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Anti Dandruff

Climbazole + ZPTO assaults
root reason for dandruff

Assaults Root Trigger
of Dandruff

  • Scalpe Professional is formulated with Climbazole and
    ZPTO anti dandruff brokers
  • Climbazole Targets the basis reason for dandruff
    that’s Malassezia, eliminates it and tackles its
    build-up. Thus helps eradicating dandruff and
    prevents its recurrence
  • ZPTO Prevents dandruff inflicting microbes to
    produce scalp irritants relieving from itching,
    irritation accompanying dandruff

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Sturdy Hair

Piroctone Olamine
strengthens hair*

Makes Hair Sturdy

Scalpe Professional accommodates Piroctone Olamine which
improves hair shaft thickness that reduces hair
fall as a result of breakage.

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Conditioning base^
makes hair delicate

No dryness, therefore appropriate for day by day use

The superior formulation of Scalpe Professional accommodates
conditioning base^ which ensures no dryness even
with day by day use making it a great alternative for day by day
dandruff care

^Polyquternium 10

For Excessive Depth
of Dandruff go to

Scalpe Plus


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