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  1. easy previous tense and previous participle of sideboard


sideboarded (comparative extra sideboarded, superlative most sideboarded)

  1. (fishing) Having a sideboard restriction.
    • 2009, Code of Federal Rules, web page 783:

      The sideboard ratios which might be relevant for every common sideboarded fishery for a rockfish cooperative within the Catcher/processor sector are calculated by dividing the combination retained catch of that fishery, from July 1 by July 31 in annually from 1996 by 2002, caught by LLP licenses assigned to that rockfish cooperative which might be topic to directed fishing closures below this paragraph (d), by the full retained catch from July 1 throught July 31 in annually from 1996 by 2002 caught by all groundfish vessels in that sector.

    • 2012, Federal Register – Quantity 77, Situation 50, web page 15226:

      Conversely, in fisheries with rising sideboards, financial profit may very well be denied to the sideboarded sectors.

  2. Having aspect limitations.
    • 1942, The Medical World – Volumes 60-61, web page 118:

      Speak concerning the trendy barbiturates, with sideboarded beds and bedside nursing guards!

    • 1965, Model E book – Quantity 19, web page 352:

      The complete yard is suffering from sideboarded containers operating over with smoky quartz, amethyst, petrified wooden, idiot’s gold, rhyolite, calimites, and mineral specimens unknown to the unwashed.

    • 2000, William Homosexual, Provinces of Night time, web page 196:

      Fleming watched the sideboarded truck diminish down the rolling hillside, the stackers atop the hay clutching the sideboards and swaying and bouncing towards the barn.

  3. (mainly Britain) Having sideburns.
    • 1960, Alexander Cordell, Gown of Honour, web page 345:

      White within the deck, black-tarred her hull, a leviathan of a ship of 2 hundred tons, stalwart, braced within the bows for ploughing Atlantics, with pigtailed Plymouth males manning her and her captain with the face of Neptune himself, bearded and sideboarded and a gold-buttoned tunic.

    • 1978, Peter Lewis, The Fifties, web page 120:

      One of many worldwide symbols of revolt was a coiffure, lengthy (for the time), greasy, curly and sideboarded.

    • 2010, Alastair Sim, The Unbelievers:

      Each potential facial sort appeared to be represented among the many males sitting and shouting on the benches, clean-shaven, sideboarded or bearded; each hue from workmens’ nut-brown weatherbeatenness to the pallor of late-stage tuberculosis; each gradation from sobriety to near-paralytic drunkenness.

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