How to Survive Shedding Season With Your Persian Himalayan Or Exotic

Spring has arrived and people of us with the hairiest cats on the planet are having fun with shedding season! With the climate warming, our Persians, Himalayans, and Exotics not want their thick winter coats.

Earlier than you recognize it, your cat begins to knot up over night time and all of her favourite napping spots start to have a skinny layer of hair. This undoubtedly is among the most irritating instances of 12 months together with your Persian.

One of the best ways to outlive the Spring shedding season is to be proactive.

1. Get right into a constant each day routine of combing your cat.

a. A easy 5-10 minutes a day is all that’s wanted to maintain your cat knot free.

b. To maintain the combing session fuss free, comb a piece a day. Do the again and sides, then the pinnacle and ruff, then the underside, britches and tail.

2. Bathe your cat at the least as soon as a month or extra often if shedding is unhealthy.

a. Utilizing a child shampoo or diluted dish cleaning soap, therapeutic massage your cat’s pores and skin properly whereas shampooing.

b. Rinse properly and shampoo once more.

c. Be sure you rinse very properly when completed. Left in shampoo residue irritates the pores and skin.

An alternative choice some Persian homeowners selected is to shave their cats.

The lion minimize could be very fashionable and removes all the physique hair together with the troublesome tremendous hair underneath the armpits, on the stomach, and between the again legs. As an added bonus, the britches are minimize so no poop will get caught within the hair.

If shaving your cat fully is not interesting to you, shaving the cat’s underside from the entrance armpits to the britches is an effective compromise. With this minimize, all the tremendous underbelly hair that matts is eliminated. Combing periods are far simplified and fewer annoying to the cat.

Consider it or not, there are Unique homeowners who shave down their cats at first of shedding season. Most individuals imagine that since grooming an Unique is much less trouble than grooming its longhair Persian or Himalayan counterpart, the Unique would not matt or shed a lot.


An Unique’s thick undercoat can matt in small knots all around the physique throughout shedding season. No matter would not tangle will find yourself all around the home. With longhairs, most of their lifeless hair will get caught up and tangles.

So what do you do in case you do not catch your cat’s shedding and you find yourself with large knots?

By no means, ever, ever, EVER use scissors to chop a knot out! Scissors ought to solely be utilized by an skilled groomer, veterinarian or breeder.

Cat pores and skin could be very unfastened. Grabbing your cat’s ruff in the back of his neck is an instance of how unfastened his pores and skin is. When the coat matts and the knot will get tight, the hair pulls the pores and skin up into the knot. Making an attempt to chop a knot out might probably minimize the cat’s pores and skin.

In case your cat will get knotted badly, your solely choice is to take him to a groomer or veterinarian skilled in grooming cats, significantly in shaving cats. In case your cat freaks out throughout grooming, particularly when she hears the clippers, your veterinarian needs to be chosen to clip your cat’s coat. She will be able to put your cat underneath delicate anesthesia to extra safely clip kitty.

In the event you selected to purchase clippers so you may shave down your cat your self, it’s essential have a breeder, groomer, or veterinarian present you tips on how to do it. There are specific methods in positioning and utilizing the clippers that may imply the distinction between a clear minimize and razor burn and nicks.

Persians, Himalayans, and Exotics are excessive upkeep breeds of cat. They’re additionally such candy and treasured companions that grooming should not grow to be a nightmare. Take pleasure in your kitty throughout shedding season by selecting your favourite methodology of combating the hair conflict.

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