Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo Review

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo Review


OFPMA (a proprietary molecule that coats hair to assist take away the powder, grime, and oil); rice starch and cellulose (take up oil); zeolite (traps odor); hydrated silica (soaks up sweat); time-release fragrances (make hair odor clear all day)


This mist undoubtedly tends to look white in darkish hair, so maintain it far out of your head; it has a contemporary, floral scent and, as one tester stated, “would not depart my hair feeling coated and usually icky, like I am Karl Lagerfeld powdered.”


It doesn’t matter what exercise (or variety of lazy, showerless weekend days) you have endured, this dry shampoo will make your hair look and odor clear. Here is how that is all attainable: When the spray hits your hair, a proprietary polymer referred to as OFPMA creates a weightless, invisible protect round every strand. As soon as that is in place, a crew of powders will get to work: Rice starch and cellulose take up oil, a honeycomb-shaped construction referred to as zeolite traps odors, and hydrated silica soaks up perspiration. With a typical dry shampoo, that might be the top of the story—however on this case, issues are simply beginning to get fascinating. The OFPMA protect beneath all the opposite substances makes the floor of the hair slick (assume fried egg sliding out of a Teflon pan). So whenever you brush out the powder after about 5 minutes (the corporate says 30 seconds is sufficient, however we beg to vary), the particles loaded with sebum, sweat, and odor are swept away with it. “Common dry shampoos depart behind the identical texture in hair: oil-soaked powder increase on the roots,” says beauty chemist Jim Hammer. “That is essentially the most modern method I’ve seen as a result of after it soaks up the grease and sweat, all of these now-bloated substances get brushed out—whereas a couple of weightless ones are left behind to clean hair and remove odor. It is very cool chemistry.”

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Better of Magnificence Breakthrough 2015; Readers’ Alternative Breakthrough 2016


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