Disorder Of Sebeceous Gland – Acne Vulgaris

Sebaceous glands are current everywhere in the physique besides on the palms, the soles and dorsal surfaces of the hand and foot. They’re significantly massive and quite a few on the scalp, the face, the again and the entrance of the chest. Every sebaceous gland consists of a number of lobules of epithelial cells. The duct of every lobules converge in the direction of the primary sebaceous duct which usually opens into hair follicle (pilosebaceous unit). Solely a small variety of sebaceous glands open immediately on the floor of the pores and skin (the prepuce, labia minora, eyelids, nipples and lips).

The gland’s secretion, sebum, is fashioned by fatty degeneration of the epithelial cells of the gland. The whole sebaceous cells and its contents are then eradicated into the duct (Holocrine course of) and is excreted on to the pores and skin floor by means of the lumen of the hair follicle. Sebaceous gland exercise is below hormonal management. Androgens are essentially the most potent stimulants of seburn manufacturing whereas oestrogens suppress sebaceous gland exercise. Seburn incorporates a posh combination of lipids i.e., triglycerides, wax esters, squalene, cholestrol ester and ldl cholesterol. The sebum acts as a lubricant and controls moisture loss from the dermis. One other benefit of sebum is safety of pores and skin from fungal and bacterial an infection.


Pimples vulgaris is a persistent inflammatory dysfunction of pilosebaceous unit characterised by the event of comedones, papules, nodules and cysts.

Aetio pathogenesis

Pimples predominantly impacts adolescents. The height incidence is between ages 14 and 16 years in women and 16 and 19 years in boys.

The fundamental explanation for zits remains to be unknown. It appears to be a multifactorial illness wherein interplay of a number of elements play an necessary half within the pathogenesis. The first occasion could also be (a) obstruction of the sebaceous duct as a result of alteration within the sample of keratinization throughout the follicle, (b) irregular sebum manufacturing with extra portions or altered composition or (c) elevated bacterial colonization (proprionibacterium acnes and staphylococcus epidermidis of pilosebaceous follicles which furnish the lipases answerable for hydrolysis of sebum triglycerides into free fatty acids. All three mechanisms could also be concerned. Obstruction of duct results in formation of a comedone, the preliminary lesion of zits. A comedone might be situated both in a closed follicle as a ‘white head’ consisting of lipid and keratin, or in an open follicle as ‘black head’ consisting of keratin and lipid with melanin deposition. The continuous accumulation of keratin and lipid could result in rupture of the follicular wall and launch of its contents into the surrounding dermis frightening an inflammatory tissue response.

Sure elements akin to genetic, local weather, stress use of medicine and comedogenic chemical compounds are recognized to switch zits.

Scientific Options

The illness is characterised by an excellent number of lesions which differ from affected person to affected person however most sufferers have a number of forms of lesions. Varied forms of lesions are comedones (black or white), papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. There could also be publish inflammatory Hyperpigementation, The widespread websites are the face, the higher chest, again and the higher arm. In milder kind, the comedones predominate the image and the pustules are comparatively rare. In extreme kind, there may be preponderance of inflarnmatory papules, pustules, nodules and cystic lesions. Scarring incessantly follows extreme sort of zits.

Most zits sufferers have an oily pores and skin with patulous follicular openings. The course of the illness is persistent with frequent remissions and relapses. In majority of the instances, illness tends to subside spontaneously concerning the age of 25, however could persist indefinitely.

Variants of Pimples

Childish Pimples

Childish zits is especially seen in infants and kids, characterised by : presence of comedones, papules or pustules on the face.

Excoriated Pimples

dominate in any such zits, and is basically as a result of extreme squeezing and selecting of zits lesions. That is primarily seen in adolescent women below emotional stress.

Premenstrual Pimples

There’s tendency of zits lesions to flare up within the premenstrual part.

Pimples Conglobata

It’s a extreme supportive type of zits, characterised by presence of comedones, nodules and cysts with burrowing abscesses and irregular scarring. The lesions are located mainly on the again, chest, shoulders and buttocks.

Pimples Medicamentosa

Sure medicine significantly iodides, bromides, INH, corticosteroids, ACTH, androgens and oral contraceptives can produce zits kind eruptions.

Occupational Pimples

Many insoluble slicing oils. tars, cosmetics and chlorinated fragrant hydrocarbons can induce zits by exterior contact.


There are a number of main approaches to therapy of zits vulgaris together with normal therapy, topical remedy, systemic remedy and bodily modalities.

Common Therapy

Oiliness of the pores and skin is greatest managed by frequent washing of the face with cleaning soap and water and to keep away from use of greasy cosmetics. No dietary restrictions needs to be imposed on the sufferers, Psychiatric counseling could also be required in extreme instances of zits with emotional upset. Sufferers needs to be suggested to keep away from additional squeezing or manipulation of the lesions.

Topical Remedy

That is designed to supply peeling of the pores and skin, restore regular keratinization and produce a bactericidal motion. Frequent peeling brokers are sulphur (three 5%), resorcin (three 5 %), benzyl peroxide (5 10%) and retinoic acid (0.025 0. 1%). Peeling brokers needs to be utilized a few times a day, taking care to keep away from extreme irritation.

Topical antibiotics embody erythromycin (1 2%) clindamycin (1 2%) and benzyl peroxide (5 10%). Benzyl peroxide has bacterio static properties along with its motion as a peeling agent. Comedones could also be expressed with a comedo extractor and cyst needs to be drained and injected with corticosteroids.

Systemic Remedy

The antibiotics akin to tetracycline, erythromycin, clindarnycin and cotrirpoxazole are mostly used within the therapy of zits vul¬garis. Tetracycline is the therapy of selection for reasonable to extreme: zits and is given within the dosage of 250 mg three to 4 occasions every day with a gradual discount to a upkeep dose of 250 mg as soon as a day for a number of months, Just lately, oral retinoid (isotretinoin) has been discovered to be very efficient drug within the administration of extreme type of zits, particularly nodulo cystic zits and conglobata.

Anti androgens like cyproterone acetate and spironolactone are additionally helpful in therapy of zits. Females with recalcitrant and extreme sort of zits often require oestrogens both within the type of oral contraceptives or together with antiandrogens.

Bodily Modalities

Bodily measures embody publicity to ultraviolet gentle, irradiation and exfoliation with carbon dioxide snow (cryotherapy). Dermabrasions could also be required for therapy of depressed scars.

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