Muscle Gain Secrets From The Man With 23 Inch Biceps

I used to be flipping by an outdated muscle journal final night time and noticed an image of Invoice Pettis.

For those who do not acknowledge the title, Invoice Pettis was a bodybuilder who constructed himself fairly probably the biggest arms of his period.

Rumor has it they measured 23 and 1/Four inches. (I say rumor has it as a result of no one actually is aware of if arm measurements are correct since most bodybuilders are vulnerable to inflating the reality only a bit.)

However even should you do not imagine the numbers, the images do not lie. Any manner you slice it his arms have been HUGE.

And robust too. He might curl 225 kilos and will use a whopping 340 kilos within the standing triceps press.

However what actually caught my eye was how he ate:

Whereas most bodybuilders nonetheless swear by the six meals a day technique, Invoice ate simply two meals per day. He’d eat round 3-Four eggs per day and a hefty portion of bacon, steak, fish, hen, greens and a few fruit.

For dietary supplements, he’d have some protein powder, brewer’s yeast and in addition desiccated liver tablets.

His coaching was excessive quantity — he’d do dozens of units of heavy barbell curls, together with loads of triceps work. The truth is, he’d do about twice as a lot triceps work as he did biceps workouts.

The explanation? The triceps accommodates extra muscle than the biceps muscle group so by working the triceps you’ll be able to enhance general arm measurement quicker.

You won’t have the ability to construct 23 inch biceps like Invoice Pettis however by following the ideas on this article you can also enhance your arm measurement and begin stretching out your t-shirt sleeves.

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