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Maui Moisture Hair Products

I assumed I used to be being paranoid. However every time I’m in Melbourne (Australia), my hair drops extra at any time when I wash it.

Initially, I used to be all the time inclined to pin it right down to the shampoo I exploit. However that didn’t make sense as a result of it occurs even once I use the identical shampoo (as I exploit in Singapore).

Then it occurred to me that it may very well be the water – the different variable.

What Precisely is Onerous Water?

As I study, water from rainfall is of course delicate. It will get arduous because it travels by means of the bottom, selecting up minerals like calcium and magnesium and finally contributing to the ‘hardness’ of the water.

Pure water from rainfall is often too salty to be consumed and must be handled.

Hardness of water is the measure of calcium ions, in addition to different ions comparable to magnesium, iron and manganese.

Onerous water, whereas usually tastes higher than delicate water, must be handled for the consequences that it has on family home equipment, improve in vitality consumption, construct up of scum within the bathtub or in between tiles.

Singapore’s handled water is reasonably delicate and secure to drink from the faucet.

The water in Melbourne, whereas secure to be consumed straight from the faucet, doesn’t lather as effectively with cleaning soap (notably the dishwashing liquid I’m utilizing). It doesn’t matter whether or not the cleaning soap accommodates SLS or not.

Why does this trouble me? When the cleaning soap doesn’t lather, I really feel the cleaning soap doesn’t appear to do its correct job of cleansing no matter I need to clear, making me use extra cleaning soap than what I most likely want.

In reality as I’m penning this, I discover there’s already a construct up of ‘yellowish residue’ on the underside of the new kettle I simply purchased. Sigh!

When Is It Protected to Use Onerous Water?

This isn’t a publish on results of arduous water however I assumed it’ll be good to know what the ‘secure degree of hardness’ is.

Apparently, as a common rule, with a view to minimise the undesirable build-up of scale in sizzling water techniques, the overall hardness (as calcium carbonate – CaCO3) in consuming water is often saved beneath 200 mg/L.

I discovered that the hardness degree in Melbourne’s water is about 15-29 mg/L. Whereas that appears reassuring, I nonetheless see the consequences in my kettle, the final use of cleaning soap and maybe my hair?

Some individuals might discover that onerous water makes their hair seems boring after wash.

For me, I discover my hair principally stiff and form of ‘caught collectively’ after I wash it and may hardly be combed, notably when it’s nonetheless moist.

iRestore Hair Growth ShampooNonetheless, I discover that there’s a distinction once I use the iRestore Hair Progress Shampoo in comparison with one other shampoo that I purchased from Priceline.

The explanation I purchased the Maui shampoo is as a result of the entire vary of Maui Moisture Hair Merchandise caught my consideration.

I purchased the one for weak, brittle hair and I used to be obsessed on the elements used within the shampoo, that features aloe vera juice, neem oil, castor oil and even coconut oil – all nice for hair.


Maui Moisture Hair Products

My intention in utilizing each shampoos is to see if there’s any distinction in utilizing these shampoos with arduous water.


I’ve been utilizing the iRestore shampoo since December and I really feel that my hair is smoother (even with the arduous water).

That is in distinction to utilizing the Maui shampoo when my hair tends to really feel course after wash. With contents like coconut oil, castor oil and neem oil, I anticipate my hair texture to be smoother although. However that’s not the case.

The iRestore shampoo tends to lather simpler, maybe due to its SLS content material. As anticipated the Maui shampoo doesn’t lather as simply owing to the truth that it’s SLS-free.

How About Hair Loss?

I imagine that since I’ve been utilizing the iRestore Hair Progress Shampoo for about three months now, I am starting to see its advantages in that it has decreased my hair loss.

As I run fingers by means of my hair, I see solely about 5 strands on my hand (though there are nonetheless about 15 to 20 strands of hair misplaced proper after wash).

I’ve to emphasise, nevertheless, that this discount may be as a result of having a holistic therapy from iRestore Hair Progress System that additionally contains the ‘helmet’, serum and dietary supplements.

Utilizing the Maui shampoo, I discover there’s extra hair loss as I run fingers by means of my hair…undoubtedly greater than after utilizing iRestore shampoo.


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