Episode 1 – “It Takes Two” [POLL] : XtinasDragRace

Episode 1 - "It Takes Two" [POLL] : XtinasDragRace

Season Two begins with a bang in




r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

The winner of Xtina’s Drag Race receives a sickening provide of Elizabeth Arden fragrances and a money prize of $100,000!

The digicam spins round photographs the werkroom. There are giant images of Xtina adorned over the wallpaper-brick partitions. Giant plush purple and pink sofas are positioned in corners of the werkroom.

🎶 plucky piano music

/u/AustralianChrono walks into the werkroom in her entrance look.

“Let’s get juicy… darlings, I’m a tall drink of water.” says /u/AustralianChrono.

🏁 AustralianChrono My identify is Chrono, and I’m the Italian American Seamstress, Performer Magnificence Galore. I’m before everything a visible artist. I create one thing small… and make it big.

“First one right here! Feels right, feels fortunate and feels fabulous!” says /u/AustralianChrono.

🏁 AustralianChrono Each single look is couture, each single efficiency is of a lifetime. I’m Drag in New Jersey… and Boy, is she pleased with it.

/u/AustralianChrono sits down on the desk. “The werkroom has been cleaned, yas!”

🏁 AustralianChrono I am most likely finest identified for successful Miss Final Drag 2017, however my title was snatched away from me, which was devastating. However I’m right here to point out people who I’m nonetheless sickening!

“Carry on the subsequent bitch!” she laughs.

🎶 excessive tempo synth music

/u/sharris2475 enters the werkroom in her entrance look.

“BOW DOWN BITCHES! Your queen… has arrived.” /u/sharris2475 says, whereas inserting a crown on her head.

🏁 sharris2475 My identify is sharris2475! My drag is extraordinarily versatile, I don’t have a selected aesthetic. I vary from arty to stripper, to goth to classic.

“Ooh la la!” says /u/AustralianChrono.

“Hello girly!” says /u/AustralianChrono.

“Hey sis,” says /u/sharris2475, “Wow, this werkroom seems to be even smaller in actual life, proper?”

“Funds cuts I assume,” /u/AustralianChrono laughs.

🏁 sharris2475 I might probably be the villain of the season, nothing will cease me from getting the crown.

🎶 mid-tempo Center Jap music

/u/thesharialaw walks into the werkroom in her entrance look and poses. “ما شيَ [Nothing.]”

🏁 thesharialaw My identify is Sharia Legislation, I am 21, and I am initially from Dubai.

“Werk bitch!” says /u/sharris2475.

🏁 thesharialaw I am right here to signify drag from the Center East, and my drag is all about exuding extravagance and being extremely female. I try for all the pieces to be perfection and I do not need to be one sort of queen. These ladies higher watch their backs…

“Salam Joon!” says /u/sharris2475.

“Yeah…” says /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 thesharialaw Rattling Jackie Cox ruining my profession.

“I’m loving this Arabian latex fantasy woman.” says /u/AustralianChrono.

“Thanks woman, what they are saying, first impressions rely.” says /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 AustralianChrono So thesharialaw walks into the werkroom like bam! I believe she is one to observe.

“So what are you guys trying ahead to doing?” asks /u/thesharialaw.

“I hope we’ve got a workforce problem so this season has its personal Angolan v. Nik fantasy.” says /u/sharris2475. The ladies chortle.

🎶 percussive drum beats

/u/ShaankZ enters the werkroom in her entrance look. She turns and appears on the queens. “Umm.. that is plenty of filler queens.”

“Biiiiitch!” laughs /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 ShaankZ Hej, I am ShaankZ aka Anastasia Diamond trigger I shine brilliant like one, I am 18 years outdated, that is proper but when Xtina asks I am 21.

“I see you woman!” says /u/ShaankZ to /u/sharris2475.

“Hey sissy!” says /u/sharris2475.

🏁 sharris2475 I’ve competed in fairly just a few competitions with ShaankZ so I do know she goes to be fierce competitors!

“So, what are our strengths ladies?” asks /u/sharris2475.

“Something however comedy,” says /u/ShaankZ, “Comedy is for ugly ladies.”

🏁 ShaankZ I am right here as a result of I am multi-talented and need to win, simply do not throw me any comedy challenges, trigger who cares about them? Solely ugly queens resort to comedy.

“Ugly? Oh… I assume I missed that memo then,” says /u/AustralianChrono.

🏁 AustralianChrono Comedy is for ugly ladies? Er… positive.

“This season is shaping as much as be sickening!” says /u/thesharialaw.

🎶 circus clown music

/u/RepresentativeWin91 enters the werkroom in her entrance look. “Hello hello hello! The shady queen is right here!”

“I spoke too quickly.” says /u/thesharialaw.

🏁 RepresentativeWin91 I’m RepresentativeWin91 and I’m your dancing diva from Westchester County, New York! JK I am unable to dance!

/u/RepresentativeWin91 burps.

🏁 RepresentativeWin91 My drag model is superb, camp and fucking trashy! Gimme that crown!

“Hey woman!” says /u/thesharialaw.

“Hello bitches, wow a bunch of misfits in right here!” laughs /u/RepresentativeWin91.

“I assume we’re all a bunch of misfits, being drag queens and all,” says /u/ShaankZ.

🏁 ShaankZ This RepresentativeWin91 woman… I’m not feeling her.

“What is that this? What is going on on?” says /u/RepresentativeWin91, pointing at /u/sharris2475.

“It is my hat fantasy! You not feeling it woman?” says /u/sharris2475.

“Effectively…” says /u/RepresentativeWin91.

🏁 RepresentativeWin91 That hat must be binned. Bye woman!

🎶 pitchy techno music

/u/flushedawayegg walks into the werkroom in her entrance look. “Let’s get to cracking!”

🏁 flushedawayegg It is flushedawayegg! And finest consider that this egg will not be flushed away!

“Hey hoes!” says /u/flushedawayegg. The opposite ladies cheer. The digicam cuts to /u/AustralianChrono, hiding her face.

🏁 AustralianChrono Oh my God… it is flushedawayegg. Woman.

🎶 dramatic music

🏁 AustralianChrono Flushedawayegg was the one who was backstabbing me behind my again… and the rationale why my prestigious title was snatched away from me.

“Oh… hey bitch.” says /u/flushedawayegg, strolling previous /u/AustralianChrono and hugging the opposite ladies.

“Ooh I sense some drama, mama!” /u/thesharialaw laughs.

“Just a bit.” chuckles /u/flushedawayegg.

🏁 flushedawayegg A few of chances are you’ll recognise me from considered one of my largest drag accomplishments, which was successful Miss Final Drag 2017.

There’s an ungainly silence within the werkroom.

/u/flushedawayegg flicks her hair again and cackles.

“Effectively you look good woman,” says /u/ShaankZ.

🏁 flushedawayegg I am a fan of basic drag but in addition I like my drag to have somewhat little bit of edge. I can inform that each one the queens are watching my robe, and they need to be! I believe that I’ve what it takes to win this competitors and I’ll battle tooth and nail to be the very best! And finest consider that I ain’t yolking!

“Effectively that is awkward,” says /u/RepresentativeWin91.

🎶 sultry violin music

/u/SquazieSoupe walks into the werkroom in her entrance look. “Y’all could have to open up a recent bottle of chardonnay for this one.”

🏁 SquazieSoupe What’s up y’all! My identify is SquazieSoupe, and I’m 23 from Indianapolis, Indiana.

“C’mon tartan!” says /u/ShaankZ.

“I am a tart for tartan.” says /u/flushedawayegg.

🏁 SquazieSoupe I’m a STUNNING look queen, however I’m additionally humorous, and I can sing and dance. I’m very impressed by classic, many years style, and you will notice many sides of that from me. These whores higher be careful, as a result of I can and can ship every one packing!

“I sense stress?” laughs /u/SquazieSoupe, hugging the opposite ladies, “Is that this an Angolan vs. Nik sitch already? It is solely episode one!”

“I am positive the drama will unravel in good time.” says /u/thesharialaw.

“You wager…” sighs /u/AustralianChrono.

🎶 loud punk rock music

/u/CelestialWizard07 enters the werkroom in her entrance look. “That is the way you do drag, girls.”

“Ohhh!” says /u/AustralianChrono.

🏁 CelestialWizard07 Hello everybody, I am CelestialWizard07, drag daughter of Miss Manila Luzon from the Philippines.

“Stun-ning.” says /u/RepresentativeWin91.

🏁 CelestialWizard07 As a Filipino, I have a tendency to make use of uncommon supplies for my drag. I’m a comedy AND style queen. So these bitches higher be prepared. tongue pop

“So, I assume I’m the final queen in!” says /u/CelestialWizard07, “which is becoming.”

“And also you look wonderful,” says /u/SquazieSoupe.

“You too sis!” says /u/CelestialWizard07.

“Is that this the forged then? Wow, discuss gifted!” says /u/ShaankZ.

“I assume Xtina forged a bunch of look queens, so…” says /u/RepresentativeWin91.

🏁 AustralianChrono rolls her eyes

“I believe I’ve large sneakers to fill although!” laughs /u/CelestialWizard07.

“Why’s that then?” says /u/flushedawayegg.

“I’m from the Haus of Luzon.” says /u/CelestialWizard07.

The ladies look dumbfounded.

🏁 thesharialaw What the fuck is a Luzon?

Producer: Manila Luzon.

🏁 thesharialaw Oh rattling.

“Effectively let’s hope for our sake the apple would not fall removed from the tree!” /u/sharris2475 laughs.

“What do you imply bitch?” says /u/CelestialWizard07.

V.O. COUGHING? Throughout my interview? Hahaha… shoot him!

“I heard that shit in my desires!” says /u/SquazieSoupe.

The ladies collect across the monitor and see Xtina.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

“C’mon hat woman!” says /u/thesharialaw.

“Love this new look,” says /u/sharris2475.

Xtina: “Have you learnt my favorite e-book? A Story Of Two Titties! As a result of let’s face it, a chook in a single hand is price two within the bush.”

“So cryptic, I’m actually shaking you guys.” says /u/flushedawayegg.

All of the sudden, Xtina enters the werkroom.

Xtina: “Hey hiya hiya bitches!”

The ladies scream in pleasure.

Xtina: “Wow, my Season 2 ladies. I am so completely satisfied to see you all right here!”

🏁 AustralianChrono It is lastly occurring! Arghh!

Xtina: “We’re celebrating the beginning of Season Two with a bang! To your first problem, every of you’ll need to showcase your very personal 2-in-1 seems to be on the runway. Now bear in mind, I’m searching for the queen with the Xtravagance, Tenacity, Instinct, Nerve and Audaciousness to make it to the highest!”

“We acquired a lotta that at present child.” says /u/CelestialWizard07.

Xtina: “Now do not settle in too lengthy, as a result of for considered one of you, this episode might be your final. So… for the primary time this season, good luck and do not fuck it up! Byesies!”

The ladies seize their suitcases and race to their werkstations to prepare.

“Rattling this actually is a race woman!” says /u/ShaankZ.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -



r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

Xtina does her very personal 2-in-1 reveal!

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

Xtina: “WELCOOOOOOME to the principle stage of Xtina’s Drag Race! My my my, it is Automoderator! Now do not you simply love pairs?”

Automoderator: “I choose apples.”

Xtina: “And looky right here, it is Michelle Visage! Does it take two to make a factor go proper?”

Michelle: “Two to make it out of sight!”

Xtina: “And tonight we’re joined by our Season One reigning champion, /u/Micronesiarain! How’s methods?”

/u/Micronesiarain: “Effectively I simply acquired again from a dinner date with Chris Evans so it is all good child.”

Xtina: “I reside! Now my queens have been tasked with presenting their finest 2-in-1 seems to be for our first runway spectacular of the season! So Redditors, begin your engines and should the very best queen… win!”

🎶 U Put on It Effectively…

“So I strolling the runway in my HUGE fluffy dreamy blue coat- nearly just like the Cookie Monster. Then I strip down my hood and reveal right into a princess, with blue fluff on the backside of my robe. She seems to be costly and lovely. Xtina is gagged and there’s a lot extra to return!”

Xtina: “I am feeling kinda blue.”

Automoderator: “Jim Henson is shaking you guys.”

Michelle: “She has furry blue balls!”

/u/Micronesiarain: “Blue lives… nevermind.”

“The gown is flowing and appears straight from a excessive style present! That is what I would like the judges to see from me on my first runway, pink is at all times in season. Then I reveal into a beautiful sheer robe. My idea for my re-evaluation is fantasy, so I put the wings up and I do know I look sickening as an angel as a result of me and the crown are a match made in heaven!”

Xtina: “Do not fly too near the solar!”

Automoderator: “I believe she’s proper wing.”

Michelle: “What number of flamingoes needed to die…”

/u/Micronesiarain: “Take a chunk of this angel cake.”

“That is displaying two methods of fierce, as quickly as that belt falls off, the highest turns inside out and the gown is revealed. She got here to twiiiiiiirl.”

Xtina: “When it doubt, cinch it out.”

Automoderator: “What’s black and gold and daring throughout?”

Michelle: “The sheer audacity of all of it.”

/u/Micronesiarain: “I wanna be subsequent to you, Black and gold!”

Tonight I’m serving you orange you glad to see me? Now that pussygrabbing cheeto monster is out of the white home, it is time to have fun this color, sure!

Xtina: “Dump Trump 2020.”

Automoderator: “The cheeto needed to go.”

Michelle: “I am unable to focus.”

/u/Micronesiarain: “I zest my case.”

I’ve designed a two in a single look impressed by fierce Versace References. I stroll in giving a beautiful excessive style swimsuit. Then, I twirl, and get somewhat bit extra unique. Fierce. Intercourse. That is Me.

Xtina: “That Versace’s on the ground!”

Automoderator: “Ver-snatched for the gods.”

Michelle: “The Satan Wears Versace.”

/u/Micronesiarain: “Donnatella me… one thing.”

“For my first look, I’m serving you the black plague and crow couture. Identical to an egg I’ve grown out of my shell and change into a fierce goth crow! I am simply feeling my oats…

After which I reveal right into a BAM! A tulle gown that’s completely flowing and I’m strutting this runway. Identical to the colour of my outfit, I’m giving them life!”

Xtina: “American Horror Story: Apocaloptic.”

Automoderator: “She might positive use some manscaping.”

Michelle: “I pity the tulle.”

/u/Micronesiarain: “Say sure to the gown!”

“Woman, I’m serving you time journey realness! My first look is a victorian period ball robe, which seems to be beautiful on me! Interval style is my ardour, I like taking part in with completely different eras in my drag!

Beneath, I’m serving a futuristic, robotic intercourse doll from outer area! I by no means thought the futuristic model was for me, however I assume I used to be proved flawed. I look beautiful tonight!”

Xtina: “My Truthful Squazie.”

Automoderator: “Ah sure, the well-known Dicktorian Period.”

Michelle: “2020: A Area Bodyssey.”

/u/Micronesiarain: “In Uranus, no person can hear you scream.”

“I’m strolling down the runway elegantly, displaying off my fiery robe. Fireplace represents me, I’ll burn all the pieces in my manner. After which, that is the way you do a reveal, honey. From a sublime queen to a naughty little princess.”

Xtina: “Ven conmigo, solamente tu!”

Automoderator: “Her puswatcha’s on hearth!”

Michelle: “She’s prepared for the Corridor of Flame!”

/u/Micronesiarain: “I am going to get the fireplace extinguisher.”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 1 -

Xtina: “Wow, what an incredible first runway! Now it’s time for the judges’ critiques…”

Who ought to win the problem and who ought to be eradicated? Vote right here!

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