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From hair +‎ lore.


hairlore (uncountable)

  1. (uncommon) Data about hair; hair folklore.
    • 1979, Robert Coover, Hair O’ The Chine: a documentary movie script; [ill. by Robin McDonald]., Bruccoli-Clark Layman
      “Smoot paperwork his … ah … downside, one may safely say, with a three-volume historical past of hairlore, by which it’s proven that plentiful hair has at all times symbolized vitality, virility, the need to triumph, and its lack, poverty and impotence.
    • 1988, Remar Sutton, Physique fear, Penguin (Non-Classics) →ISBN
      Barbers are the monks of hair lore, so chances are you’ll take heed to what they’ve realized from any confessionals, however do not robotically take their phrase as right.
    • 1992, Norma J. Roberts, Columbus Museum of Artwork, Elijah Pierce, woodcarver, College of Washington Press →ISBN
      Greater than a mere decorative floor, hair and hair preparation are parts of an important physique of emic materials known as African American hairlore, and it may be a close to metaphysical index to 1’s very soul, being, psychology, []
    • 2002, Timothy S. Jones, David A. Sprunger, Marvels, Monsters, and Miracles: Research within the Medieval and Early Fashionable Imaginations, Western Michigan Univ Medieval
      Baldness additionally has an additional symbolic reference to one’s restoration to grace. Giles Constable’s magisterial examine of beard- and hair-lore within the Center Ages demonstrates that the shaving of 1’s hair might signify ‘a separation from []
    • 2010, Robert Baron, Nick Spitzer, Public Folklore, Univ. Press of Mississippi →ISBN, web page 112
      [] as a lot to my sturdy perception within the diaspora as a heuristic assemble for deciphering a lot of African American expressive invention because it does to my bigger, shared fascination for the highly effective dynamic of hair-lore in African diaspora on a regular basis life.

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