Illuminati in Kentucky

Illuminati in Kentucky:

My fevered creativeness consists of the chance that Andrew Jackson and tales of the Bell Witch are related with this sort of data.

“In his 1806 ebook Travels In America, Thomas Ashe writes of his experiences with an unlimited cavern initially found in 1783 beneath the town of Lexington, 300 ft lengthy, 100 ft huge and 19 ft excessive, containing unique artifacts, a stone altar for sacrifices, human skulls and bones piled excessive, and mummified stays. The mummies are very unusual wanting and have crimson hair. The native native Individuals claimed that these have been the remnants of an historical civilization that died out way back. Revered historian George W. Ranck additionally discusses this “misplaced metropolis” buried beneath Lexington in 1872. It’s stated that native Native Individuals recognized the our bodies as being from the traditional race who inhabited the world lengthy earlier than them.

In 1792 an early settler, Common John Payne, made a wierd discovery whereas constructing his home within the tiny city of Augusta, KY, 63 miles North of Lexington. From Historic Sketches of Kentucky by Lewis Collins, Maysville, Ky. 1847, web page 205:

‘The underside on which Augusta is located is a big burying floor of the ancients…They’ve been present in nice numbers, and of all sizes, all over the place between the mouths of Bracken and Locust Creeks, a distance of a couple of mile and a half. From the

cellar beneath my (Payne’s) dwelling, 60 by 70 ft, over 100 and ten skeletons have been taken. I measured them by skulls, and there may need been extra, whose skulls had crumbled into mud…The skeletons have been of all sizes, from seven ft to toddler.

David Kilgour (who was a tall and really giant man) handed our village on the time I used to be excavating my cellar, and we took him down and utilized a thigh bone to his. The person, if well-proportioned, will need to have been 10 to 12 inches taller than Kilgour, and the decrease jaw bone would slip on over his, pores and skin and all. Who have been they? How got here their bones right here?’

‘After I was within the military, I inquired of previous Crane, a Wyandot and of Anglerson, a Delaware, each clever previous chiefs, and so they might give me no info in reference to those stays of antiquity. Among the largest bushes of the forest have been rising over the stays when the land was cleared in 1792.’

A couple of years later, on December 21, 1806, the city of Augusta, KY was visited by Harman Blennerhassett, lawyer, occultist, and member of the Illuminati. Was he conscious of the traditional underground civilization within the area?

Blennerhassett was born on October 8, 1764 in Eire {The Black and Pink Lodge of Masonry and Keogh’s grandfather in my researches on this possible nice great-grandfather of mine is related I think.}and moved to the USA after graduating. He and his spouse (who was additionally his niece which is in-line with the Merovingian genetic programming as long as there are satisfactory overseas genes put into the combination which the Hapsburgs forgot for just a few centuries) lived on Blennerhassett island on the Ohio River. Blennerhassett was a buddy and colleague of Adam Weishaupt {Son of a Rabbi}, and a member of his Order of the Illuminati, reaching the extent of Illuminatus Magus. He was additionally a buddy of Vice President Aaron Burr, with whom he engaged in a conspiracy to take away President Thomas Jefferson from energy. The plot was found and Blennerhassett’s secret camp at Marietta was destroyed on December 19, 1806.

Blennerhassett fled with about 50 of his fellow initiates, leaving his spouse, his sons and the remainder of his guerrilla troops behind. However as an alternative of constructing a direct exit, Blennerhassett risked making a mysterious facet journey to Augusta, KY, arriving on the day of the solstice. Clearly, there was some occult significance to his go to to Augusta. However what? That Blennerhassett was within the forgotten historical civilization is a definite risk.” (7)

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