Itty Bitty Penis Bumps? Maybe Lichen Nitidus

Each man needs to ensure he practices correct penis care, and they also hopefully are frequently analyzing their penises for indicators of irregularities which will have to be explored. (Hopefully these irregularities usually are not there – however a person would not know until he checks for them.) However when he does spot one thing that is completely different, it may be onerous to know if it is purpose for alarm or not. Take penis bumps, as an illustration. In some circumstances, they could possibly be an indication of one thing severe, reminiscent of a sexually-transmitted an infection (STI). However in so many circumstances, they’re caused by one thing far more benign. That is the case when penis bumps are because of lichen nitidus (LN).

What’s lichen nitidus(LN)?

Most individuals have by no means heard of LN, which isn’t uncommon. It’s a pretty unusual problem for males or ladies. As with many issues which trigger penis bumps, it is a pores and skin situation. It comes about because of irregular inflammatory situations in pores and skin cells, though what causes the irritation to happen is at present unknown.

Usually, when the physique senses an an infection, it produces white blood cells referred to as T lymphocytes and sends them into motion to beat the an infection. However within the case of LN, the physique is producing these T lymphocytes in response to a false alarm; there is not an an infection that wants combating, however one thing is going on within the physique that it mistakenly believes to be an an infection.

With LN, these additional white blood cells trigger small little skin-colored bumps to look in an space or areas of the physique. Though this text is anxious with penis bumps, LN can really current wherever on the physique. These bumps are pretty distinctive, as they have an inclination to “glisten” somewhat. As a result of they’re very small – often 1 – 2 millimeters – and since they’re primarily flesh coloured (a light-weight pink in folks with gentle pores and skin, a lighter brown or black on folks with darker pores and skin, and so on.), they might not be seen for a short time. They’ll itch, however that is much less frequent than with different situations that trigger penis bumps.

Not severe

As talked about beforehand, LN is taken into account a benign situation. It might trigger some inconvenience, however it by itself just isn’t harmful. It additionally just isn’t infectious and can’t be handed on to a different particular person by contact. So an individual could have sexual engagement with one other particular person with no worries about spreading it.

Nonetheless, it is a good suggestion to see a health care provider, to get a analysis that confirms that LN and never one other situation is chargeable for the presence of the penis bumps. Additionally, LN generally happens in tandem with different points, reminiscent of eczema or Crohn’s illness, so being seen for LN could result in discovering one other situation which can require therapy.


Often LN clears up by itself and requires no therapy. If the situation is itchy, antihistamines could also be prescribed to alleviate the necessity to scratch. If the situation is lengthy lasting, a health care provider could prescribe different remedies, reminiscent of a topical utility of vitamin A, use of corticosteroids or phototherapy (which is use of sunshine to deal with a situation.)

Penis bumps attributable to LN may additionally be aided by the common utility of a high drawer penis well being creme (well being professionals advocate Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically confirmed delicate and secure for pores and skin). It is advisable to search for a crème that features vitamin A, which as famous above is usually prescribed for treating LN. As well as, vitamin A has antibacterial properties recognized to assist struggle persistent penis odor. Along with this vitamin, the crème also needs to embrace vitamin D. Generally referred to as the “miracle vitamin,” vitamin D has confirmed advantages in combating ailments and supporting wholesome mobile perform.

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