How to Use American Crew Fiber

How to Use American Crew Fiber

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American Crew Fiber is a resinous hair product for males that creates a excessive stage of maintain with none shine. A dense, clay-like product, American Crew Fiber helps to thicken, texture and enhance the fullness of your hair, notably hair that’s between 1 and three inches lengthy. Whether or not you need your hair standing up and spiky or slicked down, American Crew Fiber acts like putty so you’ll be able to mildew and sculpt your hair to the form and elegance you need it to be.

Rub roughly a dime-sized quantity of American Crew Fiber between your palms. Bear in mind, just a little goes an extended methods. Add a contact of water to your fingers if you would like the product to go additional, however you’ll have much less maintain.

Distribute the American Crew Fiber evenly by both damp or dry hair. To do that, unfold your fingers broad and run them by your hair repeatedly, till the product has completely transferred into your hair.

Brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb, or use fingers by your hair to mildew and sculpt it into your required hair model. To attain a tousled look, ruffle your hair with the palms of your fingers after which separate any clumps of hairs together with your fingers. For a chunky, textured look, work the clay upward from beneath your hair, tousling and pulling up as your go. For a slicked-down look, run your fingers excessive of your hair till your hair reaches the specified smoothness.

Wash or wipe your fingers clear.


Styling could also be best on clear, damp hair.


Don’t get American Crew Fiber in your eyes or ingest it. Hold it out of attain of kids.

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