Hair Extensions – Russian Vs European and Asian Hair

As a Hairdresser and specializing within the Buying and selling of Hair and Utility of Extensions, I discovered that hair high quality and the origin of donors is of the utmost of significance to find out high quality. The standard of your hair extension hair will decide whether or not or not they appear actual, and the way lengthy the hair lasts. Please observe, the next areas element the method used to match hair extensions for individuals of Caucasian origin.

European Hair

There are a lot of hair extension artists claiming to make use of virgin Russian hair for a lot of lots of even 1000’s of {dollars}, when in precise reality they’re promoting good high quality European hair sourced from donors with origins in South America, Italy, Eurasian and so on . This hairs cuticle has been harshly processed to strip out the very thick texture and darkish color pigments. To imitate western hair (Caucasian), the hair is re-tinted utilizing cloth colors not hair colors to attain the specified shade.

Indian/Asian Hair

Hair sourced from donors of Indian, Asian and Chinese language donors is a really course hair strand and grows naturally very darkish and really straight. The hair is processed utilizing the identical technique as European hair solely extra harshly. The pigments are stripped again to nothing then a brief lasting silicon coating is added for a extra lifelike texture. Because of this Asian hair is often the most affordable and most unnatural wanting hair accessible available on the market solely lasting for the brief time period.

Uncooked Virgin Russian Hair

Uncooked virgin Russian hair has NEVER been chemically handled and is Caucasian hair so the cuticle is just not processed and stripped not like Asian and European hair. The hair reacts superbly to salon merchandise and stays silky even after lighting and colouring. Uncooked virgin Russian hair is extensively generally known as the “creme de la creme” of hair and of the best high quality. The hair not solely appears essentially the most pure but additionally final for years not months. Russian hair is softer, finer and extra suitable with western hair permitting the hair transfer naturally with extra quantity which suggests much less extensions and fewer potential harm to your individual hair.

Price Components

Because of the scarce nature of sourcing uncooked virgin Russian hair the preliminary value might be considerably greater than European and Asian hair. Individuals solely examine costs instantly, nevertheless quantity and sturdiness also needs to be an vital consideration. Chances are you’ll discover that over the long run you should purchase uncooked virgin Russian hair for a similar value as Asian or European hair when permitting for the way lengthy the hair will final and what number of extensions you want. Chemically handled hair is flat and lifeless needing extra hair to supply the identical have an effect on as non handled hair. Along with quantity, uncooked virgin Russian hair will final for years not months so the one value is the associated fee a hair extension artist will cost for uplifting the extensions. Many well-known manufacturers don’t provide uplifting as a result of poor high quality and sturdiness of the product they use. If hair extension artists or salons declare to supply uncooked virgin Russian hair however can solely assure the product for lower than six months it’s greater than possible a false declare.

Fast Info: Asian/European hair extensions

  • Hair solely final in authentic situation for a brief interval
  • Not really helpful to color as hair turns into much more porous
  • Doesn’t look actual
  • Not really helpful to swim
  • Often tangles 
  • Upkeep may be very excessive 
  • Must be styled typically

Fast Info: Uncooked Virgin Russian hair extensions

  • Appears pure Could be colored
  • Swimming causes no harm 
  • Hair doesn’t tangle
  • Upkeep may be very low
  • Hair might be left to dry naturally
  • Final for years if nicely cared for
  • Want much less as hair has extra quantity

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