Do Rabbits Make Good Pets? 5 Top Reasons Why We Think They Do!

Are you taking a look at including a bunny to your family? Conserving rabbits for pets (as in comparison with breeding, meat or fur) has turn into vastly fashionable within the final decade. In actual fact rabbits are actually the third hottest household pet after canines and cats. It appears the world is lastly cottoning on to how clever, enjoyable and loving bunnies are.

So, what makes a rabbit such a superb pet? Effectively listed below are our prime 5 causes:

1. Bunnies are very social

Within the wild bunnies stay in warrens, or teams. There may be as much as 40+ in a warren so your bun is used to having firm (however most likely not their very own bed room!) Rabbits crave interplay (examine that to cats who’re primarily solitary creatures) and if they’re dealt with often and gently when they’re little will all the time be completely happy to work together with you.

Many a rabbit homeowners tells tales of how their rabbit may be very inquisitive and all the time must know what they’re as much as.

Older rabbits are likely to turn into much more affectionate and companionable as they age and are sometimes content material to spend the night snuggling beside you with a superb DVD, particularly if it is ‘Watership Down’ or ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’.

2. They like to play

Bunnies completely LOVE to play, probably extra so than every other animal. It does not get a lot better in life than watching a rabbit play. They cover, run, soar and throw their toys in sheer pleasure.

Bunnies also have a legendary ‘soar for pleasure’ referred to as a binkie (or binky) which is the place your bunny will soar within the air and twist on the similar time. It’s superb to look at and a fantastic signal that your bun is on prime of the world.

Laughter is nice medication for all of us and it is a uncommon one that can watch a bunny at play and never chortle out loud!

3. They’re simply litter skilled

Should you’ve heard they’re exhausting to litter prepare you then’ve been mislead! Rabbits are naturally clear animals and supplied you’re employed with their pure instincts to maintain clear you should have a bathroom skilled bun very quickly.

4. Rabbits kind shut bonds with their homeowners

Years in the past rabbits have been virtually considered ‘disposable’ pets. That they lived exterior and weren’t actually a part of the household. These days, significantly as increasingly more rabbits have gotten inside, home rabbits this is not the case fortunately.

House owners are rapidly realising that they will turn into very hooked up to their bunny in the identical means they do for a canine or cat and discover themselves simply as devastated on the lack of a treasured pet rabbit.

5. Bunnies are off the dimensions relating to cuteness

OK, so this one is absolutely logical however who can forgive us for including it in right here. Rabbits are very excessive on the lovable scale. Who can resist the snugly, calm and inquisitive Holland Lop or the cuter than a bug and softer than velvet Mini Rex?

So, when you’re on the lookout for a brand new addition to your loved ones perhaps it is time to go on a Fido or Snowball this time and think about making a bunny your new finest buddy?

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