Ser Dickon Smallwood, First Member of the Seven Dicks. : ITRPCommunity

Ser Dickon Smallwood, First Member of the Seven Dicks. : ITRPCommunity

Title and Home: Ser Dickon Smallwood

Age: 19

Cultural Group: Riverlander

Look: A diminutive however muscular man, with piercing blue eyes and a mop of soiled blonde hair.

Present(s): Berserker and Vitality

Talent(s): Daggers (Mastery)

Detrimental Trait: Dwarf

Beginning Title(s): Ser, Captain of the Lengthy Lances

Beginning Location: New Ghis

Alternate Characters: None atm since I deserted everybody ;-;

Bio: Dickon Smallwood was born the second son of a second son, with no lands or inheritance to talk of. He was a noble, technically, however was all the time handled as a bastard on account of his dwarfism. Nonetheless, he persevered. As a younger boy he educated in Acorn Corridor alongside together with his brother and cousins, and shortly outmatched all of them in talent at arms, besting his elder brother on the age of 9 whereas his brother was 13. As a result of his small stature, he was unable to wield bigger weapons such at greatswords and even longswords, and settled for smaller weapons like dirks and daggers.

At age 14 he grew bored of enjoying at combating and ran away from house, mendacity about his age (Which they believed on account of his dwarfism) and becoming a member of the Lengthy Lances. He was knighted on the age of 16, and rose by way of sheer martial prowess to the rank of Captain on the age of 17. Whereas combating for the Lengthy Lances Dickon revealed his relentless berserker rage, in addition to his capacity to maintain on combating regardless of dozens of wounds on account of his vitality. Many an Essosi and Westerosi alike thought they’d crushed the dwarf, solely to see him get again up and carry on coming at them, countless rage on the world in his piercing blue eyes.

On the age of 18, Dickon, or “Smalls” as he’s known as by his pals, by sheer coincidence met a bunch of males additionally named Dickon in an inn in King’s Touchdown. They determined to drink some Butterwell wine collectively to have fun the fateful assembly. Nevertheless, they hated the wine a lot, that they stormed off to Whitewalls to get revenge on the vile Butterwells and their horrible wine. They initially deliberate to steal one in all Lord Butterwell’s daughters, however determined as a substitute to steal the Butterwells’ prized cow, Bessie, since they determined that she was far prettier than any of the Lord’s daughters. Having stolen Bessie, the Seven Dicks ran off to Essos and, at Smallwood’s insistence, joined the Lengthy Lances.


  • 362: Dickon Smallwood is born to Rob and Lysa Smallwood.

  • 371: Dickon defeats his 13 12 months outdated brother in a duel on the age of 9.

  • 376: Dickon runs away from house and joins the Lengthy Lances.

  • 378: Dickon is knighted.

  • 379: Dickon is promoted to Captain of the Lengthy Lances.

  • 380: Dickon has his fateful assembly with the opposite Seven Dicks. Quickly after they steal Bessie and run off to the Lengthy Lances in Essos.

NPCs: Ser Dickon Manwoody, Present Authoritative, Illness Deformity

Ser Dickon Lipps, Present Duelist, Illness Mute

Ser Dickon Yew, Present Towering, Illness Gullible

Ser Dickon Ball, Present Ambidextrous, Illness Addict

Ser Dickon Wagstaff, Present Mythic, Illness Maimed

Ser Dickon Hogg, Present Duelist, Illness Overweight

“Dickless,” Present Agility

Bessie, Present Cow

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