Penis Bumps From Seborrheic Keratosis Are Benign

“Uh-oh! What’s that?” This can be a sentence no man desires to utter whereas conducting a routine penis well being inspection-or even when simply occurring to look at his tools within the mirror-but it is one which does come up sometimes. Typically, the aberration that causes this exclamation is because of the discovery of recent penis bumps that had not beforehand blessed his penis. There might be quite a few causes for the arrival of recent penis bumps, and luckily a lot of them are benign – that’s, innocent (even when in some circumstances unattractive). For example, often, bumps could also be seborrheic keratosis, which do not win prizes for his or her bodily magnificence, however which don’t point out a sexually transmitted an infection (STI) or different penis well being downside.

About seborrheic keratosis

Okay, so they don’t seem to be harmful – that is good. However they mar an in any other case good-looking penis, so what ought to a man learn about them?

Effectively, “seborrheic” signifies that it’s associated to the sebaceous glands. These are glands discovered all around the physique and secrete an oily or waxy matter. Some males are already accustomed to sebaceous glands as a result of they’re the supply of Fordyce spots – tiny little white or clear bumps that may seem on the pores and skin of the penis and the balls. (They’re utterly innocent.) “Keratoses” refers to growths of keratin, which Wikipedia tells us is the “key structural materials making up hair, nails, claws, hooves, and the outer layer of human pores and skin.” So, seborrheic keratoses are principally growths made up of oily or waxy keratin.


Though this text is anxious with seborrheic keratosis showing as penis bumps, they will seem anyplace on the physique; in truth, they seem much less generally on the penis than on the torso or face. They range in colour from mild tan to brown to black. Once they first seem, they are usually small little bumps, however they progressively thicken and turn out to be elevated. Typically as they develop, they tackle a warty look, inflicting some males to worry they’ve genital warts – however they don’t seem to be warts. They vary in dimension from tiny to a couple of inch, with most tending to be round a quarter- or half-inch. They’re generally mistaken for indicators of pores and skin most cancers, however once more, they’re really benign.

Seborrheic keratoses are extra frequent in fairer-skinned folks, and likewise extra prone to happen when an individual reaches center age or older (though they will happen at youthful ages).


Apart from an occasional itchiness, seborrheic keratoses do not trigger a lot hassle; nevertheless, they might get irritated when the penis rubs towards clothes or surfaces. As well as, as a result of they do resemble genital warts or cancerous growths, many males could want to have them eliminated. There are a number of typical strategies of removing, together with:

– Cryosurgery, during which they’re frozen off, very like frequent warts

– Curettage, during which particular instruments are used to scrape the very floor of the pores and skin

– Ablation, during which a laser is used to vaporize the issue

– Electrocautery, during which {an electrical} present burns the expansion away

Typically a physician could use a mix of those strategies to take away the keratoses.

Recognizing new penis bumps, whether or not attributable to seborrheic keratoses or different causes, demonstrates {that a} man is training good penis care, and so he’s hopefully already utilizing a top-drawer penis well being creme (well being professionals advocate Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically confirmed delicate and secure for pores and skin) regularly. Care needs to be taken in choosing a cream, one which accommodates each a high-end emollient (corresponding to shea butter) and a pure hydrator (corresponding to vitamin E). These components mix to create a “moisture lock” that helps maintain delicate penis pores and skin effectively hydrated and guarded. Additional safety is offered if the cream additionally accommodates alpha-lipoic acid, a robust antioxidant that helps scale back the hazards of oxidative stress to penis pores and skin.

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