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Origin unsure, although probably derived from doodle (idiot, simpleton, senseless individual), maybe just about the modern “Yankee Doodle dandy” within the 18th-century lyrics of the track “Yankee Doodle”;[1] the phrase is first attested in 1883[2][3] as a New York Metropolis slang time period of contempt for a “fastidious man, fop”.[4]

It has additionally been advised that the phrase is derived from dudes (“previous rags”; examine duds) and dudesman (scarecrow),[5] or probably associated to dawdle; to German Low German Dudeldop, Dudendop (idiot, dunce), from Center Low German dudendop (cuckold; simpleton); or to Saterland Frisian Duddigegen (fool). It has additionally been advised the phrase derives from the Irish dúid.

The frequent declare that the time period derives from (or is) a phrase for a camel’s foreskin (or another vulgar factor, like a hair on a cow, horse, donkey, or elephant’s backside) is fake.



dude (plural dudes)

  1. (mainly US, colloquial) A person, usually a youthful man.

    So we have been on the mall and these two dudes simply stroll as much as us and say “hello”.

    • 1883 March 7, “Animal Intelligence: Info Tending to Throw Gentle on the Query: ‘Do Dudes Motive?’”, in Puck, quantity XIII, quantity 313, New York, N.Y.: Keppler & Schwarzmann, OCLC 15863678, web page 299:

      A really fairly little dudine of Fifth Avenue is far admired by the dudes in her neighborhood, and it has been noticed on a number of events that she appeared to have the ability to discriminate between them, and never solely exhibits a desire for one dude over one other; however is ready to acknowledge the dudes she likes after an interval of separation. It’s mentioned, additionally, that in accepting the attentions of her dude wooers, she exhibits a peculiar mimicry of the coquettish manners of human women.

    • 1896, J. Harington Keene, “Instructions for Studying Character from Handwriting”, in The Thriller of Handwriting: A Handbook of Graphology, Boston, Mass.: Lee and Shepard Publishers, 10 Milk Avenue, OCLC 457834067, web page 19:

      At first sight it could appear odd that the character-reader ought to in any case declare himself incapable of distinguishing intercourse in writing. [] Essentially the most prevalent purpose for this in all probability lies within the so-called “emancipation of ladies,” who, on aping the masculine pursuits and propensities, actually purchase the virile tone of character. In an analogous approach the “dude” of the day turns into androgynous; and the lead to one case is a masculine soul in a lady’s form, and within the different a female soul within the degraded type of the so-called “dude“.

    • 2014, Tim J. Myers, “Choc Rocks”, in Impolite Dude’s Ebook of Meals: Tales behind A few of the Loopy-Cool Stuff We Eat, [Sanger, Calif.]: Familius, →ISBN:

      At first Europeans did not notice what chocolate could possibly be—poor guys! [Christopher] Columbus noticed cacao beans in 1503, however he did not have a clue. (No shock—dude thought he was in India!)
    • 2016, Oliver Benjamin, “Further Notes from the Creator”, in The Dude De Ching, new annotated version, [s.l.]: Abide College Press; Dudeism, LLC:

      Although the time period “dude” originated as a time period to explain a sure sort of male, after which later to consult with males typically, immediately it’s typically used to consult with each genders, a minimum of in sure components of the US. Dudeism would not acknowledge “dude” as a gender-specific phrase. We take into account each men and women who exhibit dude-like qualities to be “dudes,” and assert that the phrase “dude” can imply many alternative issues relying on the context.

  2. (colloquial, used within the vocative) A time period of tackle for somebody, usually a person, significantly when cautioning him or providing him recommendation.

    Dude, I might watch out across the principal; he is having a nasty day.

    Watch it, dude; you virtually knocked me over.

    • 2011, C. J. Pascoe, “Changing into Mr. Cougar: Institutionalizing Heterosexuality and Masculinity at River Excessive”, in Dude, You are a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in Excessive College, Berkeley; Los Angeles, Calif.: College of California Press, →ISBN, web page 37:

      The session concluded as Josh, disgusted and stunned, yelled, “Dude, you hit like a lady!” The boys in auto store drew on photos of each femininity—”you hit like a lady”—and bisexuality—”I will present you a change hitter.” (A bisexual man was sometimes called a “change hitter” or as somebody who “performed for each groups.”)

  3. An inexperienced cowboy.
    • [1896, George H. Hamilton, Sunlight; or, The Diamond King. A Western Drama, in Four Acts (Ames’ Series of Standard and Minor Drama; no. 372), Clyde, Oh.: Ames’ Publishing Co., OCLC 8223374, page 14:

      Dollie. [] [W]hen I went I had a proposal of marriage. / Silas. Who from, Dollie? / Dollie. Why, from a person— / Silas. Oh! I assumed it was from a dude. / Dollie. Not this time.]

  4. (slang) A vacationer.
    • 2006 July–August, J. P. S. Brown, “Exhausting to Exchange: Invoice Scott Is aware of the Worth of a Good Horse, a Good Buyer, and a Manner of Life”, in American Cowboy, Sheridan, Wy.: American Cowboy, ISSN 1079-3690, OCLC 35819721, pages 74 and 76:

      Dudes are a minimum of as entertaining as cows, even after they do not imply to be. A cow can’t voice that actually curious query that turns a poor cowboy right into a laughing idiot the best way a dude can. Most likely nothing on the planet can transfer a cowboy greater than a new child calf’s clear, attractiveness and actions, until it’s the look of awe on a bit of dude’s face the primary time it sees a cowboy on a horse.

    • 2011, Richard W. Bevis, “Mi Tsi A-da-zi”, in Dudes and Savages: The Resonance of Yellowstone, [Bloomington, Ind.]: Trafford Publishing, →ISBN, web page 32:

      The “dudes” are the car and bus vacationers, mere passers-through: 1000’s a summer time day, thousands and thousands a season. [] Dude” expresses completely the picture that seasonals from the stagecoach driver to the gas-pump jockey have had of vacationers: delicate, rich, uninitiated, ignorant, lowland and (ideally) jap. [] For the typical dude – if such a assemble could also be admitted – the park is an uncommon commodity, financed by his taxes, from which he’s due to this fact entitled to extract as a lot use and pleasure as he can from the rangers and seasonals who stand in his approach.

    • 2014, Jeremy Agnew, “The Picture Persists”, in The Creation of the Cowboy Hero: Fiction, Movie and Reality, Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Firm, →ISBN, web page 212:

      Dude” was initially a reputation for ranch vacationers with no disrespect connected, nevertheless it later turned derisively related to clueless easterners who knew nothing of Western methods, as portrayed by Bob Hope in Son of Paleface (1952). Junior’s fiancé[sic, meaning fiancée] (Jane Russell) tells him to “exit West.” When Junior (Bob Hope) needs to point out that he has turn into a Westerner, he wears a tall outsized white hat like Tom Combine and white wooly chaps, the normal film outfit representing an jap dude. A feminine dude was often called a “dudess” or “dudine.”
  5. (archaic) A person who could be very involved about his gown and look; a dandy, a fop.
    • 1883 March 7, “Indicators of Spring”, in Puck, quantity XIII, quantity 313, New York, N.Y.: Keppler & Schwarzmann, OCLC 15863678, web page 21:

      When the dude dons gloves couleur de chien jaune éclairé de la lune

      [the colour of a yellow dog lighted by the moon]
    • 1889, Melville D[e Lancey] Landon, “Eli Perkins’ Dudes”, in Wit and Humor of the Age, Comprising Wit, Humor, Pathos, Ridicule, Satires, Dialects, Puns, Conundrums, Riddles, Charades, Jokes and Magic: By Mark Twain, Josh Billings, Robt. J[ones] Burdette, Alex. Candy, Eli Perkins: With the Philosophy of Wit and Humor, Chicago, Unwell.: G. Cline Pub. Home, OCLC 6051559, web page 246:

      There are three sorts of dudes in New York. There may be the inanimate wealthy dude who do not need to do a factor on earth however exhibit himself. Then there’s the poor dude, who attire just like the wealthy dude, and who needs to marry a wealthy lady []

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  1. (slang) A time period of tackle, normally for a person, conveying awe, pleasure, shock, and so on.

    Dude! You lastly referred to as!

    • 2011, Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever: A Novel (The Fever Collection; 5), New York, N.Y.: Delacorte Press, →ISBN:

      And, feckin’ A, you ain’t by no means gonna guess this one—dude! [] Pondering it is a little worse than me watching porn. Dude.


dude (third-person singular easy current dudes, current participle dudeing or duding, easy previous and previous participle duded)

  1. To deal with somebody as dude.
    • 2011, Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever (The Fever Collection; 5), New York, N.Y.: Delacorte Press, →ISBN:

      “The place you been, Mac? I missed you! Dude—I imply, man,” she corrects rapidly, with a gamine grin, earlier than I could make good on a risk I made in what appears like one other lifetime that I’d name her by her full title if she ever “duded” me once more. [] Oh, sure, she’s upset. She simply unapologetically “duded” me.

    • 2013, Maurene Goo, Since You Requested …, New York, N.Y.: Scholastic Press, →ISBN:

      The opposite two guys with him burst into laughter, dudeing and high-fiving like mad.

    • 2015, Chris Weitz, “Donna”, in The New Order, New York, N.Y.; Boston, Mass.: Little, Brown and Firm, →ISBN:

      After the excessive fives comes loads of dude-ing and hugging and I am-so-happy-to-see-you-ing, after which the sugarcoating of seeing each other once more type of dissolves and we discover ourselves on this dinky screening room factor below the eyes of our captors.

  2. To take a trip in a dude ranch.
    • 1949, Fortnight: The Newsmagazine of California, [Los Angeles, Calif.]: O.D. Preserve Associates, OCLC 6923729, web page 22, column 3:

      The Outdated Hearst Ranch [] is among the West’s largest and most elaborate dude ranches and consists of over 500 acres of woodland trails. There’s “dudeing” with all of the trimmings, glorious meals and rooms on the lodge or particular person cabanas.

    • 2001, Janice Sanford Beck, “Tepee Life within the Northern Hills (1924)”, in No Peculiar Lady: The Story of Mary Schäffer Warren, Surrey, B.C.: Rocky Mountain Books, →ISBN, web page 182:

      I’m definitely on this “dude neighborhood” enterprise simply because I’ve tried it within the slightest form of approach. In tenting it is “the less the higher,” however in “dudeing” it could be “the extra the merrier.”

  3. (US) Often adopted by up: to decorate up, to put on good or particular garments.
    • 1980, John G. Mitchell, The Hunt, New York, N.Y.: Knopf, →ISBN, web page 229:

      It appeared that the fellas could not get sufficient girlin’ and racing quick automobiles and grooving to rock and dudeing round in city-slick fits from St. Louis.

    • 1994, Sydell I. Voeller, chapter 8, in Her Sister’s Keeper, New York, N.Y.: Avalon Press, ISBN 978-0-8034-9063-5; republished Amherst Junction, Wis.: Exhausting Shell Phrase Manufacturing unit, February 2002, ISBN 978-0-7599-0223-7, web page 81:
      “Talking of being duded out …” He shrugged, then handed her the bag. “Right here. That is for you.” / She reached inside and gasped as she pulled out a white suede western fashion hat. A glittering gold braid encircled the brim. / “Oh, Zack! It is stunning. Thanks.”
    • 1998, Victoria Pade, Cowboy’s Love (Silhouette Particular Version; 1159), New York, N.Y.: Silhouette Books, →ISBN:

      “Ol’ Clint’s all duded up, too,” Cully introduced as Savannah opened the door to the one Culhane she had eyes for. “All duded up” meant Clint had on a pair of grey slacks that no Savile Row tailor may have made match any higher; a crisp, blindingly white Western gown shirt with pearl snaps down the entrance; and a black string tie held along with a small silver CC []


  1. ^ Barry Popik; Gerald Cohen (October–November 2013) Feedback on Etymology, quantity 23, challenge 1; see Allan Metcalf (21 October 2013) , “Dude!”, in The Chronicle of Larger Training[1], archived from the unique on four March 2016.
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  1. first-person singular current subjunctive of dudar
  2. third-person singular current subjunctive of dudar

Center English[edit]



  1. did




dude f

  1. indefinite plural of dudă
  2. indefinite genitive/dative singular of dudă



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  • IPA(key): /dùːdɛ/, /dúːdɛ/


dūde f pl

  1. bagpipes (musical instrument)


Female, a-stem
nominative dúde
genitive dúd
nominative dúde
accusative dúde
genitive dúd
dative dúdam
locative dúdah
instrumental dúdami

Additional studying[edit]

  • dude”, in Slovarji Inštituta za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša ZRC SAZU, portal Fran





  1. First-person singular (yo) current subjunctive type of dudar.
  2. Third-person singular (él, ella, additionally used with usted?) current subjunctive type of dudar.
  3. Formal second-person singular (usted) crucial type of dudar.

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