Facial Rash – Seborrhoeic Dermatitis


I’ve a rash on my face, which is crimson and swollen. It’s fairly itchy and comes up in numerous areas, together with my nostril and chin. It’s extremely embarrassing. Are you able to inform me what it’s and what I can do about it?


You’ve gotten seborrhoeic dermatitis, which is an inflammatory situation of the pores and skin. (‘Derma’ refers to pores and skin, ‘itis’ to irritation.) It’s just like dandruff (see column, proper) and seems on the face wherever there are hair follicles.

Principally there are two sorts of glands which expel toxins by the pores and skin: sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Typically, sweat glands expel toxins that dissolve in water – that is what occurs once you ‘detox’ in a sauna or steam bathtub. Sebaceous glands, nonetheless, excrete fatty, greasy toxins. Usually they’d produce a specific amount of sebum, which seems within the hair or on the pores and skin. But when there are a number of these fat-soluble toxins within the physique, the sebaceous glands turn into overactive and produce extra sebum, which irritates the subcutaneous layer-the layer beneath the highest layer of pores and skin, which is in reality lifeless pores and skin cells. This results in the form of rash you’re experiencing, or to pimples. The tip of the nostril has a very giant assortment of sebaceous glands. In seborrhoeic dermatitis, the manufacturing of the toxins is so intense that the pores and skin turns into ‘indignant’ and this ends in a crimson nostril, as you describe.

Generally – I am positive not in your case – this crimson nostril is related to extra alcohol consumption. Seborrhoeic dermatitis is exacerbated by alcohol, significantly drinks that include yeast, similar to beer and stout. In some folks, consuming an extra of citrus fruits, sugar or fried meals could cause a rash.

The simplest remedy is to keep away from the next meals: merchandise that include yeast (bread, pizza, nan, pitta bread, yeast extract, synthetic gravy sauces, brewer’s yeast, and so on); sugar in extra (chocolate, truffles, sweets); citrus fruits; fried meals; extra alcohol (beer, lager and stout shouldn’t be drunk in any respect); cheese and butter; very spicy curries.

Moreover, it is best to make an infusion of Black Kadu, or hellebore: in a single day, soak one or two twigs in a cup of scorching water, then drink scorching or chilly on an empty abdomen within the morning, for one month. This can be a bitter drink and you could really feel nauseous for the primary couple of days. If that occurs, drink just a few sips at a time to get used to it. It could additionally make your stools mushy within the first few days.

A preparation made with chickpea powder (generally known as besan in Indian grocers) will assist suck the surplus grease from the sebaceous glands. Combine one tablespoonful of chickpea powder with a little bit chilly or heat skimmed milk. Rub this paste on the face, concentrating on the affected areas. Scrub for some time after which wash your face with heat water. That is finest carried out at bedtime. The pores and skin will really feel fairly dry. Depart it to work in a single day. There may be additionally a helpful cream, referred to as Aru Cream, which it is best to apply twice every day to the affected areas. Aru Cream is a mix of homoeopathic cures and is beneficial in lowering irritation, itching and any stinging sensation. Typically, this recommendation can also be helpful for pimples victims.


Within the case of dandruff, the manufacturing of sebum causes the dry lifeless outer layers of the pores and skin to flake off and these could be seen trapped in between the roots of the hair. They might seem on the face and ear lobes too. The remedy for dandruff is identical as for seborrhoeic dermatitis. As well as, victims can use an oil extracted from the crimson flowers of a plant generally known as flame of the forest which grows wild within the tropics. Apply one to 2 tablespoonfuls of oil on the scalp. Therapeutic massage gently till it’s totally absorbed and go away in a single day. Within the morning apply Margosa Shampoo all around the scalp, and rinse with lukewarm water.


Males are inclined to get delicate pores and skin within the beard space, often with small lumps which turn into crimson and indignant after shaving. The identical remedy plan as for seborrhoeic dermatitis (above) will work for this ‘barber’s itch’.

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