Hair Loss in Women Diagnosis and Tests

Causes, Types, Diagnosis & Treatments

How will a health care provider diagnose hair loss in girls?

Contact a health care provider if you’re involved about hair loss. A dermatologist may help you diagnose or deal with hair loss. The physician will take a medical historical past, which can embrace asking about issues like:

  • What drugs and/or dietary supplements you are taking
  • What sort of meals you eat (protein is necessary for hair development)
  • What may be happening in your life by way of anxious conditions
  • Which members of the family may need had hair loss
  • What sort of hair types you are inclined to have and what hair care merchandise and processes you could have used
  • Whether or not or not you could have a behavior of pulling your hair out (trichotillomania)

After reviewing this data, the physician would possibly do or order sure exams, together with:

  • Mild hair pulling to find out what number of hairs come out
  • Blood exams to check for vitamin and mineral ranges (like vitamin D, vitamin B, zinc, and iron), and hormone ranges (together with thyroid and intercourse hormones)
  • Scalp examination underneath a microscope
  • Scalp biopsy to take away and study a really small piece of tissue

Final reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical skilled on 05/17/2018.


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