The Carniolan Honey Bees

The Carniolan bees (Apis mellifera carnica), that are additionally referred to as as carniolans. The English time period for these bees is ‘carnies’ which at this second is the second hottest honey bee amongst beekeepers after the well-known Italian bee. This bee is native to Slovenia (Carniola is a spot in Slovenia) together with to another areas like southern Austria, elements of Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria and a few areas of the previous Yugoslavia.

The carniolans possesses a variety of advantages and superiority in comparison with different bees, therefore they’re most favored amongst beekeepers. They’re referred to as light and non-aggressive bees which make the beekeepers really feel save whereas working with them. They will also be stored in populated areas with much less bees drifting from one hive to a different beehive. In contrast to the Italian bees, Carniolan bees are much less liable to rob honey.

The Carniolan bees are additionally identified to be very proficient in adjusting their employee bee inhabitants to the supply of nectar. They can make the adjustment very swiftly. As quickly as they detect the rising availability of nectar in springtime they multiply their employee bee inhabitants and with the identical velocity they will swiftly lower of their offspring manufacturing when nectar availability is reducing. With such speedy enhance of employee bees, their means to gather great amount of honey will probably be very useful to the beekeeper.

One other profit is that these bees are fairly proof against brood ailments which within the case of different bees might simply unfold and weaken hives of different bee subspecies. A Carniolan employee bee has an extended lifespan of about 12% in comparison with different bees. By way of hive administration, the beekeeper wants solely a small quantity of propolis to seal the undesirable open areas or small gaps within the hives.

Carniolans are extra appropriate for areas with lengthy winters, the place they will survive in smaller variety of employee bees whereas retaining their honey storage at its most. They’re additionally very helpful in areas with sturdy nectar flows. They’ll search for honey early within the morning or late night when the times are moist and funky.

Despite their advantages, Carniolans possess additionally some disadvantages, which embrace their proneness to swarming when overcrowded, much less means to thrive throughout scorching summer time climate, their broodnest energy will depend on pollen availability and the truth that it is not straightforward to seek out the carniolan darkish queen bee amongst hundreds of different employee bees.

Carniolans are about the same dimension of the Western European bees however with a slimmer stomach. They will also be distinguished by their bushy grayish brown coloured stripes therefore they’re additionally referred to as as the grey bees. The lengthy tongue of the Carniolans (which ranges 6.5 – 6.7 mm) makes it appropriate to hunt nectar from cloves. Additionally they have very quick hair and a really excessive elbow be a part of.

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