Mind-Brain Duality As Wave-Particle Duality

I do not know of the validity of the next hypothesis, however I assumed I’d simply throw it out into the ether and see the way it resonates.

Two of the true biggies in terms of 1) physics, and a pair of) neurology / psychology are 1) wave – particle duality, and a pair of) thoughts – mind (or physique) duality. May the previous help in explaining the latter? If particles can flip into waves, can brain-matter flip into brain-waves and thus a manifestation of what we name the thoughts?

Let’s outline the ‘immaterial’ or the ‘non-physical’ as one thing that falls exterior of our regular perceptions inherent in our commonplace organic sensory equipment. For instance, almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum (i.e. – radio waves), magnetic fields, ultra-high or low frequency ‘sounds’, and so forth. Whereas that is perhaps true in a restricted sense, it isn’t totally true since we now have technological sensory devices that may detect what’s ‘immaterial’ or ‘non-physical’ to our organic sensory devices. Anyway, by this definition, our thoughts (or soul, psyche, essence, persona, consciousness, self-awareness, and so forth.) is ‘immaterial’ or ‘non-physical’ since you’ll be able to’t see, hear, style, contact or scent your thoughts or the minds of others. Your thoughts lies exterior of your commonplace organic sensory equipment. So is your thoughts like radio waves or one thing else (or nothing else) totally?

Your commonplace 5 senses detects no matter facets of actuality exterior to your mind (that features your physique) it could actually, albeit with inherently construct in limitations – your senses can’t detect that you’re barely radioactive for instance. A part of what your 5 commonplace senses can’t detect is your thoughts. But clearly you’ll be able to detect your thoughts, your consciousness, your self-awareness (“I believe, due to this fact I’m”). So, I conclude that there have to be some kind of sensory equipment inside your mind which detects your thoughts*. The $64,000 query is what truly is the mind’s sensory mechanism(s) or construction(s) for sensing or detecting the thoughts?

Nevertheless, very like your commonplace 5 senses, this ‘sixth sense’ inherent inside your mind additionally shuts down whenever you fall asleep. Once you sleep you haven’t any consciousness of your thoughts, no consciousness, no self-awareness, no sense of self-identity, similar to you haven’t any sense of slight, of style, of scent, of sound or of contact beneath unusual circumstances (i.e. – a loud clap of thunder would possibly register and wake you up again right into a state of consciousness).

If the mind can detect the thoughts, then the thoughts must be composed of or encompass a one thing, albeit a one thing that our regular externally oriented senses could not detect – like radio waves or the physique’s radioactivity. Now the mind itself is normally stimulated by the senses by what are referred to as electro-chemical alerts or electrical impulses (i.e. – particles) and are measured as ‘mind waves’ by an electroencephalogram (EEG). There is a conversion between the electro-chemical alerts or electrical impulses that’s mind exercise and the ensuing wave nature of the EEG readout based mostly upon that instrumentation. The EEG instrumentation is a sensory mechanism that detects mind exercise. So there isn’t any query on this case of the corresponding particle-to-wave nature. Now does the mind present its personal organic or neurological instrumentation to detect the very waves it should produce or create if the wave – particle duality inherent in quantum physics is right? Nicely since your mind detects your thoughts, the reply should clearly be “sure”.

However are these mind waves indicators of what we name manifestations of the thoughts? You exhibit mind waves 24/7/52 – even whenever you sleep – however then too your thoughts has to exist even whenever you sleep even when you’re not conscious of it since you may have consciousness of a thoughts earlier than you fall asleep and instantly after you get up from sleep. For those who exhibit no ‘mind waves’ then you might be clinically lifeless.

So is the thoughts a wave phenomenon akin to water waves or strain waves (i.e. – sound) or electromagnetic waves? Simply because a wave is a one thing doesn’t suggest that every one waves will be detected by the organic sensory equipment all of us have, and so these waves we won’t detect we are able to label as ‘immaterial’ or ‘non-physical’ (i.e. – radio waves) and we have already famous you’ll be able to’t detect the thoughts with our 5 senses. However the mind can each detect waves and provides off waves for the reason that mind’s electro-chemical alerts or electrical impulses are particles and everyone knows about wave – particle duality.

With the entire quite a few electro-chemical alerts or electrical impulse actions happening within the mind, all producing mind waves of 1 type or one other, you are sure to get a lot of wave-interference patterns. Hypothesis: differing wave-interference patterns correspond to differing psychological (thoughts) states no two of that are ever completely similar. Just like the detector display within the quantum double-slit experiment, your mind is the detector and may interpret what these ever altering wave-interference patterns signify and thus you understand what state your thoughts is in.

So do we’ve got a parallel between thoughts – mind duality and wave – particle duality? The mind consists of the particles; the thoughts consists of the waves. However what kind of waves (and related wavelengths / frequencies)? The reply likely is throughout the realm of electromagnetic waves.

So electro-chemical and electrical impulse particles half and parcel of mind exercise can present itself as wave (mind wave) exercise and a few particular construction(s) within the mind can detect these waves (like your eyes can detect seen mild waves) and convert and collate them again into electrical alerts which your mind interprets because the thoughts similar to different components of your mind detects sight through your eyes and optic nerve (albeit I am positive that is an enormous oversimplification).

The conversion of electro-chemical and electrical impulse particles to waves occurs after all all around the physique however there isn’t any wave detector(s) within the non-brain components of your physique to register and interpret them. Due to this fact the thoughts is simply related to the mind and never say with the liver and even the center (regardless of tons and many mythology on the contrary). The guts simply pumps blood – that is it.

One upshot of all of that is that if a few of our brain-generated electromagnetic waves leak exterior of our skulls on some uncommon events, then by probability, albeit extraordinarily hardly ever, others may decide up on these and naturally the reverse is true too – telepathy anybody? Nevertheless, it could be extraordinarily uncommon similar to you may have a radio that may tune into 10,000 stations, and there occur to be 10,000 stations however just one is broadcasting. What odds your radio would simply occurred to be tuned to simply that lone station? Additional, the usual inverse-square regulation would recommend that any brain-generated wave alerts you is perhaps broadcasting would dilute fairly quickly to under threshold detection ranges.

*The mind can detect the thoughts (assuming you wish to differentiate the 2) – however then once more (when you do not want to differentiate the 2), how can the mind detect the mind when the mind can be finishing up a lot of actions you (i.e. – your mind) have completely no consciousness of in any respect?

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