How to Plop Curly Hair: A Curly Girl’s Guide

How to Plop Curly Hair: A Curly Girl’s Guide

If you happen to had been blessed with curls, then you will have most likely found by now that when your hair is moist, your curls are clean and outlined, however when it is dry, it is a totally different story. Not solely do you lose the curl definition, however you are prone to frizz. What you do to your hair in-between its moist and dry states is essential to having a very good hair day, which brings us to the curly-hair technique of plopping.

Plopping is a way that was born right here on NaturallyCurly’s boards, and one that’s an indispensable step in our routine. You plop your moist hair after you’ve utilized your styler and earlier than you begin to dry your hair. It’ll accordion your curls, serving to them maintain their outlined, spiral form, even after they dry.

T-shirt vs towel

Conventional terry fabric towels “take up an excessive amount of moisture, which curly hair wants,” explains Lorraine Massey, writer of Curly Lady: The NEW Handbook. “The tough fiber will ruffle the hair’s cuticle, inflicting frizz.” So step one is to cease utilizing terry fabric and go for a t-shirt or microfiber towel as a substitute. Each strategies work, and we’re not right here to promote you an additional instrument that you do not want so should you determine to make use of a t-shirt then comply with the steps above for plopping with a t-shirt, and in case you have a microfiber towel then we’ve got a tutorial for you down beneath.


Step 1

After you get out of the bathe, scrunch out extra water and apply your leave-in conditioner (we like Kinky-Curly Knot At the moment) and stylers. For a lot of curlies, the order is leave-in, oil, then curl cream — which is often known as the LOC technique. Now, it is time to plop.

Step 2

Lay a T-shirt (long-sleeved works greatest) or a microfiber towel out on a chair or toilet counter with the sleeves on the finish closest to you.

Step 3

Flip your head ahead, bending on the waist, in order that your entire hair is within the middle of the towel and on high of your head.

Step 4

Take the flap of cloth that’s behind your head and flip it up over your neck, then tie the lengthy sleeves of the shirt (or additional material of your microfiber towel) behind your head in a knot.

You probably have additional materials or used a long-sleeved shirt, wrap the additional size of the sleeves round to the entrance and tie the ends in a knot. It will make your turban safer.

curly girl plopping her hair

The advantages of plopping

The T-shirt will absorb moisture with out creating frizz whereas your hair dries, considerably slicing down your drying time. Curlies rejoice, you already know drying can take ceaselessly!

The T-shirt  or towel may even assist take up any extra product, so that you don’t find yourself with onerous, crunchy curls.

You probably have tremendous hair or looser waves, plopping can create raise on the roots, since your hair is drying on high of your head moderately than being weighed down. And if on some days your waves or curls are inclined to disappear or look limp, it will improve your curl sample by scrunching up the curls whereas they dry.

Today there are many microfiber towels made particularly for curlies available on the market, and we used the Curly Tee Towel as a result of it is simple to make use of and even comes with a draw string. We additionally counsel the Hair Remedie Frizz Eliminating Towel, the DevaCurl DevaTowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel or The Mane Alternative Mane Towel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel.

If you happen to use a chair or counter to position your hair within the towel, it will create an “accordion” impact encouraging your curls to type. If you don’t use the chair (as we did within the second set of photographs) it will stretch your curls out as they dry.

Many ladies plop for 10-20 minutes earlier than they diffuse or air-dry their hair, and a few even maintain their hair like this in a single day. Experiment with the length and discover what works greatest for you! For a reside demonstration, watch Waterlily716 share her routine.

Do you will have your individual technique of plopping? Share it within the feedback!

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