How to Do Box Braids 101 : 10 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Do Box Braids 101 : 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Introduction: How you can Do Field Braids 101

For a full head on common you may want at the least 4 luggage of hair (x-pression hair advised) relying on the dimensions of your head

Supplies: -xpression hair, Scissors, Hair tie

Optionally available : Sizzling Water and comb

Step 1: Lower and Tether Hair

  1. Lower your hair to the specified size
  2. Tether and brush the hair out to cease blunt ends. This prevents the hair for coming unfastened

Step 2: Dividing Artificial Hair

Dividing Synthetic HairDividing Synthetic Hair

Get a small part of your artificial hair on your first braid. Divide that part into two, cross them over and seize the other ends

Step 3: Put together Your Pure Hair

Prepare Your Natural Hair Prepare Your Natural Hair

Half a small part of your hair. Divide that part into Three items.

Step 4: Put together Artificial Hair

Prepare Synthetic Hair

Join two of the 4 items of artificial hair collectively and maintain the opposite strands collectively

Step 5:

Lay the three strands of artificial hair towards your actual hair parted in these three sections

Step 6: Connect Artificial Hair to Root of Pure Hair

Attach Synthetic Hair to Root of Natural Hair Attach Synthetic Hair to Root of Natural Hair

Seize the artificial hair alongside along with your actual hair and start to weave it in

Step 7: Start Braiding Down

Weave artificial hair and pure hair all the way in which down

Step 8: Take away Extra Hair

Lower off extra artificial hair ensuring to keep away from pure hair

Step 9: (Optionally available) End Ends

Burn ends or dip ends in sizzling water to additional skinny out ends.

Step 10: Smile You are Completed

Smile You're Finished Smile You're Finished

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