Legend of Princess Oyanka – Nicaragua

It was in regards to the yr 1550 within the Valley of Sebaco, within the Spanish province of Nicaragua, whose title in nahuatl “Cihuacuatl” means Serpent Lady, a nation of Matagalpa Indians below the management of the cacique Yamboa lived.

Among the many animals they hunted for meals have been the turkey, quail, agouti, guardatinaja (a species of agouti specific to Nicaragua) and deer. Insofar as metals have been involved, they obtained and labored with gold, given its malleability and wonder. That they had found deposits of this valuable steel in a cave within the mountains north of their settlement. It’s believed that this cave was related one cave on the shore of Rio Grande with a cave close to Esteli. They jealously guarded this secret, particularly once they grew to become conscious that the Spaniards have been on the lookout for gold with unrestrained ambition.

When incursions of troopers below the Spanish crown started arriving, the “Cacique” (chieftain) cordially acquired them. In the meantime, the Spaniards found that some feminine relations of the Cacique displayed necklaces containing gold nuggets the scale of tamarind seeds. Quickly, they obtained some small nuggets by way of flattery and others by buying and selling flashy fabric and different objects, corresponding to iron knives.

The Cacique supplied items of gold nuggets to the Spanish king; the legend speaks of a number of leather-based luggage of filled with gold nuggets. For that reason, they’re known as royal tamarinds. This reward solely resulted in awakening the ambition of the conquistadores, who arrived extra aggressively the subsequent time and erected a protecting shelter or garrison for the troopers very close to the Indian settlement. The Indians resented being compelled at hand over the gold. This resulted in some skirmishes and deaths on each side.

In the meantime, in Cordoba, Spain, there lived a household whose father, Joseph Lopes de Cantarero, a lieutenant within the Spanish Armada, had been despatched to a Nicaraguan province and had been reported killed in a area referred to as Cihuacoatl in fight with the Indians dwelling in that space. The information arrived a number of months later to the peninsula. When his widow, Mar’a Tinoco de Alburquerque, acquired the notification, their son, Jose, was a mere 13 years outdated. She couldn’t foresee a future for him with the lack of his father’s wage. She made the choice to take her son to a Franciscan monastery that was close to their home. She spoke with Fray Domingo Caceres and succeeded in having Jose admitted to the monastery to check with hopes that he would eventual turn into a priest.

Jose was each congenial and sensible. Throughout these years, he realized Latin, Geography, Historical past, Public Talking, Holy Scripture and Theology. With only some months left previous to his ordination, the anxious youth determined that the priesthood was not his vocation. He was bold. He needed to go to the place the place his father had died and search out adventures in that mysterious land, identified at the moment because the West Indies.

He remembered that when he was little, his mom had taken him to the port of Cadiz to go away messages for his father there when he was serving the crown in America. Now that he was nineteen years outdated, he took benefit of a certified go to to his mom to admit to her that he wouldn’t return to the monastery and that he needed to do one thing of which he all the time dreamed. It will require a number of modifications of course and a few years earlier than there could be information of him being a profitable man. His mom cried, however lastly blessed him and despatched him on his approach.

He collected extra details about his father and as a substitute of returning to the monastery, he went to the port of Cadiz. There, he sought out a ship going to America. He discovered one touring to Cartagena of the Indies and satisfied the captain that he was a friar who may supply spiritual companies to the crew, in addition to the Lord’s safety through the voyage.

Jose embarked in direction of the New World. Arriving in Cartagena of the Indies, he waited two weeks earlier than catching one other boat to a small port referred to as David. He crossed the Darien isthmus en route in direction of Panama. There, he took one other boat going to the port of l. a. Posesi-n de El Realejo, within the small province of Nicaragua. Arriving in Leon, he stayed there for just a few months. There, he left behind the priesthood and celebrated his twentieth birthday.

He inquired about enlisting as a clerk for the garrison coming to Sebaco. He discovered one which was coming from Muimui and enlisted with them. He arrived in Sebaco and requested permission to stay because it was some of the vital ports [during the rainy season].

After having located himself and investigating the historical past and native situations, he came upon that his father, Lieutenant Joseph Lopes de Cantarero, had died as a result of a captain of the title of Alonso had snatched items of gold from a few of the Indian girls. The Indians retaliated by killing a few of the troopers that the captain had ordered to guard him. It was this bold captain that compromised his troops, ensuing within the lack of the lieutenant and a number of other troopers. Jose investigated this captain’s destiny and located that he had beforehand perished in trying to forcefully uncover the sources of the gold.

Within the meantime, Jose tried to befriend these near the Cacique. Being an astute and educated youth, he discovered a method to turn into acquainted with the Cacique’s daughter, Oyanka. He spent a number of months making an attempt to determine this relationship, to study the language of the Matagalpa Indians and to show her Spanish.

As each have been younger and charming, they fell in love. She was seventeen, with bronze pores and skin, amber eyes, fine-featured, attractive and had stunning, lengthy hair. He fell for her, the primary girl in his life, however didn’t ignore his intention to get wealthy. Conversing together with her, he succeeded below an oath of secrecy, to get her to take him to the place the place her father extracted the tamarinds of gold.

With out letting anybody know, Jose and Oyanka walked two hours from the settlement at Sebaco in direction of the mountains within the neighborhood of Esteli. Three leagues to the north of the neighborhood, there was a secret and hidden cave. Jose and Oyanka entered the forbidden cave with a lit ocote pine torch. Startled by the sunshine, bats streamed out and considerable snakes slithered to security.

Jose may see a vein of quart earlier than him by which have been embedded large lumps of the valuable steel. He couldn’t imagine it. They have been inside arm’s attain. With little effort, he dislodged what appeared to be large golden buttons he measurement of tamarind seeds. He positioned seven of them in his sack and thanked his girlfriend. They admired the attractive surroundings of the valley and the setting of the solar within the western mountains and returned late to the village.

In the meantime, Oyanka’s father inquired about his daughter’s whereabouts. Upon receiving the details about which course that they had taken, he figured that that they had headed towards the key cave. Sorrowful, he ordered the seize of the pair and imprisoned the younger princess. He couldn’t get rid of Jose for concern of the troopers quartered in Metapa. Studying of an incursion of the Yarince Indians of the Caribe race, who tended to assault at night time to hold off Spanish girls and youngsters, he despatched a message to the Yarinces that if they’d not assault his individuals, he would ship them gold nuggets and a younger Spanish man of excessive rating whose ransom they might negotiate sooner or later with the Spanish crown in Cartagena of the Indies from whence arose the incursions of the Caribes. He despatched out an advance celebration of Matagalpa Indians to fulfill with them close to Mui Mui and made the treaty.

On this trend, he was capable of rid himself of his daughter’s boyfriend with out the need of doing him in. Oyanka, disadvantaged of liberty and studying that her beloved had been despatched away, grew to become depressed to the purpose the place she now not needed to eat. Her distressed father tried to persuade her, however the lovesick younger girl informed him that she couldn’t stay with out Jose and that she would fall right into a deep sleep which in keeping with her, she wouldn’t awaken from till her father returned her beloved to her.

It couldn’t be prevented. At first, a pensive Oyanka laid down with eyes opened. After just a few weeks, she fell right into a profound sleep that was not loss of life itself, since her physique didn’t endure decay; a sleep from which solely her lover may awaken her.

4 hundred years later, Oyanka has been remodeled into stone and will be seen from her village of Sebaco, El Guayabal (San Isidro), La Trinidad, Chaguitillo, Carreta Quebrada and by generations that may come sooner or later, perennially…and maybe for an eternity.


Learn how to see Oyanka

Travelling on the asphalt freeway from Sebaco to Matagalpa. A bit bit earlier than crossing the Sebaco bridge, or at first of the freeway to San Isidro, within the northwest horizon you’ll be able to see the Oyanka hill. Within the background to the appropriate is the Mocuana hill. But when we proceed to the appropriate in direction of the freeway to Matagalpa, within the profile of the hills to the north, you’ll be able to see the silhouette of the princess laying down on her again, her stunning head with lengthy hair, naked breasted, a leg barely raised, the opposite leg and her arms resting on the hill, and her younger stomach barely pronounced. With little one?

Learn how to awaken her

Search for a younger man with brown hair and honey-colored eyes, of some eight and a half spans in top, slim, however athletic. They are saying he escaped to the Caribes on the Antilles Coast and he wanders in the hunt for his beloved, whose love endures greater than gold.

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