Itchy Penis and Pubic Lice: To Shave or Not to Shave?

There are quite a lot of issues that include proudly owning a penis, and sadly the prospect of the occasional itchy penis is one in all them. Though having to scratch once in a while will not be an enormous deal, it might turn into annoying, distracting and downright embarrassing when that itching turns into power – resembling is often the case when the reason for that itch is the dreaded pubic lice. Paying enhanced consideration to penis well being may also help diminish the prospect of buying pubic lice. Besides, accidents can occur, and a person must be ready to know find out how to take care of these unwelcome guests.

So what are pubic lice?

Most adults can recall “lice scares” at their colleges, incidences wherein a toddler introduced head lice to highschool, which unfold from one scholar to the subsequent. Pubic lice are associated to move lice, however happily aren’t as simply unfold.

Extra generally known as crabs (attributable to their crab-like look), pubic lice are tiny – normally lower than one-tenth of an inch. They’re parasites that usually dwell within the groin, though often they are often present in different bushy elements of the physique, such because the armpits or the chest. These tiny bugs are innocent within the sense that they do not unfold illness, however as soon as they get within the pores and skin and begin feeding, they produce a hard-to-resist urge to scratch.

More often than not, pubic lice are handed on by way of skin-on-skin contact whereas having intercourse; extra not often, they are often caught from the bedsheets or towels of an contaminated particular person. Because the lice are inclined to congregate within the pubic hair fairly than on the penis shaft, carrying a condom will not be normally efficient in stopping pubic lice from spreading.


Because the lice are inclined to make their dwelling in pubic hair, it has typically been assumed that shaving the penis space is an effective approach to rid the physique of those pests. The idea is that usually the act of shaving itself will do away with the lice, and the absence of a heat, bushy place to cover will make it simple to identify and eliminate any lingering invaders.

However that is not likely an accurate assumption. Whereas it is true that the razor can eliminate a few of these crabs, it catches solely a small share of them. Many extra are left on the pores and skin, and since they’re so small, it’s tough to seek out them with the bare eye.

So does that imply a man should not shave? Under no circumstances. Whereas shaving the crotch could not treatment an itchy penis brought on by pubic lice, it does make the realm extra inhospitable to them and in addition makes it simpler for a health care provider to identify them with a magnifying lens. As well as, the absence of a thick thatch of hair makes it simpler to use merchandise that may be useful in eliminating the pests.

After shaving

As soon as the realm has been shaved, it’s extra receptive to medicines that may kill the pubic lice. Though there are over-the-counter medicines that work effectively, it is clever to examine with a health care provider first to find out the simplest plan of action to take.

Pubic lice are extra an annoyance than the rest, however an itchy penis may cause a person embarrassment and be unhealthy for his shallowness. The urge to scratch may be decreased by way of common use of a superior penis well being crème (well being professionals suggest Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically confirmed gentle and protected for pores and skin). Penis pores and skin that’s well-hydrated is much less prone to require itching, so utilizing a crème with a mix of wonderful moisturizers (resembling Shea butter and vitamin E) is strongly inspired. As well as, make certain the crème is supplied to maintain the penis pores and skin is total good well being; a crème with alpha lipoic acid, a robust antioxidant that fights free radicals and resultant oxidative stress, may be particularly helpful.

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