Raising 16 Children Recap, Part 10

r/DuggarsSnark - Raising 16 Children Recap, Part 10 - Holy ambiguity, Batman! I still have no idea what the Duggars are doing at this family conference!

We have now watched the Duggars go on a highway journey over the last particular, and arrive principally in a single piece, although it was not for an absence of attempting to fuck it up on Jim Bob’s half. We additionally spent New 12 months’s in a far more accountable approach than the Duggars, i.e. NOT HOSTING A FUCKING SUPER SPREADER PARTY. No less than I hope you weren’t internet hosting a celebration, except you are in New Zealand or one thing. Then celebration away for the remainder of us, please.

r/DuggarsSnark - Raising 16 Children Recap, Part 10 - Holy ambiguity, Batman! I still have no idea what the Duggars are doing at this family conference!

Michelle speaking right into a walkie-talkie though Jessa is standing proper subsequent to her. Life professional tip: In case you want walkie-talkies to maintain observe of your children, perhaps take a break with the back-to-back pregnancies?

(Picture description: Michelle, with the poofy hair, in a blue shirt with a star-spangled turtleneck beneath, speaking right into a walkie-talkie, with a blurry Jim Bob within the background and an equally blurry misplaced boy within the foreground. They’re NOT sporting crimson)

In the meantime, after some cringy singing (why is there ALWAYS cringy singing?), and a few third into this complete mess of a particular, the Duggars have arrived on the ATI household convention in Massive Sandy. “Nicely mama, we all know the best way to make a six-hour journey right into a twelve-hour journey,” Jim Bob says with what passes as self-reflection for him, and I simply full-body cringed at him calling Michelle mama, as a result of, urgh. Even Michelle simply awkwardly laughs at that, and she or he’s actually Jim Bob’s Nr. 1 fangirl. I wager she towed a automotive as soon as whose homeowners have been all “We simply had it sitting there for a yr, after which we put in a brand new battery and began to drive!” and she or he simply sighed and stated, “Is not that simply treasured of you, that you just’re placing meals on my kids’s plates that approach!”

Michelle explains, “The kids have regarded ahead to this for a very long time, and so they’re wanting ahead to tenting out at Massive Sandy, and getting in on the entire courses, and the coaching classes are right here.” I am just a little bit torn at this level. Are Jim Bob and Michelle usually this fucking unbelievably clueless in regards to the issues their kids are doing, not solely on the household convention, however on the whole, regardless of actually fucking sitting on high of all of them day, every single day, as a result of these individuals by no means go anyplace, a lot much less alone? Or do they know EXACTLY what their children are doing at these ATI camps, however do not need to inform in entrance of the cameras, as a result of they know the way un-fucking-believably horrible their beliefs are and the way dangerous it will look to most of the people? Both approach, we’re not discovering out a lot, simply… one thing one thing tenting courses Jesus!

r/DuggarsSnark - Raising 16 Children Recap, Part 10 - Holy ambiguity, Batman! I still have no idea what the Duggars are doing at this family conference!

That is completely not staged in any respect, and in addition would not reply why they want bicycles. If Michelle and Jana can stroll, the youngsters can stroll too.

(Picture description: A gaggle of Duggar children on bicycles, some with helmets and a few with out, on a dusty campground in a forest, with Michelle, Jana, and one other girl within the background)

The Duggars have traded of their obnoxiously matchy crimson polo shirts for extra various apparel, however with literal name-tags taped to the entrance of their shirts and clothes, so the individuals who discover the misplaced Duglets can return them to their rightful homeowners. As a result of there’s lots of people there. “With over 4,000 members, this is likely one of the largest homeschool gatherings within the nation.” I imply, okay, I’ve actually been to small music festivals with extra individuals than that, and with no bicycle to get round, however you do you, Duggars? Perhaps Jim Bob and Michelle actually cannot survive even for every week with out having the ability to say “Go experience your bike and cease bothering me!” Particularly as a result of it isn’t like the youngsters are driving their bikes to actions – they’re driving them there within the van.

All the Duggar children have… extraordinarily imprecise issues to do, with the three smallest Duglets accompanying Jim Bob and Michelle, which implies that these get to really do some hands-on childcare for a change. However what are the youngsters doing? The indicators proven promote thrilling actions like Stick Horse Rodeo (WTF?), Sermon on the Mount (free time-travel included, I suppose?) and canoe races (however… why?), so I’ve a sense it isn’t going to be very thrilling. However… it will get worse. Approach worse. As a result of Jill says, “I assist her with the little ones. I assist them like go to the restroom that they cannot go by themselves”, with Jana including, “This week I’m instructing kids within the Kids’s Institute and we’re attempting to make it enjoyable for them.”

And I simply can’t fucking imagine it. I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE IT! These women are doing unpaid childcare 24/7 at residence, all day, every single day of their fucking lives, for kids that aren’t even theirs. After which they go on a trip, and GUESS WHAT THEY’RE DOING WHILE ON VACATION? YOU GUESSED RIGHT! UNPAID CHILDCARE 24/7! I simply… ARGH. I’m incoherent with rage. Like HOW DOES ANYONE THINK THAT IS FAIR? It is like when some households go on a trip to an Airbnb and the mother will get to do every thing she does at residence, cooking, cleansing, childcare, simply in another person’s home, after which they arrive residence and pop is all “Oh, what a pleasant trip it was!” and his spouse is nearly able to homicide him or break up or each, as a result of THAT WAS NOT A FUCKING VACATION, you IDIOT.

r/DuggarsSnark - Raising 16 Children Recap, Part 10 - Holy ambiguity, Batman! I still have no idea what the Duggars are doing at this family conference!

The boy scouts certain look completely different today.

(Picture description: In horrifyingly blurry high quality, we’ve got a bunch of boys and younger males in army-adjacent outfits and caps doing one thing you would possibly name marching for those who have been feeling very charitable, which I don’t proper now)

And what are the boys doing? Nicely… John-David explains, “The squad chief and assistant squad chief, they will take about 12 boys, younger boys, and so they’ll go and do these completely different actions with them, and so they’ll have to love endurance and self-control, all these sorts of issues.” Holy ambiguity, Batman. If I’ve to listen to “completely different actions” ONE MORE FUCKING TIME, I will leap via my laptop computer display screen, journey again in time, and concurrently force-choke Jim Bob and Michelle, one with every hand, and it will be oh so satisfying, as a result of they fucking deserve it.

So as a result of no one ever desires to inform us something (and with good cause), we’ll go by what this seems to be like. And what ALERT seems to be like is LARPing Bootcamp for Jesus. No, I can not say that, that’d go too far. LARPers usually know the distinction between actual and pretend, however these children and younger adults? They’re actually being indoctrinated to imagine that they are the following militia that’ll defend the Bible and the Structure towards evil liberals, as a result of the actual army is simply too… liberal for them? Urgh. And the particular simply glosses over it, with Jim Bob saying… “The boys are concerned in sort of a boy-scout factor referred to as ALERT…” and I simply can’t with that. However for those who assume that that is the worst… nope. It will get worse.

r/DuggarsSnark - Raising 16 Children Recap, Part 10 - Holy ambiguity, Batman! I still have no idea what the Duggars are doing at this family conference!

There’s all the time a Josh to fuck up issues much more. At all times.

(Picture description: Josh Duggar, wanting unbelievably smug, sitting in entrance of his household’s run-down, cluttered RV, and speaking about being a frontrunner of the following century)

“The aim of the Superior Coaching Institute is to coach up younger women and men to change into leaders of the following century and I believe at this time we’ve got a lot of a damaging peer strain coming in from the skin world that younger individuals want a task mannequin, somebody to look as much as,” says Josh Duggar, whilst you can nonetheless see traces of his shaved head in his haircut and I JUST CAN’T WITH THAT. Peer strain from the skin world to do WHAT, JOSHUA? NOT SEXUALLY ABUSE YOUR SISTERS? I simply can’t BELIEVE the AUDACITY of this MOTHERFUCKER! Right here he’s, considering that HE is the plain candidate to be a LEADER, listed here are his dad and mom, letting him sit there and spout his indoctrinated speaking factors with none disgrace or self-reflection, judging “the skin world” when there’s loads fucked up shit in their very own household, and I simply need to bitch-slap all of them.

All the kids besides Josh appear to be kids and sound like, nicely, kids. Veritable infants, actually, even Jana and John-David. And nonetheless, they’re at this convention, being indoctrinated into their future roles as wives and moms/robust manly man with out feelings lording over their households already, as a result of it is by no means too early to quash any trace of self-reflection, persona, or unbiased thought in kids and youngsters. And it is Josh of all individuals who tells us the true goal of their Knowledge Booklets, their homeschooling, their isolation of their kids – it is as a result of their dad and mom are scared that they may not develop as much as conform to their extraordinarily narrow-minded, cookie-cutter gendered expectations of what a person and a lady are presupposed to be. They usually’re so fucking brainwashed that they assume it is a good factor.

And the worst factor about it? The Duggars aren’t alone. It isn’t this one stupid-ass household with loopy beliefs, there’s actually FOUR THOUSAND of them at that convention, simply from that one cult, and you’ve got greater than a DOZEN different proud dad and mom saying issues like “six boys and three women” as a result of their kids are simply numbers to them and their genitals are all that they learn about them and I simply need to puke. And Michelle is simply consuming it in, speaking about all of the households strolling as much as her and telling her that they’ve seen her household on TV, as a result of fame is seemingly extra necessary than the chance that her daughters must dwell via their sexual abuse once more when every thing comes out ultimately.

Up subsequent: Good lord right here we go once more with the boy, lady, toaster oven bullshit. Personally, I hope it is a toaster.

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