Oil Palm Male Flower

Can BioEnrich resolve oil palm bushes from producing male flower drawback?

At present, there’s a rising development of oil palm tree producing male flower. This phenomenon is changing into extra frequent and problematic. It brought on a big drop of yield and decreased farmers’ revenue as a result of male flower doesn’t produce any fruit bunch. Over the previous 40 years, this drawback just isn’t prevalent. Why this phenomenon is getting frequent? Is there any resolution to counter this drawback?

An oil palm tree produces extra male flower for a easy cause. It doesn’t get sufficient vitamins as wanted. Tree is a residing object, and it reacts in line with the issues encountered. Because the tree can not get adequate nutrient from its present rooting system, soil situation or total setting issue to provide fruit bunch, it is going to accordingly “hand over” and begins producing male flower.

Male flower phenomenon occurs within the scenario stipulated as beneath:

i) Acidic and harden soil – Whereas acidic soil can cease root improvement, harden soil will block root hair from vitamins consumption. Moreover, harden soil can not hold water. Because of this, bushes are usually not getting satisfactory water and vitamins.

ii) Hilly land – Usually soil erosion is in depth in slopes and terrain in comparison with undulating and flat land. All fertilizer utilized will simply flushed away by rain water if no measures are taken to forestall or management soil erosion at steeply sloping land. This brought on the soil “unfertilized”. In addition to, slope land normally can not retain water. An important factor for an oil palm tree to develop wholesome is the standard of soil and water the place they’re put in. If the tree doesn’t get sufficient water for weeks or months, it is going to produce male flower.

iii) Good oil palm bushes have massive tree trunks and may generate greater yield. Sadly, when soil has already been depleted of its pure vitamins and micro-organisms, the tree will produce male flower. The issue arises not due to the species, however the soil situation. You need to all the time arrange an excellent soil situation in order that this “massive eater” species can eat sufficient vitamins and produce extra fruit bunch.

iv) Replanting land. Coconut and oil palm belongs to the identical household they usually require related vitamins for progress. If the identical crop or the same sort belonging to the identical household is grown in the identical land for a protracted interval, it is going to endure from the amassed pests and illnesses from the earlier crop(s) and will not develop properly. This can lead to soil issues. When a tree lack of few important hint parts, the tree progress shall be affected and thus male flower is produced. This defined why all virgin land has no critical male flower points.

Male flower just isn’t a illness. It only a symptom mirrored by the bushes. When the standard of soil situation and water is improved, this phenomenon will subsequently diminish. The subsequent technology is primary intuition of all residing issues on the planet, a residing won’t merely sacrifice it capability for subsequent technology offered the mom life just isn’t in hurt. That is simply the rule of nature.

Conclusion: BioEnrich in a position to enhanced soil fertility and restoring soil ph naturally, thus is ready to resolve oil palm from producing male flower.


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