Kensei – Sword Saint

I suppose each child, no matter the place they’re from, at one time or one other bangs a few sticks collectively and pretends he is a swordsman.

Again in my ‘hood, I used to be all the time Zorro, my buddy Scott was all the time Robin Hood, and my buddy Larry was all the time Lancelot. Then Max confirmed up.

A Japanese boy by the use of California, Max got here out to play wielding 2 items lower from a broomstick. We had been amazed. In spite of everything, who the heck makes use of 2 swords? Zorro wants his free hand for his whip, Lancelot his protect, and Robin Hood his bow…this 2 sword factor was blasphemous!

Even worse, Max started to name himself Musashi and insisted on sporting his bathrobe as we trekked by the woods.

Now as a child you simply do not ask too many questions or for explanations (from different youngsters at the very least). We preferred Max, so we simply accepted his “weirdness”, and went on with our adventures as regular.

Quick ahead 15 years to after I made the changeover from Korean Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido, to Japanese Karate, Judo, and Jujutsu. And would not you understand it? That very first day, Sensei started class with a quote from “The Guide of 5 Rings” — The premier textual content of Japanese philosophy on close-combat – written by…Miyamoto Musashi! (I nearly shit my pants as I rapidly pieced the whole lot collectively)

Musashi was born in 1584 within the village of Miyamoto in Southern Japan. His father Hirata Munisai was a famend samurai and regarded by many to be the perfect swordsmen in Japan on the time.

Musashi began his warrior profession early in life with a twin towards a samurai named Arima Kihei. The samurai had posted an open problem for any takers and Musashi signed as much as combat the warrior.

Musashi’s uncle, listening to that his 13 12 months previous nephew had volunteered to combat to the loss of life ran to stop the combat. Musashi didn’t need to again down and entered the ring to combat Kihei armed solely with a bokken — a picket coaching sword. When the larger, older, and extra skilled samurai charged, Musashi dodged, grabbed, and brutally threw the person to the bottom and beat him to loss of life along with his stick.

He would go on to win over 60 duals defeating or killing all that got here earlier than him in fight no matter weapon. His challengers would use staffs, swords, and a wide range of different weapons whereas he would use his katana or bokken. Whereas many samurai used solely their katanas, Musashi pioneered two-sword fight by utilizing his wakizashi and katana collectively.

Finally he could be honored with the rank of Kensei or “Sword Saint” as a result of so many believed his swordsmanship to be good. When he later penned his philosophy of fight in “The Guide of the 5 Rings”, he would attain literary immortality as numerous martial artists, students, and executives would grasp on his each phrase for generations to return.

Musashi left a powerful legacy and needs to be a mannequin for all warriors as we speak and sooner or later. Killing with out purpose was pointless to the previous samurai and he cautioned towards reckless conduct. If a warrior had mastered shut fight expertise, he could be higher capable of obtain victory on a bigger scale. Technique was nothing with out techniques and the correct weapons, so a warrior wanted to coach frequently and select his weapons correctly… Victory was life and he by no means wished to cease residing on his phrases. His legacy continues to be with us within the martial arts that comply with his perception system and use his technique. Navy leaders everywhere in the world agree with Musashi in that after your fundamentals are stable, victory is your’s to realize.

Musashi would ultimately move on his invaluable data to his sons and college students. A talented artist, poet, architect, and businessman, Musashi felt every single day was a day to be taught, create, and reside to the fullest. And that was his technique for life.

Now what’s fairly humorous about Musashi (and why little Japanese boys love him), is that he was about as unconventional a Samurai as you could possibly get.

The person not often bathed, shaved, or washed his garments. So good a swordsmen was he, that Musashi ultimately utterly stopped utilizing a katana and would simply use no matter was available to beat his opponents to loss of life…a tree department, a rake, even a ship paddle.

He would use different unusual and “dishonorable” techniques as nicely…Displaying up hours late to a twin to anger his prim and correct opponent…Displaying up an hour earlier, hiding within the bush, then leaping out and instantly killing the unsuspecting idiot who agreed to combat him…utilizing horse stirrups as brass knuckles…and even attacking, working away, attacking, working away, and attacking once more!

Students nonetheless to at the present time debate on whether or not Musashi did all these “loopy” issues to toy along with his opponents, take a look at numerous technique, and if these techniques had been the very purpose nobody might beat him – Not his swordplay.

That is all nicely and good for the bookworms, however as “males of motion” just like Musashi, everyone knows higher —

Identical to most of the hardest and most harmful males of as we speak and all through historical past, Musashi appeared to take himself none-to-seriously whereas at residence or on the dojo.

However when life and loss of life had been on the road, Musashi merely believed that nothing needs to be left to probability and you could do no matter must be performed to kill, or be killed your self.

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