Piano Lesson: What Can Pippi Longstocking Teach You About Piano Playing

Piano taking part in is an artwork with limitless possibilites. Pippi Longstocking made a comment in a movie that can be utilized if you attempt to study to play piano.

Pippi Longstocking is a nine-year-old Swedish lady in a sequence of kids’s books. Pippi has pink braids and may be very unconventional, assertive, terribly robust, and wealthy. She lives alone with a monkey and a horse in an outdated humorous home. Her pals Tommy and Annika accompany her on her wild adventures.

One Christmas when she was alone in the home looking by means of the window feeling lonesome her lyoung pals and the youngsters from city got here in a procession to her home stunning her with a Christmas current.

She was very joyful when she noticed them and when she opened the current she discovered a trumpet and instantly began to play on it.

One of many kids commented: “I did’nt know that you just performed trumpet!”. Pippi answered smilingly: “Nicely, it’s simpler when you may have a trumpet!”

A lot knowledge there. It’s simpler to study to play an instrument if in case you have an instrument. It’s simpler to study to play piano if in case you have a piano. Do you may have a piano?

What does it imply to have a piano. Let me clarify………..

One in every of my cousins lived along with her household in a small city in a small home. In the home was a tall black piano purchased from a close-by amusement park. This piano was fascinating in a single side.

It was fantastically out of tune!

If you performed a melody on the piano it was like taking part in in several keys on the identical time. My cousin residing there by no means turned a pianist. I do not know if the out of tune piano put her off nevertheless it positive did not assist her.

She discovered one humorous piano music at the very least and I can nonetheless bear in mind the sound of it on that piano.

I feel which you could say {that a} piano must be tuned or it is not actually a piano. All these stunning and unbelievable piano compositions are meant to be performed on a tuned instrument.

I might recommend the next….

1. Have a piano. That means a tuned instrument. Make it a precedence to have your piano tuned by a piano tuner or if you’re adventurous, attempt to tune it your self! Examine piano tuning on the web.

2. Purchase a digital piano. It’s all the time in tune however has different small disadvantages. It ought to have weighted key motion to mimic the motion of an acoustic piano.

Once I was a toddler we all the time had our piano in tune however I assume it’s fairly frequent to seek out pianos that’s out of tune across the globe.

I assume you will get used to taking part in on out of tune pianos however this can restrict your progress and the enjoyment you need to expertise if you play piano.

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