How to Replace a Quartz Pocket Watch Battery?

Opening the watch case cowl

  1. Pull the stem out which is true on high of the pocket watch to cease it working quickly though with a lifeless battery, it could already stopped working anyway.
  2. Flip over the pocket watch.
  3. The commonest and easiest method is to make use of the case knife.
  4. Discover the recessed space on the sting of the again cowl; that is the entry level to insert the case knife. This recessed indent space is normally very tiny with the size 0.25-0.375″ so that you must search for it very fastidiously. Generally, the indent is true below the stem however not all the time essentially. You could run your fingers across the again cowl rim whether it is onerous to see.
  5. Maintain the pocket watch in a single hand and the case knife within the different hand.
  6. Slide the case knife (blade at its widest level) below the sting of the again of the case.
  7. Gently press the case knife to the case, twist and pry off, till you hear or really feel the “pop”

Eradicating the outdated battery

  1. After the quilt has been taken off, you will notice the battery.
  2. See how the outdated battery is inserted, almost certainly you will notice the battery sort quantity engraved facet going through up.
  3. Verify the battery sort quantity with a view to get a brand new an identical one to put it.
  4. Use a pair of tweezers to take away the battery.
  5. Use a brush to scrub round and eliminate the grime and particles from the watch compartment and the rim of the watch cowl, and use a mud blower to blow away the mud.
  6. Stick within the new battery and transfer again the spring arm within the battery case on the identical time with the tweezers, and press the battery down and let it set properly within the battery case.


  1. Place the quilt again to the watch.
  2. Merely, however gently, push the quilt again to the watch utilizing your fingers.
  3. Watch out for breaking the glass via uneven strain.
  4. Ensure the quilt is securely again to the watch.
  5. Regulate the time and press the stem again.
  6. Clear the watch with a cleansing fabric.


  • Strive to not use an everyday sharp edge knife or a flat screwdriver except you might be actually good and skilled in doing so. This may occasionally scratch the watch case and depart marks on the case cowl. And you could damage your self too. The precise device to make use of is a case knife or watch case opener which is with blunt blade.
  • Use a pleasant and mushy fabric to carry the pocket look ahead to pry off and put again the case cowl, this may defend each your hand and the watch from being damage by knife slip.
  • Use the blade as an alternative of the purpose of the case knife when opening the again cowl.
  • A plastic tweezers could also be higher than a steel one in defending the mechanism of the watch inside.
  • Lastly, classic, waterproof and or specialised pocket watch needs to be taken to the skilled.

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