People Who Are Living on the Moon


“The moon is one other world inhabited with people”. Are you able to consider it? Sure, that is the reality!

The “individuals” don’t stay above or on the bottom as we do on earth however down under underneath the floor. They stay in an unlimited internal area naturally fashioned as a labyrinth of gigantic caves under the floor crust. The floor crust types the roof of the caves and varies in thickness from a decrease restrict round three toes as much as a most reaching 100 toes. Despite the various manned missions to the moon, no one was in a position to uncover the truth that the moon was the closest world to earth with all kinds of life types, together with individuals in very some ways just like us. These individuals have been residing sub-terra or underground within the moon for thousands and thousands of years. Additionally they arrived at their current kind after going by means of an evolutionary course of just like what occurred on earth. Their social construction and behavioral traits are unimaginably completely different from these of the individuals on earth.

The moon’s inner geological construction could be very unusual and distinctive. It has huge areas of hole underground caves. It is because the moon handed by means of boiling and molten states earlier than it cooled right down to its secure current day temperature. Some caves are miles and miles in size and breath. These caves exist at various depths under the moon’s floor. Virtually all of the caves are internally related to one another and it’s attainable to hint many paths by means of interconnected caves to totally ‘circumnavigate’ the moon with out ever stepping out on to its outer floor. The tops of the caves that kind the crust of the moon’s floor are supported on huge vertical rock pillars that rise out of the underside floor. These vertical help constructions are very arduous and rocklike and naturally contoured in shell like formations endowing them with heavy load bearing capabilities. To visualise the inside of those caves a comparable earth construction could be the NFL soccer domes. They might evaluate in dimension with a number of the smaller caves however not one of the caves within the moon are fashioned in a selected form, sample, size, breadth or peak, and are fairly irregular in form. Floor terrain can be to a big extent irregular and variable.

Many floor crusts are made from a fabric often called lunar regolith. Lunar regolith transforms into translucent types by means of a course of referred to as agglutination when the regolith is subjected to excessive warmth. In lots of locations, components of the moon’s floor include translucent materials embedded within the moon’s outer crust. These surfaces enable a considerable diploma of daylight to penetrate into the caves. Most of this glass like floor materials has been naturally fashioned, thousands and thousands of years in the past. Amongst the translucent floor areas, there are additionally many areas of close to clear-glass transparency. Attributable to refraction of the daylight that penetrates into the caves, huge rainbow like coloration beams steadily seem in very many locations contained in the caves. Because of the vastness and the complexity of the spectrum of rainbow colours intermingling with one another, there’s a stunningly stunning visible impact contained in the caves. The glow from the moon’s outer floor when seen from contained in the caves, offers an extra dimension of magnificence for the visible enjoyment of the individuals of the moon.

The daylight that penetrates by means of the clear crust helps the expansion of vegetation within the caves to a considerable extent. Nonetheless daylight will not be the principle mild supply within the caves. The kinds of vegetation discovered within the moon are markedly completely different from those on earth. The vegetation generally seen within the caves are fairly brief and look very very like the miniature bushes, bushes and shrubs grown utilizing Japanese “Bonsai” methods.

Although the moon has no ambiance on the surface, the caves are stuffed with ‘air’ nicely suited to supporting the respiratory wants of life types. Surprisingly, 90% % of the moon’s inner ambiance includes oxygen which exceeds the corresponding oxygen proportion within the earth’s ambiance.

The individuals of the Moon are nicely conscious of the barren, austere situations and the life threatening risks on the moon’s floor. As very orderly and self-disciplined residents or as their brains have been programmed to take action, the individuals of the moon all the time steer clear of these egresses and by no means try and exit to discover the outer floor.

Much like the nice lakes in North America, there are huge lakes within the hole underground cave system. Nonetheless not like the nice lakes, the caves roofs over the lakes of the moon are supported by the pure array of vertical pillars protruding by means of the waters like a large cluster of Mangrove roots. The underside of the roof above the lakes and in addition the vertical pillars protruding by means of the waters are ‘coated’ by a gel like materials. This gel exhibits lots of the indicators of being a residing substance. It additionally emits mild and carries out the operate of ‘cleansing’ the moon’s ambiance by absorbing impurities which it assimilates as a nutrient. It rejects some a part of the absorbed impurities as balls of waste exited into the lakes. The waste in flip is eaten by the fish or absorbed by vegetation within the lakes. The reflection of the softly glowing gel on the water enhances the lighting within the space of the lakes. In any respect locations within the moon, the water within the lakes is clear, not salty and is suited to use straight for consuming. The waters of those lakes are nonetheless topic to huge tidal results. These are because of the fluctuation of the resultant of the gravitational tugs of the earth and the solar because the earth spinning by itself axis and carrying the moon in orbit in flip orbits the solar. Due to the low moon gravity, the tidal results are checked weakly and the water ranges rise and fall by a whole lot of toes. The tides drive the water to unfold a whole lot of miles alongside the huge underground areas thus wetting the dry areas of the caves in a cyclic sample. Due to these huge latitudinal and longitudinal fluctuations of water unfold, there are synthetic water stream formations all around the geological-structure of the moon. The streams of water movement over the cave surfaces and create enormous waterfalls at some locations. These waterfalls final for a lot of days and seem and disappear in a cyclic sample, following the tides.

The temperatures across the equatorial and mid latitude floor at daytime and within the evening are round 225oF and minus 298oF respectively. Because the moon day is roughly 28 earth days, heating and cooling of the moon’s surfaces impacts the within cave temperature considerably. The temperature distinction within the reverse aspect of the moon makes the air within the cave transfer from one space to the opposite creating complicated wind actions. When excessive pace wind flows throughout the vertical rock constructions, it makes gurgling sounds within the caves, leading to eerie or bizarre echo results. The blowing wind helps to mitigate the excessive humidity situations.

As is the case on the earth, the moon can be a habitat for mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, bugs and different life types. As direct daylight doesn’t fall into the caves in vital portions, the eyes of all creatures together with these of the people are naturally developed to own the frequent attributes of nocturnal animals. Much like the state of affairs on the earth, the animals in tropical areas and in very chilly areas of the moon have their very own evolutionary traits tailored to the precise atmosphere.

The evolutionary course of has produced many mild producing creatures within the caves. These creatures are generally discovered on lakes, on land and within the mountainous areas of the caves. Bioluminescent organisms within the moon are by no means just like these on earth. They’re much extra environment friendly mild producers. Individuals residing within the moon have discovered methods to advertise the expansion of bioluminescent organisms on a mass scale. Although not very vital by way of contribution, these organisms are a part of the sunshine sources. The moon individuals have been utilizing fireplace for hundreds of years for cooking and lighting. Man-made lamps and torches are used for illuminating the dwellings and public areas as an extra mild supply.

The lakes are the principle supporting supply sustaining life within the moon. The lakes help an array of residing organisms together with fish of varied varieties and a few small sized aquatic mammals additionally, like on the earth. Solely a restricted vary of water vegetation develop within the lakes and these are all present in all of the lakes within the moon. Essentially the most ample water plant selection resembles seaweeds, however could be very a lot thicker and stronger than the earth’s selection. These water vegetation which develop very quickly and proliferate in huge portions are the first supply of meals and nutrient for the moon individuals.

Nitrogen wealthy minerals that are an integral part of diet of all moon organisms and in addition assist in progress of the vegetation are recycled within the lakes by the cyclic tidal motion that happens. The moon individuals, course of the water vegetation manually to make their meals, numerous kinds of materials, constructing supplies, gasoline, building supplies and so on. Trial and error procedures and clever projections over hundreds of years have resulted within the improvement of methods for utilization of those supplies for a variety of makes use of. A kind of Algae similar to the blue inexperienced alga grows in abundance within the lakes. Unusually, the principal mechanism of the expansion of the moon’s algae will not be photosynthesis, however the aquatic organisms residing within the lakes.

The Social Habits of Moon Individuals

The social construction of moon individuals could be very vastly completely different to that of the individuals on the earth. They’re extraordinarily pleasant and socially predisposed to stay a type of neighborhood life. Although completely different personalities exist, conflicts are extraordinarily uncommon. They all the time have non-confrontational options to conditions the place seemingly opposing necessities come up and naturally reply to one another in such a way as to depart no room for battle. Moon individuals don’t appear to own something aside from a couple of private results.

Courting again to historical days, they’ve a calendar, a written language and their very own kind of artwork and music. All facets of the lives of moon persons are ruled by commonsense guidelines made identified to them by the elders. These guidelines have been taught to them verbally for generations and are usually launched throughout their childhood. Most governing rules have been in place for hundreds of years with out considerable change. These pointers have labored very nicely and are secular in nature and aren’t written down in any doc as such. Types of written books on numerous topics exist on the tutorial services, however there aren’t any books on guidelines for individuals to comply with or for reference. It appears as if they’ve been mind washed with all these concepts and behavioral patterns from their start.

The youngsters are nurtured in neighborhood primarily based facilities. The youngsters from the extent of infants are raised in these institutional facilities. These are the day care facilities, preschools, major, secondary, excessive colleges, faculties and analysis establishments within the moon; multi function single locality. Youngsters at these facilities deal with all adults with utmost respect relating to them as mentors and as no completely different from their mother and father.

A kind of frequent sense method is adopted by the moon individuals of their day after day affairs. This helps to maintain the concord and shut bonding of the neighborhood that they treasure very a lot. They all the time act on the precept of finishing up “What must be carried out?” at a selected second and interact themselves promptly on such duties moderately than wait for somebody to provide instructions. In situations, the place steerage is critical, it’s the elders who present it. Conflicts by no means come up amongst the elders who’re nicely acknowledged neighborhood leaders residing like bizarre individuals.The leaders respect one another’s seniority on the idea of their age or their information on a selected topic.

There has by no means been any conflict amongst the moon individuals. Phrases corresponding to battle and warfare don’t exist of their vocabulary. Their lack of range is symbolized by the truth that they’ve just one fashion of clothes. Their gown is of quite simple fashion protecting the complete physique together with the pinnacle, with face saved open. These garments carefully resemble the ceremonial Jedi robes seen within the Star Wars films. Males, ladies and all youngsters put on the identical kind of clothes. The colour is desert sand brown. The whole inhabitants talks the identical language. Women and men would not have hair on the pinnacle from start. However the males have beards, however no mustaches. They stroll in a swinging fashion, resembling chimpanzees strolling upright.

The whole cave dwelling system is made up of a really giant variety of cities. Neither cash nor different type of forex is used among the many moon individuals. There is no such thing as a want to make use of cash because of the manner the neighborhood is structured to function. Neither meals nor different generally used or consumable gadgets belong to anybody particularly however to all of the individuals, as was additionally set out within the well-known speech by the Native American or Purple Indian Chief “Seattle” of America.

Meals provides come straight from numerous water vegetation that develop within the lakes in abundance. The moon individuals devour a mixture of uncooked meals in addition to cooked meals. The flowers, seeds, leaves, stems and the bulbs of the water vegetation are their staple eating regimen. These meals comprise all of the proteins and different mandatory elements mandatory for wholesome residing.

Although a moon day is equal to 28 earth days, surprisingly, the organic day cycle of the moon individuals is 24 earth hours. This exhibits that their organic clock has nothing to do with the solar rise and solar set within the moon. Maybe the 24 hour time frame could also be a novel organic ‘interval of renewal’ that nature has given to all human species. Often moon individuals sleep about eight hours a day at “any time of comfort” and stay energetic throughout a lot of the remaining hours. The “time of comfort” varies for every particular person. On account of not having a selected day or evening time, there are all the time individuals awake and energetic the entire time. Due to this fact, all neighborhood primarily based actions happen on a regular basis and constantly with out stoppage. There aren’t any vacation methods practiced within the moon. Daily is a working day and each hour is an energetic hour. Each hour can be a sleeping hour to whoever wishes to think about it that manner.

Births and deaths are thought-about pure occasions in life and therefore emotional conditions on the ranges skilled on the earth are unknown within the moon. Burial of our bodies takes place a couple of hours after dying. The individuals, who occur to be the companions of the useless individual on the time of dying, get the help of others within the neighborhood to wrap the useless physique in cloth as in mummified our bodies and put together for its burial in an assigned space. There aren’t any eulogies. The moon individuals consider that each one individuals are equal and therefore don’t have any notion of excessive or low standing on this regard, aside from for the particular respect that they’ve for elders. No particular burial ceremonies exist even for elders. It’s the frequent perception that each one useless individuals go to heaven instantaneously after dying. Due to this ages outdated perception, the persons are usually pleased for the useless ones moderately than unhappy.

Not like on earth, no behavioral variations are discovered amongst individuals within the numerous localities. As a standard apply the overwhelming majority of individuals don’t reside at a set location. Residing in a selected locality will not be the routine apply and round 90% of the adults are on the transfer on a regular basis in teams of hundreds. That is very related in incidence to the migrations of herds of animals within the African continent however within the moon, migration is an ever ongoing occasion that by no means ends. The precise cause for this routine habits will not be identified. Coming down from the distant previous, the resident time at anybody place is fastened at an interval of fourteen earth days. After keep at one place for fourteen days, the journey continues on to the subsequent vacation spot. The interval of strolling to the subsequent vacation spot additionally lasts one other fourteen earth days thus equaling the variety of days of keep at a spot. On account of this specific strolling and staying sample, a lot of the metropolis facilities have naturally acquired established at equal distances aside. The cities are roughly 150 miles aside. Because the moon individuals stroll in related vogue to how Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, strolling appears to be a reasonably simple and enjoyable exercise. As soon as they’re in a metropolis, the members of a gaggle have the choice of deciding on their subsequent vacation spot metropolis. The adjoining cities are located in seven radiating instructions from every metropolis. For hundreds of years the teams have ritualistically dispersed in seven instructions for some cause not truly identified. Choosing the subsequent metropolis, and due to this fact the brand new route to proceed the journey are particular person selections. Due to this distinctive historical routine number of touring alongside the seven instructions all metropolis facilities have been located on the corners of a heptagonal interwoven spherical grid configuration. By concerning the sixth to eighth days into their intercity touring, every group meets others touring in the other way. When this occurs they greet one another, move gestures like “excessive fives”, share their meals, chit chat, nudge and push one another gently to have somewhat little bit of enjoyable and to bolster their togetherness.

All of the cities conduct ceremonial capabilities to welcome incoming guests and to bid farewell to the outgoing guests. As everyone both leaves a metropolis or reaches a brand new metropolis on a selected fastened day, these ceremonies are held at predetermined venues. Because the logistics stand, this ceremonial operate repeats on each fourteenth day in each metropolis middle. The day lengthy ceremonies create good assembly alternatives for the individuals.

As a startup occasion within the agenda of the ceremony, all grownup individuals devour a cocktail made from mushrooms. The recipe of this cocktail has been coming down from the traditional days and is identical in all of the cities. The moon individuals find it irresistible! The hallucinatory brokers within the cocktail in all probability transport the minds of the individuals into a special realm and assist them socialize, carry out dances and improve their internal bonding. Speculating on this additional, the cocktail drink stands out as the core impetus driving their propensity for intercity touring. The ‘vacationers’ are assured of the reward of a dream making cocktail as soon as each fourteen days in any respect the cities. Some individuals could also be unconsciously hooked on this! Nobody took this particular drink or any type of alcohol on the opposite days.

The ceremonies usually included enjoying of video games, beating of drums, singing, dancing, storytelling, eating and chit chat. The entire neighborhood actively took half within the ceremonies. The dances they carried out appeared like an enormous community of dance teams altering from one array to a different each few seconds, following very thoughtfully choreographed rhythmic patterns. This was carried out very skillfully and with many prospers. The individuals have been in bodily contact with one another throughout your entire dancing act. Vivid dancing patterns have been accompanied by applicable sound results. The songs that have been sung and the dances that have been carried out have been the identical at each metropolis middle of the moon the place these events have been held. These haven’t modified over the various hundreds of years previous, identical to the seasonal Christmas songs performed on the radio yearly.

On the day following the ceremony, the individuals who have been as a consequence of go away the town commenced their new journeys. Those that arrived at a selected metropolis acquired engaged within the chores that fashioned their web site duties. Those that journey carry solely the naked important gadgets together with the meals they want for the subsequent 14 days of journey. As a way of avoiding monotony and making it fascinating, strolling patterns of the ‘vacationers’ have been of various, rhythmic kinds and have been virtually all the time accompanied by applicable sound results. The particular side of “Fourteen days” journey and “Fourteen days” residence will not be a tough and quick rule of any variety, however it’s the apply that had come down from the previous hundreds of years. It might need one thing to do with half-moon day or the intervals of tidal waves that have been skilled. The put up ceremonial preparations have been so organized that each one who reached a metropolis understood what neighborhood capabilities they might have to be engaged in from the very subsequent day. Throughout their keep they attended to common neighborhood work corresponding to cooking, cleansing, farming, discipline work, gathering meals from lakes, attending to numerous neighborhood primarily based building works, instructing youngsters, day care work, and so on. No person gave them instructions as to what to do. However they sought out precisely what work was there to be carried out for the subsequent fourteen days.

When moon individuals moved from one metropolis to a different, the shifting group all the time combined with others who had arrived there from the opposite six instructions. At each new event, they all the time merged into new teams with out in search of to stick with their unique group. The blending up of teams was a steady course of that occurred at each metropolis middle. On account of mixing into teams and splitting their journeys into seven instructions at every metropolis middle, after a couple of years, it was all the time troublesome to search out one other individual from one’s unique group. This was not relevant on the particular person degree to a few a female and male as such {couples} all the time stayed collectively. By always shifting from one space to a different, the individuals have been uncovered to virtually your entire huge space of their habitat throughout their life time and in addition made them have the chance to intermingle with your entire midday inhabitants of round 2 million individuals. The common life span of moon individuals is over 100 earth years and this is likely to be because of the kind of meals they ate, the ritualistic strolling behavior they carry out for greater than half their life time and maybe the best affect is likely to be the lives free from battle and stress that they lead.

When as soon as a person and lady get collectively, their bond is maintained completely. If a baby is born, the mom stays with the newborn for 3 months. Throughout this time the newborn is normally breast fed by the mom or generally by different moms. Youngsters together with infants are introduced up in the neighborhood facilities. Therefore youngsters don’t develop social bonding to their mother and father. In reality no one is aware of who their mother and father are. The moon individuals laid a really sturdy emphasis on educating the kids and the kids are saved in the neighborhood training system till they attain 16 years of age. The youngsters be taught tutorial topics in addition to all home sensible work required for neighborhood actions. There are additionally chores that need to be carried out throughout non-study time. From a really early age, youngsters are assigned particular tasks. The chores are chosen suitably by neighborhood leaders with due regard to the age of the kid. The youngsters choose their very own names in the course of the faculty interval in accordance with their sole unbiased selection. Nonetheless the primary a part of the identify carries the identify of the town. As an illustration youngsters from the town of “Vaaadi” would have names like Vaaadi Tukuuu, Vaaadi Bekiii, Vaaadi Zukooo, and so on., – brief names however pronounced with an extended dragging accent. Written information of births or another kind of identification mechanism doesn’t exist.

The elders collectively believed that the individuals may nicely get alongside with out modernity. The moon individuals worth simplicity over consolation, comfort and leisure. Their life-style was primarily based on a deliberate steadiness of avoiding a pleasure world whereas sustaining self-sufficiency. The networks of elders who’ve the duty to take choices aren’t rulers of any variety.

The moon individuals had a novel system of beliefs. They presumed that each one the recollections that they keep in mind are borne by an exterior soul related to their bodily physique. So, they believed the soul was a separate entity from the physique and that this soul may transmigrate. They recognized the soul as their “Self”. They didn’t have an idea of God, not like the comparative state of affairs with many religions on earth. Nonetheless they firmly believed that the soul would immediately “Teleport” to a heaven instantly upon an individual’s dying. Additionally they believed that they might have youthful bodily our bodies once they took up their abode in heaven. They have been satisfied that heaven was a particularly stunning place of delight with very many enjoyable issues to do and go searching and revel in. They believed that when they have been in heaven, they might not age, fall ailing, really feel ache or have sorrowful emotions of any variety.

They believed that heaven was a neighborhood primarily based place with no chief, or elders, and that it had a social construction an identical to the one they loved within the moon. They didn’t have an idea of “Hell” and possibly didn’t have a phrase that means “sin” or any phrase with a that means even barely resembling it. Phrases corresponding to sin, cruelty, evil, jealousy, anger, crime, battle, aggression, warfare, and so on., have been completely unknown to the moon individuals.

From historical instances, by means of the clear areas of the moon’s crust the individuals of the moon had seen a wonderful planet like object within the sky. This was our earth. They believed that it was heaven (that means “pleasure place” of their language)… the place that they are going to be born in after their dying. This heaven was seen solely from sure cities of the moon. The whole moon inhabitants was conscious of this heaven from their faculty training and in addition from stories by individuals who had seen it. Like sure spiritual pilgrimages on earth, a part of the aim of the “moon individuals’s steady motion behavior” was to look at this heaven throughout their lifetime. Most individuals had seen the heaven once they arrived at cities from which it was seen. Nonetheless, it must be understood that the first objective of the motion behavior was to not fulfill a must see the heaven. The first objective of the routine journeying was actually not identified. Every time the moon individuals approached a spot from the place they may see this stunning heaven in area for the primary time, that they had the background information that attending to heaven was an occasion that may happen on the finish of their lifetimes. They have been due to this fact very excited and overwhelmed by it. Nonetheless, once they truly acquired to take a look at the item which was heaven they might glare at it for lengthy hours with out blinking because it was so totally stunning and pleasant to take a look at – like a glowing blue coloured gem hanging by itself. Simply taking a look at it gave them a way of deep achievement.

There have been outstanding philosophers, artists, poets, scientists and different students within the moon. They’ve contributed a wealth of advantages to the moon neighborhood by spreading their information and concepts. The outdated generations have saved the concord of the moon neighborhood intact. The elders within the moon at current have been considerably perturbed within the current previous with the current technology of kids, who search to specific their reasoning as to how they want to transfer ahead into the longer term. The elders have noticed tendencies of some people tending to deviate from the normal social system and making an attempt to undertake completely different residing kinds. However so far the elders have been in a position to handle such conditions and have managed to maintain the normal methods intact.

After the moon scientists developed electrical magnets and electromagnetic waves they didn’t know what to do with their new discovery. However as issues occurred within the earth’s historical past, generally accidents result in discoveries. As an unintended discovery, the scientists within the moon discovered that when electromagnetic devices have been energized, they triggered a bodily disturbance of close by mud particles. The main scientist who had invented the system directed the waves in direction of the moon’s floor with the concept of checking the impact on the moon mud mendacity on the clear space of the moon’s crust. The moon mud protecting skinny clear surfaces was seen to be getting cleared. Although it didn’t yield excellent transparency of the moon’s crust, this was a giant success. By experimenting additional on this they realized that electromagnetic waves may assist them to clear the mud on prime of the clear sections of the moon’s floor. Upon the invention of a mechanism for eradicating the mud on the moon’s floor, the elders of the town gave their blessings to proceed additional with these experiments. Within the metropolis of Daaadi the ceremony that was carried out each 14 days, acquired an extra characteristic now. This was the demonstration of their new tools that cleared the mud on the floor crust of the moon. The scientist who invented it demonstrated the aptitude of his invention to the amazement and delight of all of the individuals. They may now see extra of outer area. Some individuals repeatedly seen this demonstration whereas others didn’t present a lot curiosity.

Can the individuals on the earth ever hint their radio indicators or discover that there are individuals on the moon?

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