How Our Personal Ascension Process May Cause Migraines, Ringing in the Ears and Head Pressure

Ascension is the method of evolution in life, which we discover by our acutely aware consciousness.

Human consciousness has been refining and, over the past 50 years, has been transcending the construction of physiology; in order that we have now turn out to be acutely aware of finer and finer states of being.

As we turn out to be conscious on the molecular and atomic ranges of our being, we begin to expertise the ‘grains of consciousness’ or the quantum excitation on the best degree of our bodily existence.

We expertise this by listening to a ringing in our ears; and/or seeing the grains of the person photons of sunshine; and/or feeling the grains of magnetic vitality flowing by our auric discipline.

It is a multi-dimensional expertise, since we additionally expertise our consciousness at grosser and finer ranges concurrently.

The key of coping with these experiences is thru acceptance and understanding. We can not struggle our Self and win. One of the simplest ways is to just accept and perceive the expertise and the blessing which comes into our life by this elevated consciousness.

After we turn out to be conscious of the sphere of consciousness – versus the person ideas in our head – we expertise vastly enhanced comprehension, expanded consciousness and a sense of bliss-consciousness – i.e. the graininess within the silence, as bubbles of consciousness turn out to be manifest in our consciousness. Migraines could happen in a four-week cycle, the place we expertise them extra after we come to full moon and so they could turn out to be much less frequent and extreme because the emotional vitality drops within the lead-up to the brand new moon.

We could turn out to be conscious of our bodily features, just like the beating of our coronary heart and the functioning of the opposite organs. Our entire physique is a residing organism with the electromagnetic discipline of consciousness permeating even the best ranges of our bodily existence, persevering with right down to our light-body and soul, which underlie our bodily construction and create the ‘energetic blueprint’ that the physique grows into.

Please love and settle for these new experiences while you turn out to be acutely aware of them. They’re a present and for those who consciously breathe into them with acceptance you’ll transcend the ache they might trigger and your physiology will be capable to change to just accept and use this new consciousness.

We could really feel pressures inside the physique because the vitality centres – the chakras – turn out to be lively and restructure the physiology to accommodate themselves. For instance, because the Third Eye opens it could trigger head stress. If we’re relaxed and accepting, this course of occurs a lot simpler.

We could discover our sleep patterns altering, with wakefulness at night time as we begin to witness our sleep. Our physiology could restructure itself after we are asleep, inflicting sweating and scorching flushes.

In the event you witness these – for those who calm down and simply watch – you’ll wake within the morning feeling refreshed simply as if you had slept ‘usually’. Due to this fact, be relaxed and observant, and understand that you’re benefiting out of your ‘sleep’ even while you really feel ‘awake’.

These modifications might also have an effect on your weight-reduction plan and weight; bloating and weight achieve are continuously reported by individuals shifting quickly on the ascension path. Having a big proportion of (uncooked and/or cooked) recent greens and fruit in a single’s weight-reduction plan may also help with this course of; and sipping water sometimes from a glass that you just hold subsequent to you’ll be able to assist keep the physique in a hydrated state and flush out any toxins.

You might also turn out to be delicate to non secular vitality coming round you. Lately ‘orbs’ are sometimes captured on digital pictures. As these orbs and different non-physical entities come near us, we could sense their presence by goose bumps/goose pimples; or a sense as if cobwebs had been brushing in opposition to our pores and skin; or a tingling in our toes, as we really feel the connection to earth vitality.

Please hold an open thoughts and when some signs are skilled, take time to pay attention to them. Breathe into that area of the physique and, particularly, love your self and your expertise in a relaxed and accepting method.

It will assist the expertise to turn out to be built-in into your being. You possibly can then transfer on to the subsequent finer degree of expertise and integration, as you develop in wholeness and oneness each inside and with out in your ascension path of evolution and development.

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