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List of facial hairstyles - Wikipedia

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Easy illustration of assorted kinds of facial hair

This can be a non exhaustive listing of facial hairstyles.

Moustache kinds[edit]

A moustache is outlined as any facial hair grown particularly on the higher lip. There are numerous various kinds of moustache, however all differentiate between hair grown completely on the higher lip and hair grown on different elements of the face (which might make the facial hair a beard).

Identify Picture Description
Fu Manchu YU-HAUNGDONG-1920.jpeg A skinny, slim, moustache that grows downward in two very lengthy tendrils from the higher lip, with the tapered, pointed ends hanging previous the jawline. It’s just like the horseshoe moustache, however differentiated by the chin and cheeks space being clean shaven with the lip tendrils overhanging them.[1] The moustache is called after Fu Manchu, a fictional Chinese language master-criminal created by Sax Rohmer in 1911, whose portrayal in print and movie media established the type.
English moustache Lieut. Richard Dowse of the Queensland Volunteer Rifles (5168600872).jpg A large moustache that will get slim on the perimeters, however is usually straight.
Handlebar moustache The Handlebar (Moustache) Club - LONDON - 07-03-2013 cropped.jpg A moustache which has its ends grown for much longer and sometimes flared out. That is normally accentuated by styling the hair with a product resembling hair gel or moustache wax. Often, the ends are worn in loops.
Imperial moustache Major William Oswald Hodgkinson (5168600878).jpg A moustache just like the handlebar, however curls and is mostly thicker. It was used as a class by WBMA.
Dali moustache Dali Allan Warren Slim moustache that factors upwards. Named after Salvador Dalí.[2]
Chevron moustache Ron Jeremy mod.jpg A moustache that covers the realm between vermilion border and nostril, and extends to the perimeters of higher lips, however no additional.
Pyramid moustache A moustache just like the chevron moustache however straight as an alternative of curvy, giving a unfastened resemblance a triangle.[3]
Lampshade moustache A moustache just like the Pyramid moustache however steeper, thus resembling a trapezoid.[3]
Painter’s brush An intermediate of chevron moustache and pyramid moustache, its prime is spherical, however the backside is straight.[3]
Horseshoe moustache Hulk Hogan July 2010 - cropped.jpg A full moustache with ends that reach down in parallel straight strains past the higher lip and all the way down to the jawline. It’s just like the standard goatee, aside from the clean-shaven chin, and resembles a horseshoe or an inverted U.
Pencil moustache John Waters at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.JPG A pencil moustache is a skinny line of hair, normally simply above the road of the higher lip. It’s speculated to look slim sufficient to have been drawn on with a pencil (or eyeliner). Typically a person sporting a pencil moustache will shave the realm above it to intensify the remaining hair. Related skinny moustaches are generally favored by scuba divers as a result of the moustache doesn’t intrude with the diving masks sealing in opposition to the pores and skin.
Toothbrush moustache Charlie face.JPG This can be a slim however tall moustache which typically doesn’t prolong past the perimeters of the nostril, and extends to the higher lip. Any such facial hair resembles a small brush like a toothbrush, the place the “bristles” are connected to the underside of the nostril, which was as soon as thought comical.

Charlie Chaplin was the primary well-known man to sport this look, and his reputation circa 1915 made the toothbrush type modern worldwide within the early 20th century. Nonetheless, Adolf Hitler’s adoption of the type from 1919 onward finally led to a definite affiliation between the type and the German Nazi chief. Resultantly dubbed the “Hitler moustache” within the public consciousness, the type light from reputation after 1939 and was almost extinct after World Battle II.

Walrus moustache Klaus Berka cropped.jpg The walrus moustache is characterised by whiskers which can be thick, bushy, and droop over the mouth. The type resembles the whiskers of a walrus, therefore the title.
Hungarian moustache Adam Halliday, ca. 1904 (4050604821).jpg Huge bushy moustache that extends to the perimeters. It was used as a class by WBMA.

Beard kinds[edit]

The easy time period beard is an umbrella time period which may embrace any type of facial hair that is not clear shaven or only a moustache.

Goatee kinds[edit]

Identify Picture Description
Goat patch Serj Tankian small.jpg Facial hair rising from the chin instantly beneath the mouth. That is meant to resemble the hair on the chin of a goat. Additionally referred to as a “chin puff” or “chin strip”. (Additionally see: goatee.)
Goatee Alberto firma.png A beard type incorporating hair on the chin however not the cheeks. Historically, the time period referred to a method together with solely the hair on the decrease jaw across the mouth, however has turn out to be a blanket time period to confer with any type incorporating hair on the chin however not the cheeks, together with these with integrated moustaches.
The Zappa[4][5] Frank Zappa 1973 2.JPG The Zappa type consists of a large soul patch and full moustache that extends barely downward previous the corners of the mouth. Named for American musician Frank Zappa.
Balbo Italo Balbo zoom.jpg An prolonged model of the Van Dyke which wraps across the mouth, with the ends of the moustache (and generally additionally the jawline) flared out past the strains that hook up with the chin. Named for Italian Marshal of the Air Pressure Italo Balbo. This type was widespread amongst 19th- and early 20th-century German collegiates and navy officers.
Anchor beard Robert Downey, Jr. 2012.jpg Anchor is one other variant of t-beard, however in contrast to the Balbo beard, it is trimmed to resemble an anchor.
Soul patch HowieMandelM07 crop.jpg A soul patch is grown slightly below the decrease lip, however doesn’t develop previous the chin (i.e., goat patch). This facial coiffure is usually grown slim and generally made right into a spike. The stereotypical picture of a 1960s beatnik typically features a soul patch. Howie Mandel (pictured) is a notable modern-day man recognized for sporting a soul patch.
Van Dyke beard Augustins - Portrait du peintre espagnol Matías Moreno - Charles Durand dit Carolus-Duran P1652 (close-up).jpg The Van Dyke type is a sort of goatee wherein the chin hair is disconnected from the moustache hair. Typically the 2 patches are formed and styled independently of one another, generally with the chin being made right into a slim oval form and the moustache flared out like a Handlebar type. This type is typically conflated with the “French Beard”, which has a fuller chin beard.

Partial beard kinds[edit]

Identify Picture Description
Chin curtain Abraham Lincoln November 1863.jpg A full beard with no moustache or neck hair, generally referred to as a “lion’s mane.”
Chinstrap beard Passport photo of man with chinstrap beard.jpg Sideburns that are related to one another by a slim line of hair alongside the jaw, resembling a helmet strap harnessed to at least one’s chin.
Designer stubble (additionally referred to as 5 o’clock shadow) Shahi.jpg A stubble is any size of hair which is lengthy sufficient to be seen, however brief sufficient to not totally cowl the pores and skin beneath. This contributes to a picture {that a} man is wherever between relaxed and informal to raveled and unclean.

The time period five-o’clock shadow refers to stubble which may be very brief, apparently only some hours’ development (as it could take a look at 5 PM after a person shaved that morning).

Pleasant muttonchops Ambrose Everett Burnside.jpg Muttonchops that are related by a moustache, however no chin hair (which might make it a full beard).[6]
Circle beard Kingsley Fletcher.- Imageedit 11 9816961195.jpg A goatee wherein the moustache is allowed to hook up with the hair on the chin.
Mutton chops Jules Emile Péan. Photograph by Reutlinger. Wellcome V0028184.jpg A extra elaborate development of sideburns which additionally develop bigger towards the chin, resembling a mutton chop (minimize of meat with a bone protruding). An English type that grew to become fashionable with some within the US by the early 1800s.[7]
Neckbeard John Adams Dix.jpg A beard which doesn’t embrace any hair on the face, however consists of the hair of the neck, or below the jaw, or each. Standard within the 19th century, wearers included Jefferson Davis, Joseph Dalton Hooker, Richard Wagner, Henry David Thoreau, Horace Greeley, and Alpheus Felch.
Shenandoah Amish Man in straw hat, suspenders, and shenandoah beard.jpg A fuller model of the chin curtain wherein solely the moustache is shaved, permitting the hair on the neck to develop out. The Shenandoah type was widespread within the 19th century in Europe and North America, and is usually related to the Amish group.
Sideburns Subhashish Panigrahi - Kolkata 2013-03-14 5561.JPG Initially referred to as “Burnsides”, sideburns are the patch of hair in entrance of the ears which connects a beard to the hair of 1’s head. Any extension past a easy nook angle on the entrance aspect of the pinnacle is taken into account to be a sideburn, although they’ll vary broadly in measurement from brief and neatly cropped to the distinctly large “muttonchops” of Ambrose Burnside (who gave the time period its authentic title).
Sidewhiskers Chester A. Arthur by Ole Peter Hansen Balling.JPG Associated to sideburns and muttonchops, however significantly extra excessive. Traditional sidewhiskers grasp effectively under the jawline. They might be related by way of a moustache, as on this image of Chester A. Arthur, however this isn’t at all times the case (just like the scenario with customary and pleasant mutton chops).

Full-beard kinds[edit]

A full-beard which exhibits full, unmodified development on all accessible areas of the face and neck, together with the moustache, chin, sideburns, and cheeks.

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