How to Use Wella Color Charm

How to Use Wella Color Charm

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Wella Coloration Attraction hair colour is available in all kinds of colours and two consistencies. Liquid colour is right for functions utilizing a colour bottle. Crème colour is ideal for tough brush software methods throughout which the colour wants to remain put. The preferred and best kind of colour to use is liquid colour. Every bottle of liquid Coloration Attraction accommodates 2 oz. of colour. The colour is activated as soon as it’s blended with colour developer.

Pour all the contents of the Wella Coloration Attraction bottle into the colour bottle. Add 2 oz. of 10-volume, liquid developer to the combo, screw on the lid and shake vigorously till the combination is mixed all through. Placed on the gloves.

Apply the colour to the entrance hairline by squeezing a small quantity of colour straight onto the hair and dealing the colour into the hair utilizing your fingers. Proceed making use of colour to the circumference of the hairline till each the back and front hairlines are coated.

Create a component straight down the middle of the top utilizing the tip of the colour bottle. Apply colour to the half, and work the colour into hair on either side of the half. Proceed the half down the middle of the again of the top, and apply colour to this space as nicely. Create comparable elements on either side of the top, straight above the ears. The hair is now divided into 4 sections.

Apply colour to the hair one part at a time utilizing ½-inch horizontal partings. Part off ½-inch of hair, apply colour from the bottom of the part to the tip and place the part excessive of the top. Create one other part straight beneath the primary part and repeat. Proceed till all the part is full earlier than shifting onto the following part. Apply colour till the entire hair is totally saturated.

Set the timer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, rinse hair till the water runs clear, shampoo and situation.


For those who want to use Wella Coloration Attraction creme colour, combine the colour in accordance with the instructions above utilizing creme colour and 10-volume creme developer. Combine the colour in a colour bowl, and use a colour brush to use the colour in the identical method as liquid colour. The one distinction between these two colour varieties is the consistency. You’ll be able to apply creme colour utilizing a bottle, however you should enlarge the opening on the tip of the bottle for the colour to cross simply by means of.

In case you are coloring your hair a lighter colour, don’t place the colour straight towards the scalp initially. Apply the colour ¼-inch from the scalp and all through the size of the hair shaft first. As soon as the entire hair has been saturated, retrace your steps and apply the colour to the hair closest to the scalp. The warmth from the scalp will trigger the colour to develop extra rapidly on this space.

Developer choice is extraordinarily necessary. Ten-volume (power) developer is used to deposit colour solely. To cowl grey or lighten the hair one or two shades, use 20-volume developer. Thirty- and 40-volume builders are used to realize excessive raise (three to 4 shades). It’s not attainable to lighten hair greater than 4 shades with hair colour alone.

Coloration doesn’t raise colour. You probably have beforehand coloured your hair and want to go lighter, you have to to take away or pre-lighten the prevailing colour utilizing lightener or colour remover.

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