Do Rabbits Eat? Commonly Asked Questions About What Your Rabbit Can and Can’t Eat

In case you are a part of the amazingly fortunate group of people that personal rabbits you’ll know that there’s a wealth of data on the market on rabbit care and particularly on feeding your rabbit. Nonetheless, in terms of feeding, a lot of it’s common e.g.: rabbits can eat fruit.

As bunny lovers, we all know that typically it’s essential to find out about a particular merchandise. So we have put collectively a listing of a few of the most typical meals (and non-food!) gadgets we get requested about.

So, what do rabbits eat? Can they eat apples? Celery? What about carrots, mushrooms and even nuts? Discover out beneath.

Do rabbits eat…

Apples? Sure, in small portions (see ‘Fruit’) however not the pips as they’re poisonous to bunnies.

Bananas? Sure, check with ‘Fruit’ for extra particulars

Basil? Sure, bunnies love basil.

Berries? Sure, check with ‘Fruit’ for extra particulars

Bread? Sure however solely as an excellent particular deal with. Some house owners might disagree with this however bread can be utilized as an additional deal with for instance when rest room coaching. Simply do not let it turn into a behavior as whereas it’s not dangerous to buns in small doses it’s undoubtedly not on the ‘common meals’ record.

Broccoli? Sure, however in small quantities. This household of greens can produce gases which may upset your bunny’s tum.

Bugs? No. Rabbits are vegetarians so do not eat different animals.

Cabbage? Sure, however as with broccoli simply in very small quantities.

Carrots? Sure, however in small (1-2 tablespoons) quantities. Carrots are excessive in pure sugars so are a rabbit ‘deal with meals’. Nonetheless, the inexperienced high a part of the carrot will be fed continuously.

Celery? Sure. Simply make sure you lower it into half to 1 inch items in order that the stringy outdoors fibres aren’t too lengthy as these may trigger issues together with your bun’s digestion.

Cucumber? Sure, however solely often and in small quantities.

Flowers? Sure and no relying on the particular flower kind. There’s a large number of flowers and we will not cowl all the kinds right here so perform some research earlier than ever letting your bun eat flowers are some could also be extraordinarily poisonous. A number of secure ones are: geraniums, marigolds, roses, nasturtiums, sunflowers, daisies and carnations.

Fruit? Sure, rabbits love fruit. It’s nevertheless a deal with meals and for grownup rabbits solely. Restrict feeding to 1 tablespoon per three kilos of physique weight per day. Child rabbits (underneath 6 months) shouldn’t be given fruits as it could trigger diarrhea.

Geraniums? Sure, ask any gardener who additionally has rabbits! See ‘Flowers’ for extra particulars.

Grapes? Sure, see ‘Fruit’ for extra particulars.

Grass? Sure, offered the grass hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers. The majority of a rabbit’s food regimen ought to be dried grass – see ‘Hay’ for extra particulars.

Grasshoppers? No. Rabbits are vegetarians so do not eat different animals.

Hay? Completely! Recent hay ought to all the time be obtainable and may make up the majority (70%) of your bun’s food regimen. Hay is excessive in fibre and low in energy. It’s completely essential for a rabbit’s digestive system in addition to for maintaining enamel worn down naturally. Timothy hay (from Timothy grass) is the perfect form to feed.

Herbs? Sure, rabbits love contemporary herbs (not dried out of your retailer cabinet!) Basil, peppermint, parsley, cilantro/coriander and mint are well-liked favourites and straightforward to develop.

Bugs? No. Rabbits are vegetarians so do not eat different animals.

Meat? No. Rabbits are vegetarians so do not eat different animals.

Nuts? No. Rabbits might prefer to eat these however they are not good for them and should not be included of their food regimen.

Onions? No, by no means. These are poisonous to your bun.

Parsley? Sure, most rabbits love all sorts of parsley and it may be fed continuously.

Poop? Sure, it is personal. Strictly talking these aren’t poops however nutrient-rich droppings known as caecotropes which seem like little peas.

Pumpkin? Sure, in small quantities as pumpkin is excessive in starch.

Rhubarb leaves? No, by no means. These are poisonous to your bun.

Spinach? Sure however solely as an occasional deal with as it’s excessive in oxalates which may have an effect on calcium absorption.

Strawberries? Sure, check with ‘Fruit’ for extra particulars.

Sunflowers? Sure, the entire sunflower plant is edible. Chop the leaves, stalks and flower heads into manageable sized items. Bunnies particularly respect the seeds nevertheless these are excessive in protein so feed sparingly – simply 1-2 teaspoons a day for a mean sized rabbit.

Candy corn? No, by no means. These are poisonous to your bun

Tomatoes? Sure, however solely pink ones and in small quantities. By no means feed the vines or leaves.

Tulips? No, bulb crops are toxic to rabbits.

Watermelon? Sure, see ‘Fruits’ for extra data.

Worms? No, bunnies are vegetarians.

Zucchini? Sure, however in small quantities as a deal with.

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