Sexual Reflexology

Sexual Reflexology strikes reflexology past the realm of foot therapeutic massage and into the realm of sexuality. It’s based mostly on the precept of utilizing our sexual reflex factors in lovemaking to heal the remainder of our physique. Our sexual organs are essentially the most highly effective reflex factors on the physique. The entire physique gives the sexual organs with power so when the sexual organs are stimulated they in flip stimulate and energize the complete physique. On this method, sexual activity is a type of ecstatic acupressure. Because of this sexual activity can have deep therapeutic properties when utilized deliberately and exactly.

Within the pelvis are an enormous variety of nerve endings and channels for the veins and arteries in addition to tissues that talk with each sq. inch of the physique. All the key acupuncture meridians that carry power between the physique and the important organs cross by way of this space. Subsequently, whether it is blocked or weakened, as is the case with people who find themselves sexually impoverished, then power will leak and the organs and mind will endure. When the pelvic and sexual organs are stimulated and strengthened by way of, what is called “sex-ercises” it may well cost the mind with power, enhance circulation, stimulate nerve circulate, strengthen the urogenital diaphragm and tonify the power of the sexual organs making you more healthy and much more horny.

However sexual power may be depleted or wasted needlessly by way of careless and unconscious intercourse, improper care of the sexual organs and physique, in addition to practices reminiscent of males’s fixed ejaculation and the imbalance within the feminine menstruation cycle. Because of this it is crucial that males learn to regulate and management ejaculation and girls work on balancing the feminine cycle.

For these males who masturbate incessantly and ejaculate losing their sperm, (the pleasure is momentary) they unfastened their supply of important power not permitting the water of life to unfold to the remainder of the physique. Every ejaculation includes the lack of half an oz of semen. In keeping with the American Most cancers Society, prostate most cancers is the #1 most cancers diagnoses for males. At the least 80% of all males can anticipate to expertise a point of prostate bother throughout their lives. Research present that one of many causes of prostate issues is sexual extra. When a person turns into sexually excited, both by serious about intercourse or by bodily contact, all of the pelvic reproductive organs, together with the prostate, grow to be congested with blood. When the prostate is frequently subjected to this engorgement, it turns into infected and enlarged. This impedes the circulate of urine and over time creates an unhealthy surroundings for illness.

Girls, then again, generally consider that they cannot keep away from premenstrual signs and losses of mucus and blood which by the way in which comprises important substances reminiscent of iodine, lecithin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and intercourse hormones. The reality is ovulation needn’t be accompanied by painful and extended menstruation. Hemorrhage or rupture of blood-vessels is unnatural and never regular opposite to well-liked perception. Leucorrhea (discharge of white mucous materials from the vagina; typically a sign of an infection) and extreme menstrual bleeding end result from an inflammatory situation of the mucus membrane of the uterus. Frequent intercourse (particularly if it started at an early age) can result in varied different genital complaints, which typically assume a malignant kind, together with cervical most cancers.

I’m incessantly interrogated about my over all power and essence by males, specifically, who’re drawn to me as a result of they sense an excessive amount of power that they often describe as unbelievable or magnetic, radiant, compelling and most occasions horny. What they really feel and sense is my over all sexual power, my central vitality.

As a Holistic Well being Practitioner, through the years I have been capable of affiliate the general well being of my purchasers with their sexuality. When somebody’s sexual organs are depleted or blocked, I can sense it within the fading situation of their hair, pores and skin, eyes, lumbar backbone, and sometimes their temper and over all power discipline.

There’s a technique of taking a look at intercourse that’s unfavorable, shameful and slim. Then there’s one other method that when finished correctly can take you all the way in which to infinity. Within the guide Sexual Reflexology, Mantak Chia illustrates the step-by-step strategy of sustaining Ejaculation and Menstruation Cycle Administration whereas sharing 15 therapeutic positions: eight for males and seven for ladies. These sexual therapeutic positions use the distinct reflexology areas of the penis and vagina to focus on particular well being points throughout love making. Every place places stress on totally different elements of the sexual organs, relative to which a part of the physique must be healed. By means of this stimulation associated organs are rejuvenated and the orgasmic power is guided as much as the particular organs. These strategies have been examined and proved over millennia.

So for those who’re one who holds intercourse as a unclean act or refuses to interact based mostly in your realized fears chances are you’ll wish to rethink this stunning, pleasurable and energy act through which each dwelling creature got here by way of. For it’s the pathway that we are able to return to for renewed life!

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