Essential Oils – The Ancient Romans Lavishly Used Essential Oils For Everything

The Romans had been way more beneficiant of their use of oils and perfumes than both the Egyptians or the Greeks. The Romans had been identified for taking from different peoples not solely items and possessions but in addition information. The Romans by no means wrote a single medical textual content however relatively borrowed the whole lot from the Greeks. If the Greeks used fragrant important oils for therapeutic the body-so did the Romans. If the Greeks used oils of their temples-then so did the Romans. If the Greeks had scented public baths, then the Romans improved this idea by having heated baths, scented with lavender flowers introduced in every day by the slaves. In different phrases, they copied what the mental Greeks had achieved after which took it to the acute. Historical past exhibits that the Romans fumigated their temples and political buildings with important oils and their troopers are reported to have used fragrant oils on themselves earlier than going into battle to bolster their braveness.

The Romans used three sorts of perfumes-solid unguents, scented oils and powdered perfumes to perfume their hair, their our bodies and their garments and beds. The strong unguents included rhodium, which was rose scented and narcissum, from narcissus flowers. Their hottest scented oils included susinum, which was created from honey, calamus, cinnamon, myrrh, and saffron, and nardinum composed of calamus, cistus, cardamon, melissa, spikenard, and myrrh. These blends had been very costly and solely the rich might afford them. They had been what we might check with in the present day as “signature perfumes.”

The peak of extra is exhibited by the report that the Roman Emperor Nero commanded that a whole 12 months’s manufacturing of frankincense be burned on the funeral of his spouse, Sabina Poppae. A whole fleet of ships was used solely to move frankincense from Arabia to Rome. She clearly meant an amazing deal to Nero since the price of such extravagance can be staggering in in the present day’s economies. To be taught extra concerning the Roman society and the way they used important oils I invite you to attend an aromatherapy program that teaches concerning the Romans and likewise about different historical peoples just like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Arabians.

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