Keeping Your Nail Polish Fresh

I discover it amusing when shoppers inform me that they maintain their polish within the fridge.  I am unable to appear to determine why.  Then the reply got here to me.  The polish has been stored at midnight (prevents the polish from altering coloration) and the chilly air slows down the air molecules.  I personally suppose that there are higher methods to maintain your polish contemporary (and depart room for the milk within the frig).  As I’ve talked about, maintaining polish saved at midnight or out of direct daylight is essential.  Direct daylight and even oblique daylight (a brilliant room) can distort the unique coloration of the polish.  I’ve labored in a spa that had brilliant mild coming into the nail room within the morning.  This spa needed to substitute the OPI coloration Coney Island Cotton Sweet about as soon as each two months. The colour would flip yellow and change into very unappealing to the client.  One other factor that I’ve seen is that lots of people have no idea easy methods to maintain the neck of the bottle clear.  By maintaining the neck and the within cap of the bottle clear, you will maintain your polish brisker, longer.  You ask why?  Nicely, when there’s a build-up of polish across the neck and contained in the cap, it can permit extra air into the bottle and thicken the polish faster.

So, how do you retain the neck and the within cap of the bottle clear?  You are able to do it the same old manner, with somewhat polish remover on a lint-free paper towel and wipe them off each time you polish your nails.  Or you possibly can simply add somewhat warning to the way you pull the comb out of the bottle.  As you pull the comb out of the bottle, wipe off the surplus polish contained in the bottle as an alternative of on the highest of the bottle.  This can scale back the quantity of instances you have to clear the neck and the within cap of dried out polish.  You will additionally save your self the headache of making an attempt to open a bottle of polish that will not open as a result of the cap is caught on with dried polish.

If the polish is already thick, use polish thinner to skinny it out, not polish remover.  Polish remover can typically break the polish down incorrectly and make it chip quicker.  You possibly can choose up polish thinner at magnificence provide homes like Sally’s.  Contemporary base coat nail polish additionally works to skinny polish with out effecting the consistency.  Additionally, you may get extra out of your polish (should you use it quite a bit) by shopping for two of the identical kind of polish (base coats, high coats, coloration polish).  Use one bottle to use to your nails and use the opposite to refill the primary.  As an alternative of solely getting a half bottle out of every bottle (one bottle out of two), you will get 1 ½ bottles out of the 2.  It is very important notice, do not use a 3rd bottle as a result of the unique polish has damaged down an excessive amount of with thinning that the unique polish will chip quicker than a contemporary bottle.

Hope this helps your polish keep brisker, longer.

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