Technique of Emphasizing Articles

Typically we have to emphasize or de-emphasize one thing. To do that we use some phrases which have the power to take action. We will additionally use some structures- that’s, we will rearrange the weather of a sentence- to do the identical. Learn the next sentences.

· (a)I touched it

(b) I solely touched it.

· (a)I touched that button

(b) I touched solely that button.

Or, I touched that button solely.

· (a)Sabuj wants a haircut.

(b) Sabuj badly wants a haircut. (it has turn out to be pressing.)

· (a) Bipu rejects your accusation.

(b) Bipu totally rejects your accusation.

· (a) Nishat Sultana Rimu resent Bipu’s criticism.

(b) Nishat Sultana Rimu deeply/bitterly/very a lot/ strongly resent Bipu’s criticism.

· (a) Honey remembers the day handed with Sona.

(b) Honey positively/clearly/actually remembers the day handed with Sona

· (a) It occurred.

(b) It really occurred.

The sentences marked (b) are extra emphatic than those marked (a). This is because of the usage of some phrases known as emphatic phrases. A listing of such phrases are given beneath:

I. Actually

ii. Truthfully

iii. Absolutely

iv. Extremely

v. Clearly

vi. Certainly

vii. Clearly

viii. Plainly

ix. Undoubtedly

x. Actually

xi. Really

xii. For sure

xiii. After all

xiv. For positive

xv. Frankly

xvi. Actually

xvii. Merely

xviii. Simply

xix. Pretty

These phrases are used primarily to emphasise the which means of the phrase or phrase or clause following it; they inform nothing extra about that phrase or phrase or clause. Some extra examples, nonetheless, comply with:

· I can not perceive it.

I simply/ merely cannot perceive it.

I do not consider it.

· I actually/merely/actually do not consider it.

· He mentioned so

He really/actually/certainly mentioned so.

Amplifiers are akin to emphasizers. They’re of two sorts: maximizers and boosters. Maximizers, as is apparent by the time period itself, factors to the utmost of one thing, whereas boosters categorical the diploma of depth. Some maximizers are proven beneath.

I. Completely

II. Solely

III. Completely

IV. Altogether

V. Totally

VI. Completely

VII. Fully

VIII. Fairly

IX. Most

X. In all respects

Learn the next examples.

1. (a) That’s true.

(b) That’s completely true.

(c) That’s actually true.

2. (a) Nishat Sultana Rimu did it.

(b) Nishat Sultana Rimu utterly did it.

(c) Nishat Sultana Rimu did it utterly.

3. (a) The constructing has collapsed down.

(b) The constructing has totally collapsed down.

(c ) The constructing has collapsed down totally.

4. (a) What Sabuj mentioned is true.

(b) What Sabuj mentioned is totally true.

5. (a ) You’re proper.

(b) You’re fairly proper.

6. (a ) Linda Khan defined it.

( b) Linda Khan defined it completely.

7. (a) Sona’s situation is unhealthy.

(b ) Sona’s situation is totally unhealthy.

Boosters, as has already been mentioned, present the depth of some adjective or exercise. Some boosters are proven beneath:

· Badly

· Deeply

· Vastly

· An excellent deal

· Heartily

· A lot

· So

· A variety of

· Violently

· Nicely

· An excellent deal

· By way more

Now observe the makes use of of a few of these boosters.

· Sabuj was damage.

Sabuj was damage badly.

Sabuj badly wants the data of Rimu.

· Rimu can really feel it.

Rimu can really feel it deeply.

· Linda loves Sabuj.

Linda loves Sabuj very a lot.

· Sabuj wished to see Rimu.

Sabuj so wished to see Rimu. (=Sabuj wished to see Rimu very a lot)

· Linda can perceive his drawback.

Linda can nicely perceive his drawback.

· In the present day I am happier

· In the present day I am a lot happier

Discover the distinction between the next maximizer and booster.

· Rimu utterly denied her love for Sabuj.

Rimu strongly denied her love for Sabuj.

The previous (utterly), on this context, could be very shut in which means with the latter, however on no account equal to it. So it’s important to be very cautious in utilizing maximizers and boosters if you wish to categorical your thought within the exact method. Learn the next pairs of the sentences and attempt to discern the variations of which means between every pair.

· She has learn the fabric utterly.

She has learn lots of the fabric.

· Sabuj is the perfect boy of this Narayanganj space in all respect.

Sabuj is by far the perfect boy of this Narayanganj space.

· What Sabuj says about Bina is totally true.

There’s a lot fact in what Sabuj says about Bina.

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