Homemade Michael Jackson Billie Jean Halloween Costume

Many individuals are planning to pay homage to the one King of Pop by dressing up like him in certainly one of his extraordinary costumes this Halloween. There are a number of costume shops that sells immense number of Michael Jackson costumes. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to add extra weight to its significance by carrying your personal home made Michael Jackson costume.

The supplies that you must make your personal costume are black jacket, black undershirt, black pants, white glove and white socks. These will be purchased at your favourite clothes retailer. You additionally want a number of packs of shiny giant dimension black and silver sequins, small dimension silver sequins, glue, glue stick and a glue gun discovered at any craft retailer. This is how one can make your personal home made Michael Jackson Billie Jean costume:

First Step – The Jacket

Recreate Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean jacket by eradicating the collar portion of the jacket, and simply sew the eliminated portion collectively. Then, fully cowl the jacket with shiny giant black sequins utilizing a glue stick and a glue gun. Glue every of the sequins into the floor of the jacket. Simply watch out when dealing with the glue gun since this may be sizzling. Giant sequins will reduce the time to fully cowl the entire jacket with sequins.

Second Step – The Undershirt

As soon as the jacket is completed, do the identical factor on the black undershirt. This time, don’t take away the collar, and use silver giant sequins as an alternative of the black one. Glue every of the sequins into the black undershirt. There is no order to be adopted when placing the sequins into the shirt. So long as your entire shirt will probably be lined, then you’re doing a fantastic job.

Third Step – The Pants

Select black matching pants which are quick to your top, however, suits nicely on the waist. Michael Jackson’s hanging pants are certainly one of his standard emblems. Nevertheless, when you’ve got your personal black pants that you don’t already use, then you’ll be able to simply reduce it off shorter and stitch the pants below it.

Fourth Step – The One-piece Glove and Socks

Make your personal shiny one piece glove and socks by protecting them with small dimension silver sequins. For the reason that sequins are fairly small, a glue gun will be harmful to make use of to place them collectively. Maybe you should use cloth glue, and paste them into the glove and socks. Allow them to dry in a single day earlier than utilizing them to safe their attachment.

Now, put on your black sneakers, do the jheri-curl hairdo and make-up. Follow his moon strolling dance transfer, and you’re able to go as Michael Jackson in your personal home made Billie Jean Halloween costume. That is a simple to make home made costume than some other costumes for Halloween. Certainly, you’ll be able to pay tribute to your favourite pop star with this home made Billie Jean costume.

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