Redensyl – Redenhair

Redensyl - Redenhair

Reactivates hair follicle stem cells for an astonishing hair development

The scalp bears a mean 110,000 hair follicles that are rising and falling each day. When the stability between the rising hair and the falling ones is altered, then hair loss begins and baldness seems. 
To reverse this phenomenon known as alopecia, Redensyl® dramatically reactivates hair development and reduces hair loss with clinically seen ends in Three months by:

  1. Re-launching stem cells exercise and proliferation The outer root sheath stem cells (ORSc) are vitalized, thus triggering a brand new hair cycle; 
  2. Rising the dermal papilla’s fibroblasts metabolism Hair follicles are nourished ensuing within the stem cells switching on the anagen section sooner.

Deal with the product

Hair loss in numbers

It’s a identified incontrovertible fact that 40% of males could have noticeable hair loss (alopecia) by age 35. This quantity reaches 65% by 60 years of age. Girls are additionally deeply impacted by such course of: 50 to 75% undergo noticeable hair loss by age 65. Hair loss could be devastating to at least one’s self picture and emotional nicely being.

The conventional cycle for hair

The hair cycle is made from three phases:

  • Anagen section throughout which the hair is rising (± Three years),
  • Catagen section additionally known as the transition section (± Three weeks),
  • Telogen section throughout which the hair is dying and falling (± Three months), which is adopted by the anagen section once more.

Hair loss and stem cells

When affected by hair loss, the telogen section is extended, and the transition to the anagen section turns into harder. Hair grow to be thinner and the proportion of hair transitioning to the telogen section continues to extend.

The issue comes from the truth that the hair follicle stem cells (additionally known as ORSc) situated within the bulge alongside the hair, are much less productive, and fewer tailored to enhance the standard of the matrix (made from keratinocytes) supporting the hair follicle development. Moreover, the fibroblasts situated within the dermal papilla (additionally known as HFDPc) are much less environment friendly in speaking with the stem cells, which means that the matrix is not going to be renewed because it used to.

Initiating the anagen section turns into extra sluggish, and hair loss turns into part of day by day life.

Redensyl®: appearing on stem cells and HFDPc to re-activate hair development

Redensyl® is made from patented molecules focusing on the ORSc and the HFDPc on the similar time for a greater effectivity:

  • Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG): a stabilized polyphenol which prompts the division of hair follicle stem cells, whereas sustaining their differentiation properties.It protects stem cells from apoptosis (BCL2 activation), and drives them in the direction of the anagen cycle (β-catenin activation), whereas boosting the metabolism of dermal papilla fibroblasts.
  • EGCG-glucoside (EGCG2): a stabilized EGCG spinoff used to scale back the standard inflammatory state of alopecic scalp (discount of IL-8), and seize free radicals.
  • Glycine: a serious constituent of hair proteins, primarily keratin related proteins (KAP), which favors hair growth2.
  • Zinc: a vital co-factor for quite a few enzymes, favoring the incorporation of cystin in keratin for a stronger hair shaft3.Redensyl® reveals excellent outcomes after Three months on the scientific degree.

Organic exercise

Improve of Fibroblasts DPc vitality (in vitro checks)

Human fibroblasts dermal papilla cells (HFDPc) have been incubated for 48 hours in a basal medium and handled with growing doses of DHQG (the foremost part of Redensyl®) or bFGF as a reference. 
Their metabolic exercise was evaluated because of a XTT discount assay.

Outcomes: DHQG helps the HFDPc to enhance their metabolic exercise, for a greater nourishment of the hair follicle.

Lower of pores and skin irritation (in vitro checks)

EGCG2 was examined for its means to scale back IL-8, a cytokine concerned in scalp irritation. An irritated pores and skin is extra vulnerable to hair loss. Regular human keratinocytes have been put in a tradition medium and have been careworn utilizing IL-1 and handled for 48h with EGCG2, a serious part of Redensyl®. IL-Eight within the supernatant was quantified by ELISA take a look at.

Outcomes: EGCG2 confirms its anti-irritation potential by inhibiting IL-Eight launch by 21%. 

Improve of hair follicle size (ex vivo Philpott take a look at)

Redensyl® was examined at 1% versus Minoxidil at 1% as a benchmark reference to judge its potential on hair follicle development. Hair of 4 male donors affected by alopecia have been maintained alive in regular hair tradition circumstances. After 7 and 10 days hair development was measured in comparison with day Zero with footage evaluation.

Outcomes: Redensyl® will increase hair development by +214% in comparison with untreated, and reveals virtually two instances greater outcomes than Minoxidil, the benchmark reference.


Reactivate the hair development cycle (scientific analysis)

The effectivity of Redensyl® at 3% was evaluated in a double-blind take a look at versus a placebo. Twenty six male volunteers have been chosen by following particular inclusion standards: between 18 to 70 years outdated, brown to darkish hair, with a minimal density of hair of 150 hair/cm2 and 40 telogen hair/cm2, with clinically confirmed grade Three to four alopecia.

Volunteers utilized the placebo or the product with 3% of Redensyl® on their complete scalp day by day for Three months.

A shaved space of 1.5cm2 was outlined on every volunteer to permit the measurements on a window of 0.7cm2 at D0, D28 and D84.

Phototrichograms have been realized utilizing a NIKON digital camera related to Canfield® Epiflash System and a contact plate to press hair on the scalp. Evaluation have been run with Photoshop CS5 prolonged® and permitted to outline if hair have been in anagen, telogen or undetermined section.

Outcomes: A non vital placebo impact is noticed (mechanical activation of micro-circulation), with virtually no extra evolution after 1 month. Redensyl® will increase the proportion of hair in anagen section by 9% in comparison with T0 after Three months, and reduces the proportion of hair within the telogen section by 17% in comparison with T0 after Three months.

Rebalance the anagen/telogen ratio (scientific analysis)

The ratio Anagen/Telogen was evaluated by evaluating the density of hair in anagen section and in telogen section.

Outcomes: Redensyl® considerably will increase the ratio Density of Anagen / Density of Telogen. After Three months the ratio reaches 2.37 whereas the placebo reveals virtually no evolution after one month.

As a consequence, density of hair was additionally measured and was elevated by a mean +8% in three months whereas utilizing Redensyl® at 3%.

Redensyl®: Seen outcomes after Three months (scientific analysis)

85% of volunteers present scientific enhancements. Extra anagen hair, a better density, extra seen hair. Examples of the scientific outcomes of three volunteers (29 to 52 years outdated) handled with Redensyl® throughout Three months.

Self-evaluation of Redensyl® (scientific)

A self-evaluation after Three months was run by the volunteers.

Outcomes: Testers declare Redensyl® at 3% lowered their hair loss, improved the capillary density by strengthening and thickening their hair after three months of remedy.

71% of the testers are glad by the product, and 71% of them wish to purchase the product.

+10,200 hair in common in Three months: higher outcomes than one hair transplantation procedure1.

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