out technical think about cease hit employment. In foil and sabre the double hit (each purple and inexperienced lights displayed by the scoring machine) requires the applying of proper of method to decide which hit scores. Solely one of many two hits might be awarded the contact. This can be a essential limitation for the cease hit in these two weapons as a result of it signifies that the cease hit is topic to referee interpretation. In epee the cease that beats the assault by 40 milliseconds scores for the counteroffensive fencer; if the cease lands inside the 40 millisecond window each fencers are hit, preserving the relative rating between them. The flexibility to beat the assault by 40 milliseconds provides the cease hit distinctive utility as counter offense. Underneath any circumstances, the cease thrust now can hit at any time as much as 40 milliseconds after the assault, and nonetheless frustrate the attacker’s goal.

In abstract, the cease thrust is technically probably the most tough in foil, and due to this fact requires the most effective tactical preparation. In sabre the cease thrust or minimize has the very actual likelihood to day trip the attacking motion, particularly when delivered to the superior goal. And in epee the cease thrust is doubtlessly probably the most tactically helpful due to the a lot wider time window by which it may be efficient. This means that coaches ought to design their classes to show how finest to use the particular technical necessities for the cease within the particular person weapon.

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